Brian M. Zick

Brian M. Zick (b. 1991, Pennsylvania) came upon the type scene in 2010 with a bang---a clean Times-Roman-like typeface called Neuton. This typeface grew into a large family that comprises both Latin and Hebrew.

I am hosting this simple web page for him.

All his fonts in one zip file.

Neuton Brian's first font, developed in 2010, is named after Newton County, Arkansas, where he currently lives. Neuton is available as a webfont. It can also be found at FFonts.

Recut An earlier version of Neuton was called Recut. It is not available.

Zut    Brian made the ultra-fat deco face Zut, which started out in Illustrator. The French readers will particularly appreciate the name---it is a slang word meaning I give up, or Darn.

Alpine Text He is also working on Alpine Text.
Takt Takt (2011) is a fat display face.


Luc Devroye
School of Computer Science
McGill University
Montreal, Canada H3A 2K6

AlpineText.ttf Lubitel.ttf Neuton-Italic.ttf Neuton-Regular.ttf Neuton.ttf NeutonCursive.ttf Plakt.ttf Zut.ttf