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William F. Capitain

Punchcutter, b. 1851, Southgate, UK. Picture. In 1865, he went to Flinsch in Frankfurt to study punchcutting with William Kirkwood. Then he left for Chicago, and became American. His later work was done while he lived in Bayonne, New Jersey. His typefaces, often quite ornamental and/or Victorian, were all done at Marder, Luse & Co, except Adtype (+Italic) (1903, ATF), Lithograph Shaded (1914, ATF, with Morris Fuller Benton), an unnamed typeface patented by ATF in 1916, and Alfereta (ca. 1897, Crescent Type Foundry: Alfereta by Dan X. Solo is a digital revival). Google patent link.

On Adtype, Mac McGrew writes: Adtype is a square-serif typeface patented in 1903 by W. F. Capitaine and introduced by ATF. An early example of this sort of square-serif letter, it is distinguished by its high-waisted R and unusual g. Compare Adstyle, John Hancock, Bold Antique, Contact Bold Condensed. Figures and some other characters are narrower in the Monotype cutting shown, which was produced about 1912. The italic is inclined an extreme 24 degrees. One of the revivals is Capitaine (2019, Letters from Sweden), which the Swedes descrive as a good-humoured slab serif.

The Marder, Luse typefaces by date:

  • 1877: Parallel Shaded.
  • 1881: Ladies Hand Script.
  • 1885: Critic, Fancy Grotesque, Octagon, Pencillings.
  • 1886: Hiawatha, Parthenian, Roumanian, Spartan.
  • 1887: Georgian, Utopian [image].
  • 1888: Lithotint, Trinal 1, 2 and 3.
  • 1889: Banquet, Caxton Old Style, Caxton Italic.
  • 1890: Ebony. This typeface was revived in 2011 by Claude Pelletier as a free font.
  • 1891: Diagonal Card Black.
  • 1894: Caxton Old Style Bold.
  • 1895: Circular Gothic, Circular Italic.
Patents of various typefaces in PDF format: 1885, 1885, 1885, 1886, 1886, 1886, 1887, 1889.

William F. Capitain
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file name: Wiliam F Capitain Pic

file name: William F Capitain Alfereta Crescent Type Foundry 1897

file name: Dan X Solo Alfereta 2004 after Crescent Type Foundry 1897

file name: Morris Fuller Benton W F Capitain Lithograph Shaded 1914

file name: Letters From Sweden Capitaine 2019

file name: Letters From Sweden Capitaine 2019

file name: Letters From Sweden Capitaine 2019

file name: Letters From Sweden Capitaine 2019

file name: Letters From Sweden Capitaine 2019

file name: Claude Pelletier Ebony 2011

file name: William F Capitain Utopian 1887

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