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Luc Devroye

School of Computer Science
McGill University
3480 University Street
Montreal, La-La Land H3A 0E9
+1(514) 398-3738
(Note: My institutional emails should not be used)
McConnell Eng. Bldg #300N

3425 Redpath
Montreal, Canada H3G 2G2
+1(514) 849-1564

(Office hours)

Biography. Born in Tienen, Belgium, too long ago. Grew up in Tienen and went to the University of Leuven (Belgium). Got married to Bea. Studied for two years at Osaka University (Japan). Obtained a Ph.D. degree from the University of Texas in 1976 under the supervision of Terry Wagner. Joined the School of Computer Science at McGill University in 1977 as a young snotnose. Recognized by his peers as a slum dog in 2008, an inglorious basterd (sic) in 2009, an artist in 2012, and a parasite in 2019. Thanks to a wonderful bunch of students and colleagues all over the world, still hanging in there. Fighting against income inequality, bureaucracy and (internet) mob justice. Fighting for truly universal healthcare, and free education for all. Will never retire.


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Feed lots and manure collection:

  • Undergraduate roughage on algorithms and data structures: COMP 252. I taught this in the Winter term of 2022, and will start up my tractor again for COMP 252 in January 2023. . Ed Discussion.
  • Undergraduate roughage on data structures and algorithms: COMP 251. I am not scheduled to fertilize this yard in the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • Graduate oats on probabilistic analysis of algorithms: COMP 690. These juicy bits are available every year in the Fall term, including in September 2021. Next offering: September 2022.

My current racehorses: Erin McLeish
My current ponies: Marcel Goh, Anna Brandenberger, Rosie Zhao, Jad Hamdan.
Retired racehorses: Tommy Reddad (Canada), Xing Shi Cai (Sweden and China), Claude Gravel (Quebec and Japan), Nicolas Fraiman (USA and Uruguay), Omar Fawzi (France), Jamie King (Canada), Nicolas Broutin (France), Perouz Taslakian (Canada and Armenia), Ebrahim Malalla (Bahrein), Henning Sulzbach (Germany and UK), Abbas Mehrabian (Iran and Canada).
Future ponies: McGill's admission system is broken. Please contact me by email if you are interested in working with me and have a strong mathematical and probability background.
NII (internship program at National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo)
The Aaron Swartz Library (open to all McGill herbivores)

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