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Jeff Levine's typefaces.

[Title image shows a glyph of one of his free fonts.]


Alf R. Becker

Alf Becker (b. St. Louis, MO) was a sign artist in the 1930's and 40's. Beginning in January 1932, at the request of editor E. Thomas Kelly, Becker supplied the Signs of the Times (The National Journal of Display Advertising) magazine's new Art and Design section with an alphabet a month, a project initially predicted to last only two years. Misjudging the popularity of the series, it instead ran for 27 years, ending finally two months before Becker's death in 1959, for a total of 320 alphabets. In late 1941, just ten years after the first alphabet was published, 100 of those alphabets were compiled and published in book form under the title 100 Alphabets, by Alf R. Becker.

The American Sign Museum shows the following death notice, taken from the April 1959 issue of Signs of the Times: A chapter of almost 27 years of extensive influence upon the development if sign and outdoor advertising lettering came to a close March 10 in the passing of Alf R. Becker, whose alphabets had been presented consistently in Signs of the Times since January, 1932. Death came in St. Petersburg,. FL, where he had been hospitalized since last November. The funeral services were in St. Louis, March 16. Mr. Becker had operated a commercial sign business in East St. Louis, IL., and was widely known for his lettering ability when requested 27 years ago by the late E. Thomas Kelley, then editor of Signs of the Times, to do a series of alphabets for the magazine. They had estimated that 24 alphabets which would be presented in a period of two years would serve the purpose. The series was so enthusiastically received and so many readers urged continuation that it was projected indefinitely to eventually each a total of 320 before failing health of Mr. Becker forced him to give up that creative work. His last alphabet for ST appeared in the January issue this year. Countless are the signmen and women who broadened the horizons of their lettering ability by thorough study of Mr. Becker's alphabet. In 1941, his book, "100 Alphabets" was published by Signs of the Times, and all 3,000 copies that were printed were sold out long ago. Numerous requests have been received for a reprinting, but in view of the changes of time in lettering styles, it has not been considered advisable. Mr. Becker's failing health in 1957 influenced him and Mrs. Becker moving to St. Petersburg, where they bought a home, and where he went into semi-retirement. His love of the sign business was such that he continued his alphabets in spite of the problems of his illness.

Many of his typefaces have art deco influences. LHF Monogram at Letterhead is a digital version of one of his fonts. Other digitizations include Whomp (2006) and Buffet Script (2006) by Alejandro Paul (Sudtipos) and Daffadowndilly (2007) and Stony Island NF (after Becker's art deco typeface Chicago Modern) and Shaq Attack NF (2011, a wood plank font) by Nick Curtis.

The Fontry (James Stirling and/or Adkins) is undertaking a grand digitization project, and releases free and pay fonts with names that start with ARB, followed by the font number, the font name, and the month and year of issue. In The Fontry's ARB series, we find ARB-187 Moderne Caps AUG-47 (2013, didone), ARB-85 Poster Script (2011, after a 1939 typeface by Becker), ARB 70 Modern Poster, ARB 93 Steel Moderne, ARB 44 Chicago Modern, ARB 66 Neon (2010, after a 1937 font, +Block, +Line), ARB 85 Modern Poster JAN-39 (2011, after Modern Poster Script, 1939), and ARB 67 Modern Roman, and ARB08ExtremeRomanAUG-32CASNormal (2009; the original is from 1932).

Jeff Levine created a number of typefaces based on Becker's work as well: Kanona JNL (2010), Karaoke JNL (2010), Mocombo JNL (2010). John Davis created LHF Pipeline (2012) based on Becker's designs. Kaitlin Sims designed LHF Becker No. 45 (2015).

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Catalog of some of his digitized typefaces. View the digital typefaces that are based on Becker's work. Showcase of Alf R. Becker's fonts. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Antique Embellishments
[Jeff Levine]

A font made in 2009 by Jeff Levine, which includes a gorgeous fist. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Evgeny Domnikov

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E-Z Letter Stencil Company

Stencil company from the 20th century that grew out of the Stencil-It company. Jeff Levine writes: Formed by Bernie Aronson [a relative of the Libauers who owned the Stenso Lettering Company and who once worked for them] along with a financial partner (noted artist) Sidney Levyne, the company [Stencil-It] was soon put out of existence by a court action. It re-emerged in 1956 as the E-Z Letter Stencil Company and existed until the 1990s.

Jeff Levine used their Stencil-It line of lettering guides produced in 1955 for Stencil Package JNL (2015). [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Evgeny Domnikov]

Evgeny Domnikov (Hightower.Ru) designed many free pixel fonts, including Copyright, Copyright Bold, Dots, BigDots and Terminal, all with Cyrillic versions. FON format only. He cyrillized Jeffrey N. Levine's font Festival Nights JL in 2002. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine
[Antique Embellishments]

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Jeff Levine
[Stenso Lettering Company]

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Jeff Levine

Prolific type designer in Florida, b. New York, 1952. His fonts were originally free and consisted largely of dingbats. Around 2005 he went commercial, and now sells his work (over 350 fonts as of 2009) via MyFonts. He has branched out into several font styles, with a soft spot for stencil fonts, fonts for signage, art deco, and fonts for advertising. Born in New York, his family moved to Florida in 1963, where he has been ever since.

An interview. Alternate URL. Yet another URL with his early free fonts. My pages on him. Dafont link. Abstract Fonts link. MyFonts link. Klingspor link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Stencil typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Groovy -- Psychedelic typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Oriental simulation typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Art Deco Typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Dingbats and Alphadings]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: The Eckhardt Series]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Western style typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Athletic lettering typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Octagonal typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Art nouveau types]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Wood type]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Alf R. Becker fonts]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Signage]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Comic book and cartoon typefaces]

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Jeff Levine
[Jeff Levine: Additional typefaces]

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Jeff Levine: Additional typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

This is a list of fonts by Jeff Levine not categorized anywhere else on my pages.

  • A: Adelanto JNL (2009), Adhesive Letters JNL (2011), Adhesive Serif Letters JNL (2015), Afternoon Edition JNL (2015), Aisle Seats JNL (2006, based on letters cut by the Redikut Letter Company of Hawthorne, CA), Album Cover JNL (2008), Alleway JNL (2012, a condensed sans), Allograph JNL (2007), Alphacal JNL (2008, outlined, and like Juneway JNL, based on water-applied decals once made by the Duro Decal Company (now Duro Art Industries) of Chicago), Alton JNL (2010: a bold display sans), Amateur Printer JNL (2007, grunge), Ampersorts JNL (2011: ampersands), And So Forth JNL (2011), Anecdote JNL (2009), Arcaro JNL (2013, a calligraphic typeface based on the movie credits of the ABC TV series Naked City, 1958-1963, starring detective Frank Arcaro), Arch Creek JNL (2010, an all caps revival of Beton), Ardball (2006), Art Deco Monograms JNL (2015), Arte Critique JNL (2009), Artist Colony JNL (2009), Arts District JNL (2014), Art Student JNL (2010), Astrospy JNL (2008: techno), Awkward Gothic JNL (2008), Axelby JNL (2013).
  • B: Backpage Article JNL (2010), Bal Harbour JNL (2008), Balcony Seats JNL (2007, narrow retro sans), Barricade (2011, a great shadowed caps face), Bayview JNL (2008, based on Inland Type Foundry's Studley), Best Bet JNL (2014, a slab serif redesign of Beton), Bike Decals JNL (2008), Billing and Shipping JNL (2010), Bingo Player JNL (2010), Birch Beer JNL (2008), Bit Player JNL (extra-condensed tall poster font) (2015), Bloktor Mosaik JNL (2007), Blue Parrot (2006), Bluesman JNL (2014: based on the lettering of the the blues album "I'm Jimmy Reed" released on the legendary Vee-Jay label out of Chicago), Bold Display Sans JNL (2016: based on an imge in a Speedball book), Bonehead JNL (2013, bones), Box Lunch JNL, Brass Rail JNL (2015), Brazil Nut JNL (2015), Broadcast JNL (2015), Broadletter JNL (2009), Brogado (2006), Brushmark JNL (2011), Bum Steer JNL (2015), Burger Joint (2006), Burger Royale JNL (2007), Business Helpers JNL (2014).
  • C: Calendar Blocks JNL (2009), Calling Card JNL (2010), Callouts JNL (2011, in Circle and Square styles; white letters on black background), Canby (2006, a squarish caps face), Candle Wax JNL (2014, based on the movie poster for Bell, Book and Candle starring James Stewart), Cast And Crew JNL (2015, condensed monoline), Cast Shadow JNL (2010), Casual Lunch JNL (2009), Casual Friday JNL (2008, roman lettering), Casual Tune JNL (2015), Catalog Serif JNL (2015), Catch Words JNL (2009), Channel Tuning JNL (1999), Channel Surfing JNL (2010), Charlies Bar BQ JNL (2008, heavy slab serif), Charmer JNL (2014), Chive Turkey JNL (2007), Circuletter JNL (2016), Ciribiribin JNL (2014), Classification JNL (2015), Classroom JNL (2009), Cling Vinyl JNL (2009), Coal Train (2004), Cocktail Hour JNL (2016, a beatnik typeface based on the opening title for the 1962 Blake Edwards film Days of Wine and Roses starring Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick), Coldfield JNL (2008), Commentary JNL (2010, almost typewriter type---easy on the eye), Concierge JNL (2014), Corkboard JNL (2010: a rounded all caps family), Cornfield JNL (2008), Crown Heights JNL (2007, slab serif caps), Cyberglass (2010, techno), Cybrox JNL (2012, grunge).
  • D: Dance Hall JNL (2011), Dance Lesson JNL (2015, a wedge serif in the style of Latin Wide), Dangits JNL (2009), Decal (2006), Deco Of Tomorrow JNL (2014), Deconstructed JNL (2012), Decorative Panels JNL (2009), Deerfield JNL (2006, Bank Gothic style), Desk Jockey JNL (2008), Deskplate JNL (2011), Detention JNL (2007, hand-printed), Diamond Jim (2010), Diamondwood JNL (2015, rhombic), Disclaimer JNL (2010, condensed thin headline face), Display Inline JNL (2009), Displayced (2006, LED font), Display Roman JNL (2014), Do It Yourself JNL (2008), Doo Wop Initials JNL (2007), Doowop (2006), Dormitory Decals JNL (2009), Double Take JNL (2008), Duonor JNL (2010), Durable JNL (2016, based on a 1940s cover of a catalog for the Duro Decal Company of Chicago).
  • E: Eat More Fruit JNL (2016), Edessa JNL (2009: chiseled stone look, faux Greek), Editorial Comment JNL (2009, grotesk caps-only headline face), Edits and Credits JNL (2008), Elsinor (2006), Endless Journey JNL (2009), Ensemble Inline JNL (2014), Entitled JNL (2007, squarish as in Bank Gothic), Evening Edition JNL (2009), Evening Paper JNL (2015), Expressions (smilies).
  • F: Factual JNL (2010,headline face), Fairgrounds (2006), Fancy Free JNL (2016: decorative caps), Farragut JNL (2008, hairline geometric), Fastenating JNL (2012, paper clip font), Feltboard JNL (2008), Fence Post JNL (2012), Festival Nights (fancy letters), File Folder JNL (2010, Bank Gothic style family), Film Crew JNL (2009), Fincastle JNL (2011, all caps sans titling face), Flagstaff JNL (2010), Flatbush Beanery (2006), Flipboard JNL (2011), Flivver (2006, a slab-serif display font), Floor Tiles JNL (2009), Florida (2006, retro), Food Vendor JNL (2011), Fordham JNL (2011, all caps slab serif), Frankly Plain JNL and Franky Ornate JNL (2010, all caps typefaces after Franklin Gothic), Frantic Pace JNL (2016, a bouncy retro party font), French Serif Moderne JNL (2009), Freunlaven JNL (2006, psychedelic), Fun and Games (2011, a casual retro typeface redrawn from the lettering found on the cover of a 1935 Speedball Lettering Pen book).
  • G: Gene Condensed JNL (2014), Generic Gothic JNL (2013: an interpretation of Franklin Gothic Condensed), Genesee JNL (2010), Gift List JNL (2016), Gift Wrap JNL (2014), Gilbert JNL (2011, after Eric Gill's sans), Go To Town JNL (casual inline type style) (2015), Greenwich Village JNL (2014), Groovy 3D Caps JNL, Groovy Happening JNL (2005, psychedelic, in the style of Action Is), Groovy Summer (2006, a casual sans), Guadalajara JNL (2014, a Mexican party font), GummedAlphabet JNL (2011), Gummed Letters JNL (2010).
  • H: Halavah Twist JNL (2007; see also its extension Zydeco JNL in 2009), Hallandale (2006), Halliday JNL (2013: an outlined typeface based on Beton Open Condensed), Handbills And Posters JNL (2015), Handmade Caslon JNL (2015), Handmade Dropshadow JNL (2010), Handmade Gothic JNL (2011, inspired by lettering samples in a 1941 Speedball Lettering Pen instructional booklet), Handmade Roman JNL (2011), Hand Stamped JNL (2006, rubber stamp look), Hanford (2010, a sans headline family), Hash and Beans JNL (2007), Headstone Roman JNL (2015), Hectonoid JL (2008), Highbrow Cafetorium JNL (2009), Home Room JNL (2009), Horse Puckey JNL (2008), Hoxie JNL (2008).
  • I-J: Impressionable JNL (2012, based on a rubber stamp set), Industriality JNL (2015), Informational Gothic (2013: The Wood-Regan Instruments Company (Wrico) of New Jersey manufactured for decades a line of lettering kits called the Wrico Sign Maker. With only special ink pens, plastic templates and a template guide anyone could letter clean, clear signs, posters and notices. This typefaces is based on one of those kits), Initial Seals JNL (2012), Inkpad Letters JNL (2011), Inline Lettering JNL (2011, inspired by the opening title of a classic 1940s horror film, The Invisible Man's Revenge), Innerspring JNL (2015), Interoffice Memo (2011), Intrigue JNL (2014, based on the hand-lettered movie titles from one of the William Powell / Myrna Loy Thin Man series of films), Island Time JNL (2015), Jalopy (2014), Jive Jump (2006), Jobseeker JNL (2011: hand-printed), Juneway (2006, modeled after a set of water-applied decals made by the Duro Decal Company of Chicago), Junior Printer JNL (2015).
  • K-L: Katydid JNL (2015, a connect-the-dots typeface), Key Largo JNL (2011, all caps slab serif), Lakeland JNL (2013), Kiddie Blokz JNL (2010), Lamp Post JNL (2012, an interpretation of Post Old Style, ca. 1901), Lasting Impression JNL (2008), Late Breaking News JNL (2016, headline sans), Lecture Hall JNL (2012), Lefferts (2006, squarish display face), Les Folies JNL (2009, Victorian), Lettering Pen JNL (2015, hand-crafted), Liebestraum JNL (2014, a decorative caps font), Limited Appeal JNL (2016), Linem Up (2010), Lobby Card JNL (2010), Longbranch Initials (2006, for decorative monograms), Longacre JNL (2013, fat rounded sans), Long And Thin Initials JNL (2015), Loose Leaf JNL (2010), Love Notes JNL (2011: alphadings), Luminum JNL (2007).
  • M: Made in Japan (2014), Mailbox Letters JNL (2008), Mainline JNL (2014), Marble Cutter JNL (2015, based on dies used for stamping text into marble headstones or other monuments manufactured by The Vermont Marble Company (Vermarco), which operated from the 1880s until 1976), Margate JNL (2013, based on water-applied decals manufactured in 1962 by the American Decalcomania Company for Goodyear), Marking Device JNL (2014), Maryland JNL (2014), Matchbook JNL (2014: based on lettering on a matchbook from the Carrousel Restaurant in Miami Beach), Mayville JNL (2009), McCadden JNL (2013, inspired by the hand-lettered credits for the George Burns and Gracie Allen Show [1950-1958]), Meal Ticket JNL (2008, squarish), Merchandiser JNL (2010), Merchandising JNL (2014, brush signage script), Millport (2006, squarish display face), Misdirection JNL (2009), Mixed Messages JNL (2007, ransom note), Mocombo JNL (2010, an African look typeface that is a slightly modified version of one of the numerous alphabets created by the late Alf R. Becker for Signs of the Times Magazine during the period of the 1930s through the 1950s), Model Railroad JNL (2015), Moderator JNL (2013), Modern Appliances JNL (2014), Monoline Rounded JNL (2014), Monthly Meeting JNL (2013), Monthly Newsletter JNL (2011), Morning Paper JNL (2015), Morningside Heights JNL (2015), Morningstar JNL (2012, named after Jeff's friend, Estella Dawn Roberts of Stella Roberts Fonts), Movieland JNL (2008), Movie Night JNL (2011), Moving Message JNL (2015, dot matrix typeface), Musical Arrangements JNL (2014), Musical Score JNL (2015).
  • N: Naroid Initials JNL (2010, one of the most ultra-compressed sets of initials available in digital type), Narrow Minded JNL (2014), National Spirit JNL (2009), Newark JNL (2014: a strong slab serif), Newsbreak JNL (2008), Newsbreaker JNL (2016; a vintage newspaper titling typeface), Newshawk JNL (2007, a condensed sans), Newsprint JNL (2011), Newsreel Caps JNL (2014), Newsworthy JNL (2011: a condensed headline sans), Nightcap JNL (2011), Nighthawk JNL (2009, a retro headline sans), Nondescript JNL (2012), Nouveau Roundcorner JNL (2015), Nouveau Yorke JNL (2015), Now Playing JNL (2010).
  • O: Oblogram JNL (2008, techno), Occidental Tourist JNL (2009), Odditype JNL (2006, computer simulation), Off The Wall JNL (2008). Old Bodoni Wide JNL (2016).
  • P-Q: Packaged Goods JNL (2016), Park Slope JNL (2014), Parfum de Paris JNL (2014), Paint Store JNL (2006), Parkitechture (2006), Part and Parcel JNL (2009), Partial Eclipse JNL (2012), Patriotica JNL (2011, American flag face), Pavement JNL (2010, based on the extra-condensed lettering used on roadway information signs as revised by the U.S. Government in 2000), Pendraw Roman (2006), Penmanshift JNL (2006, ronde style), Performer JNL (2014, re-drawn from condensed hand lettering found on a piece of vintage sheet music), Personal Note JNL (2011), Picz JNL (2009), Pillow Puff JNL (2008, fluffy and cloud-like lettering), Pistol Twelve JNL (2008), Pitkin JNL (2006, a hand-lettered sans), Plastic Display JNL (2010, sketched from photo examples in an old sales promotion sheet for the Movitex Do-It-Yourself Plastic Sign Kit by Pryor Marking Products of Chicago), Plastic Template JNL (2011), Pleasantville JNL (2012, a condensed slab serif), Pocket Initials JNL (2008), Podunk JNL (2007), Pool Deck JNL (2015), Popstix JNL (2013), Pop Tune JNL (2014), Popularity JNL (2014, after Radiant), Port Of Call JNL (2015), Postal JNL (2009, white on black, as on stamps), Poster Inline JNL (2014), Poster Plain JNL (2012), Prehysteric JNL (2010), Presentation JNL (2011, a slabby family), Press Run JNL (2015, a reinterpretation of the classic typeface Cheltenham Condensed), Pricing Labels JNL (2010), Printed Letters (2006, made from stamped impressions made by a 1940s childrens sign making set), Printing Set JNL (2006, based on a rubber stamp alphabet), Printing Sorts JNL (2009), Prismatiq JNL (2009, shadow face), Promotional Copy JNL (2012), Proofreader JNL (2011, a rounded slab serif face), Prospect Heights JNL (2015), Public Notice JNL (2009), Public Transportation JNL (2008), Public Utility JNL (2012), Public Works JNL (2007: emulates the hand-cut lettering silk screened onto metal), Publication JNL (2010, a revival of DeVinne, 1890), Punch Tape JNL (2016, dot matrix font), Quick Response JNL (2015, based on QR codes), Quorfid JNL (2010).
  • R: Raccoon Coat JNL (2014), Rail Bum JNL (2016, basically Morris Fuller Benton's Hobo with slab serifs added), Record Jacket JNL, Recreation JNL (2013, outlined shadow face), Red Border Labels JNL (2015), Rendering (2011, architectural draftman's lettering), Reprint JNL (2013), Restaurant And Lounge JNL (2015, hand-crafted), Retail Merchant (2006), Retro Resort JNL (2011), Reverberation JNL (2011, horizontally striped face), Reverse Calendar Blocks JNL (2011), Rockaway JNL (2006, titling sans), Roma Initial Caps JNL (2009), Rough Print JNL (2012, rubber stamp lettering), Roundpoint Pen JNL (2011, based on instructional lettering found in an old Speedball Pen textbook), Roughshod (2006), Rural Route JNL (2010), Rustic Inn JNL (2014).
  • S: Salad Bar JNL (2013), Sales Pitch JNL (2014), Sales Slip JNL (2013), Same Old English JNL (2010, blackletter), Sandcastle JNL (2011), Sans Poster Bold + 3D, Savings And Loan JNL (2014), School Project JNL (2015, based on self-adhesive poster board letters once made by the E-Z Letter Stencil Company and sold under the name Quik Stik), Sea Cruise JNL (2015), Scoreboard JNL (2014: dot matrix typeface), Screentext JNL (2010, pixel), Second Impression JNL (2008), Sennetarium JNL (2008, after lettering in a Charlie Chaplin movie), Sentzoff Coupon (2006, stitched), Sew What JNL (2010, stitching face), Shareholder JNL (2015), Shelf Numbers JNL (2008), Shicken Zoop JNL (2008, Hebrew), Shipping Carton JNL (2012), Sign and Poster JNL (2009, die-cut letters), Shopkeeper JNL (2010, after a a vintage rubber stamp sign and chart printing set), Short Subject JNL (2016, based on some hand-lettered title cards from various vintage Columbia Pictures two-reel comedies), Sign Template JNL (2015, based on one of the many plastic lettering guides manufactured by the now-defunct Wright-Regan Instrument Company also known as Wrico), Simplicity JNL (2014), Simply Grotesk JNL (2012, Peignotian), Sleuth JNL (2013, after the trailer for the 1936 movie After The Thin Man), Slim Chance JNL (2015, an ultra-narrow font based on an image of vintage packaging for Aquapruf Ear Drum Protectors), Snack Shop JNL (2007, the retro diner look in a bold outline face), Snorkel JNL (2014), Socialite JNL (2009), Soda Fountain JNL (2015, bilined), Solid Serif JNL (2014), Songbook JNL (2014), Song Plugger JNL (2014), Song Publisher JNL (2015), Song Stylist JNL (2016), Southwest Serenade JNL (2015), SplintersJL (2004), Sport Shaded JNL (2009), Spring Fashion JNL (2010), Spur Handlettered JNL (2008), Squarity JNL (2008), Stamp of Approval JNL (2007), Stamped Metal JNL (2012, beveled), Starlight Sans, Stellator JNL (2006, a high-tech modular font), Stonecut JNL (2014), Store Tags JNL (2011), Streeter JNL (2013, based on Beton Bold Condensed), Sunlight JNL, Sunny South JNL (2015), Supporting Cast JNL (2011), Swing Band JNL (2013: inspired by the title lettering from "Hi-De-Ho", a 1930s all-black cast film starring legendary bandleader Cab Calloway).
  • T: Tabloid Press JNL (2015), Take Charge JNL (2016, based on the opening title card for the 1936 film The Charge of the Light Brigade starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Donald Crisp and David Niven), Tallahassee Chassis JNL (2007, modeled from a toy rubber stamp set imported from Japan), Tall And Narrow JNL (2015), Tamiami JNL (2009, Victorian, known as "Cuba"), Tea Bag JNL (2013), Tea Time JNL (2014), Technerd JNL (2011, a thin technical/mechanical face), Technopen JNL (2013: a rounded techno sans from a 1929 instructional booklet for the Esterbrook Drawlet Pens), Terrace JNL (2015), Terror JNL, That Stuff JNL (2009), Theater Lights JNL (2014), Theatrics JNL (2009, 3d face), Thin Mint JNL (2011), Thinly Disguised JNL (2016), Three Day Pass JNL (2009), Tiler JNL (2012, a gridded face), Title Block Sans JNL (2011, an avant-garde titling face), Too Much Information JNL (2007), Top Billing JNL (2008, dot matrix), Toucan Tango JNL (2007, multiline face), Tough Guy (2006, shaded titling face), Tough Stuff JNL (2008), Toyprint JNL (2009, grunge), Trade Journal JNL (2010), Trade Printer JNL (2007, Victorian-era sans emulation), Transactive JNL (2007, dot matrix), Tribal Council JNL (2011, jungle lettering), Trilium JNL (2010, triline face), Tropicano JNL (2013, a wavy typeface), Tunesmith JNL (2014, Victorian), Twelve Oaks (2006), Two Cents Plain JNL (2012), Two Reeler JNL (2006; see also its follow-up typeface Positive Vibe JNL, 2007, both modeled after title cards of an early Charlie Chaplin movie), Type Catalog (2011, bilined all caps face), Typesetter JNL (2011), Type Vendor JNL (2012), Typewriter Sans JNL (2015), Type Wronger JNL (2013, old typewriter typeface).
  • U-V: Unpretentious JNL (2014), Urmeba JNL (2012, named after amoebas and codesigned with Ray Larabie; a barf font), Used Cars (2012), Utica JNL (2010, squarish all caps face), Vehicle JNL (2010, a condensed block font as for car plates), Vendor JNL (2010, Victorian era ribbon face), Vertical Roundpoint JNL (2011, found in a 1941 edition of the Speedball Lettering Pen instruction book and re-drawn digitally by Jeff Levine), Vintage Designs JNL (2009, dingbat which has some fists), Vintage Price Tags JNL (2015), Vododeo JNL (2014).
  • W: Washington Heights JNL (2016), Wavely (2010), Weeneez JNL (2011, wiener-shaped glyhs), Welcome Home JNL (2009), Werble JNL (2010), Whoosh JNL (2007), Wild About Myself JNL (2015), Willoughby JNL (2006, based on 1950s toothpaste lettering), Window Sign JNL (2013), Wine Cellar JNL (2014), Winery JNL (2012: a soft-serifed caps face), Wire Mesh JNL (2009), Work Force JNL (2011), Wynwood JNL (2009).
  • X-Y: Yard Sale JNL (2013), Yargo JNL (2009, hand-printed), Yayazout JNL (2008, fun titling face), Yorso Square JNL (2007).
  • Z: Zera JNL (2007, intersecting rings), Zodor JNL (2010), Zoning Department JNL (2012), Zydeco JNL (2009).
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Jeff Levine: Alf R. Becker fonts
[Jeff Levine]

Jeff Levine created a number of typefaces that were based on alphabets created by the late Alf R. Becker for Signs of the Times Magazine during the period of the 1930s through the 1950s. These incude Film Noir JNL (2010, counterless geometric art deco style), Hexide JNL (2011, a fat hexagonal design), Kanona JNL (2010), Karaoke JNL (2010), Mocombo JNL (2010, African look), Nightspot JNL (2011, an art deco headline face), Patriotica JNL (2011, a stars and stripes face), Police JNL (2010, caps only 3d shadow typeface after a design by Alf R. Becker), Roadblock JNL (2011), Tradewinds JNL (2010, African look), Udsed Cars (2010, comic book style caps). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Art Deco Typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Art deco is another style that appeals to Jeff Levine. He has created some beauties:

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Jeff Levine: Art nouveau types
[Jeff Levine]

Art nouveau typefaces by Jeff Levine:

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Jeff Levine: Athletic lettering typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Athletic lettering typefaces by Jeff Levine: Base Runner JNL (2008), Ebbets JNL (2009), Forward Passed JNL (2007), Hayfork JNL (2011, based on wood type sans typefaces from the 1880s), Home Field JNL (2010, outline), Return Pass JNL (2007), Rushing Pass JNL (2007), Sporting Chance JNL (2011), Sporting Life JNL (2006), Sports Jock JNL (2013), Sports Play JNL (2012), Stadium JNL (2011), All Pro JNL (2009), Winning Team JNL (2015). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Comic book and cartoon typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Comic book or cartoon letters by Jeff Levine: Afterthought JNL (2013), Art Department JNL (2011, after a Speedball book; very similar to Spumoni LP (1990, LetterPerfect)), Beat Poet JNL (2011), Cartoonist JNL (2012), Cartoon Panel JNL (2015), Coupon Clipper JNL (2010), Doowop JNL (2006), Greatest Hits JNL (2008), Hayride JNL (2014), Jacaranda JNL (2009), Miss Rhythm (2013, funky typeface), Nobody Home JNL (2011), Now Appearing JNL (2010), Opportoonity JNL (2009), Personal Message JNL (2015, inspired by the calligraphic / cartoon poster art of Santa Fe's Randall Hasson), Prankster JNL (2012), Playful JNL (2014), Sock Hop (2009), Stand Up JNL (2013), Toon In JNL (2009), Tooned Out JNL (2009). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Dingbats and Alphadings
[Jeff Levine]

Before 2006, Jeff Levine was mostly known for his free dingbats, having made over one hundred of them. He keeps making them, but now commercially, and less frequently. The list is long though:

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Jeff Levine: Groovy -- Psychedelic typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Psychedelic typefaces by Jeff Levine start with the free typeface he did with Brad Nelson (Brain Eaters) called Action Is. This was based a title page for a commemorative photo album of images from the 60's TV music show Where the Action Is, formerly hosted by Jeff's employer at the time, singer-writer-producer Steve Alaimo. Brad Nelson gave Jeff his blessing to re-work and take Action Is into the realm of commercial type. Newly improved and re-released as Groovy Happening JNL, it became one of Jeff's better selling type designs. A simplified version is called Groovy Summer JNL, both done around 2005. In 2010, he published Groovy 3D Caps JNL, and in 2015 Endless Sixties JNL (inspired by a poster for a surfing movie entitled Planet Aura). Hippie Freak JNL (2016) is based on the title card for Tod Browning's Freaks. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Octagonal typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Octagonal typefaces made by Jeff Levine: Air Corps JNL (2014, featuring retro letters and numbers from military aircraft), Arvada JNL (2009), Bike Tag JNL (2013), Borough Hall (2006), Case Lot JNL (2015), Celluloid NL (2010), Chamferwood JNL (2015), Diagon JNL (2007), Directory Board JNL (2010), Eckhardt Poster Display JNL (2011), Government Issue (2006), Hayfork JNL (2011, based on wood type sans typefaces from the 1880s), Industrialist JNL (2014), Inventory JNL (2007), KP Duty (2006), Mailbox Letters Two JNL (2008), Mechanized JNL (2011), Mixed Drinks JNL (2013), Moving Van JNL (2010), Oven Plate JNL (2013: Oven Plate JNL solidifies the outline lettering of Stove Plate JNL; based on the logo for Red Star Oil Stoves and found on an old letterpress cut), Poster Chamfer JNL (2012, a condensed octagonal face), Quirkley JNL (2006), Stadium JNL (2011), Staple Remover (2013), Stove Plate JNL (2013), Techno Retro (2015), Transcribed JNL (2015), Wall Sign JNL (2012). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Oriental simulation typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Oriental simulation typefaces made by Jeff Levine include China Doll JNL (2011, after a 1960 Speedball Pen lettering instruction book), China Dragon JNL (2013), Chinese Herbs JNL (2010), Chinese Menu JNL (2009), Fong Shay Noon JNL (2007), Ginseng JNL (2012), Mystic East JNL (2016, an oriental simulation typeface based on the cast credits for the 1954 film Hell's Half Acre featuring Wendell Corey, Evelyn Keyes and Elsa Lanchester), Rice Bowl JNL (2009), Shanghai JNL (2014), Kwun Tong JNL (2014). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Signage
[Jeff Levine]

Signage typography has also attracted the attention of Jeff Levine. Here are some typefaces in that category: Brushmark JNL, Dollar Days JNLCleveland Neon JNL (2016, based on the art deco neon sign for the iconic Clevelander Hotel located in the Art Deco district of Miami Beach), Dubois JNL (2007: DuBois JNL is based on hand lettering designed by Albert DuBois of New York City, and originally titled Round Block, which was found in an old sign painting design book from the early 1900s and has been translated to digital form by Jeff Levine), Eckhardt Brushletter JNL (2011), Eckhardt Casual JNL (2011), Haute Couture JNL (2009; see Signboard JNL for similar lettering), Koehler Sans (2006, a grotesk inspired by a set of cardboard sign kit letters made by the Koehler Sign Company of Missouri in the late 1940 or early 1950s), Laughter JNL (2011), Lettering Project JNL (2015, based on one of the many sign making kit templates made by the Wood-Regan Instrument Company also known as Wrico), Merchandising JNL (2014, brush signage script), Moving Headlines JNL (2015: a marquee lightbulb font inspired by the news ticker at Times square and the 1933 Warner Bothers film Picture Snatcher starring James Cagney), Night Sign JNL (2011, neon sign font), Sheldrake JNL (2006, condensed; the outline version is Sign Decal JNL, 2009), Sign Artist (2006), Sign Crafter JNL (2009, and its reworking, Sign Trade JNL), Sign Crafters JNL (2011), Sign Display Casual JNL (2014), Sign Engraver JNL (2011, a rounded sans), Sign Kit (2006, based on the Webway Font Cabinet sign lettering system), Sign Letters JNL (2016, based on the decals manufactured by the Duro Decal Company of Chicago), Sign Maker JNL (2009), Sign Project JNL (2011, based on decals by the Meyercord Decal Company of Chicago), Sign Sans JNL (2016), Signboard JNL (2008, based on die-cut cardboard display lettering once made by the Duro Decal Company (now Duro Art Industries) of Chicago), Signed JNL (2005), Sign Letterer JNL (2010), Sign Merchant JNL (2013), Sign Painter JNL (2010, based on a sales catalog sheet from the American Decalcomania Company, ca. 1950), Signed Production JNL (2009), Sign Shop JNL (2010, retro), Sign Card JNL (2011, mad by adding slabs to Sign Shop JNL), Sign Designer JNL (2012), Sign Man JNL (2010, hairline face), Sign Writer JNL (2012), Stock Signs JNL (2011), Market JNL (2009), Waite Park JNL (2010, also based on the Webway Font Cabinet sign lettering system), Fountain Service JNL (2010). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Stencil typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Jeff Levine may well be the most prolific stencil font designer alive today. His passion for this nook of type design is clear from his writings. The stencil typefaces made by Jeff Levine include Adverse Stencil JNL, Amateur Stencil JNL (2010), Amusement Ride Stencil JNL (2016), Book Report (2006), Another Stencil JNL (2014), Antique Stencils JNL (2013), Boot Camp JNL (2012, army stencil based on a set of vintage brass interlocking stencils made by the Stafford Manufacturing Company), Brass Stencil (2011, an army stencil face), Brassmark Stencil JNL (2015), Brattleboro Stencil JNL (2015, after a stencil punch die manufactured by S.M. Spencer & Co. of Brattleboro, VT, circa 1868), British Stencil JNL (2010), Cardboard Cutouts JNL (2007), Carton Stencil JNL (2013), Case Closed (2011), Casual Stencil JNL (2013), Censorship JNL (2011), Clarenwood Stencil JNL (2015), Class Project (2006), Claim Check JNL (2009), Classroom Stencil JNL (2016), Cold Case JNL, Common Stencil JNL (2016, a grungy military stencil), Condensed Stencil JNL (2011), Confirmation JNL (2008), Corporal JNL (2009), Craft Project (2006, stencil design dingbats), Crude Stencil JNL (2016), Cut Paper Stencil JNL (2011), Czech Stencil JNL (2015, modeled after Patrona Grotesk (1930, Czechoslovakia)), Delivered JNL (2005), Detective Bureau JNL (2016, based on the hand-lettered title card for 1951's Detective Story directed by William Wyler), De Vinne Stencil JNL (2010), Dive Gear Stencil JNL (2015), Duffle Bag JNL (2008: military stencil), Educator JNL (2010), Evidence JNL (2009), Excess Baggage JNL (2009), Farming Stencil JNL (2014), Favorite Stencil JNL (2015, modeled after Ludlow Stencil), Federal Case JNL (2008), Flatsider JNL (2012, a blocky stencil), Folk Singer JNL, French Stencil JNL (2010), French Stencil Sans JNL (2015), Hand Cut Stencil JNL (2016), Hitchcock Stencil JNL (2016, based on on the movie poster for Alfred Hitchcock's 1955 dark comedy-thriller The Trouble with Harry), In Shipment JNL (army stencil), Interboro JNL (2010), Investigator JNL (2010), Jailbreak JNL (2010, a stencil version of his wood typeface Hoosegow), Kashigata Stencils JNL (2012: based on round Japanese stencils), Lettering Guide JNL (2007), Lumberyard Stencil JNL (2016), Malagueña Stencil JNL (2015, art deco), Marking Stencil JNL (2014), Mechanical Stencil JNL (2014), Mess Hall JNL (2007), Metalmark Stencil JNL (2015), Metal Stencil JNL (2011, white on black), Meter Room JNL (2015), Mondawmin JNL (2010), More Antique Stencils JNL (2013: dingbats), Mystery Stencil JNL (2010), Narrow Roman Stencil JNL (2015), Narrow Stencil JNL (2011), Nature Stencils JNL (2013), No Parking JNL (2011), Nottingham Stencil JNL (2011), Oil Barrel JNL (2011), Old Chisholm JNL (2012, an old brass ornamental stencil), Open Case JNL (2016: like Cold Case JNL (2009), it is based based on sets of lettering stencils designed and manufactured by the Huntington Oil Cured Stencil Company (originally of Huntington, New York and later of Delray Beach, Florida)), Packed JNL (2005), Pendleton JNL (2011, an octagonal stencil typeface created from some scant images found on military machinery housed at the Marine Corps Mechanized Museum at Camp Pendleton, CA), Print Shop Stencil JNL (2013), Railyard Stencil JNL (2009), Paper Stencil JNL (2010), Parking Lot Stencil JNL (2013), Raider Stencil JNL (2016, based on the dust jacket for the 1929 Western novel The Raider by Charles Alden Seltzer), Rail Route Stencil JNL (2015), Ramshackle JNL (2010), Record Promotion JNL (2011), Retail Stencil JNL (2015), Ritz Stencil JNL (2011, art deco style), Roman Stencil JNL (2016), Rubbish JNL (2007, grunge stencil), (2013), Saskatoon Stencil JNL (2015), Schoolmarm (2006), Science Fair (2006, a filled stencil font), Sealed JNL (2005, blackletter stencil), Shipped JNL (2005), Signage JNL (2013, Futura Stencil style typeface), Sign Stencil JNL (2013), Simple Stencil JNL (2014), Sixties Stencil JNL (2014), Sloppy Stencil (2010, grunge stencil similar to Packed JNL), Spur Stencil JNL (2015), Stamped Brass Stencil JNL (2015), Steel Stencil JNL (2012), StencilBoard JNL (2010), Stencil Box JNL (2014), Stencil Deco (2008, a modification of Cardboard Cutouts JNL), Stencil Designs JNL (2012, vintage dingbats), Stencil Extras (2013), Stencil Gothic, Stencil Machine JNL (2013), Stencil Maker JNL (2013), Stencil Mark JNL (2011, based on a stencil by Meyer and Wenthe from Chicago), Stencil Modernistic JNL (art deco), Stencilbats JNL (2005), Stencil Monograms JNL (2011), Stencil Package JNL (2015, after a 1955 example by the Stencil-It company), Stencil Piece JNL (2016), Stencil Plate JNL (2013), Stencil Press JNL (2011, based on just a few existing sample punches from a 1920s stencil machine made by the Diagraph-Bradley company), Stencil Project JNL (2013, stencil ornaments), Stencil Set JNL (2013), Stencil Sheet JNL (2013), Stencilvania JNL (2006), Stencil Work JNL (2014), Stenson (2006, a stencil seen in rubber stamp shops), Storage (2006), Streamlined Stencil JNL (2015), Strong Stencil JNL (2013), Study Hall (2006), Surface Stencil JNL (2016), Sutton Place JNL (2016), Table Fortu JNL (2008, a stunning art deco stencil), Tanker Stencil JNL (2016), Teacher JNL (2009), Templit JNL, Term Paper (2006), Theatrical Stencil JNL (2016), Tin Lizzie JNL (2013, stencil-style automobile logos), Tin Stencil JNL (2015), Tote Bag JNL (2006), Tramp Steamer JNL (2007), Trencher JNL (2011, based on hand-cut stencils spray-painted onto a vintage 1947 Cleveland Trencher acquired by the Marine Corps Mechanized Museum at Camp Pendleton, CA), Trocadero JNL (2009, inspired by an early 1950s photo showing the signage for the Trocadero Restaurant located on Liberty Avenue and 23rd Street in Miami Beach), Trooper JNL (2009), Ultra Thin Stencil JNL (2012), Van Alt (2006, described as a geostencil, Futura Blacular kind of setup but from way before that style got Rennerized), Western Adventure (2006, classic stencil from the 1950s), Work Crew Stencil JNL (2015), Xmas Stencils JNL (2007, stencil dingbats). 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Jeff Levine: The Eckhardt Series
[Jeff Levine]

Between 2006 and 2009, Jeff Levine published the Eckhardt Series, named after his friend Albert Eckhardt, Jr. (1929-2005) who had owned Allied Signs in Miami, Florida from 1959 until his passing. Several fonts by Jeff Levine are based on lettering found in an old sign painting book:

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Jeff Levine: Western style typefaces
[Jeff Levine]

Western style typefaces made by Jeff Levine:

  • Boonville JNL (2009, Western, wood type).
  • Bootblack JNL (2007).
  • Bootspur JNL (2006).
  • Canarsie Slab JNL (2001) could pass for a heavily slabbed Western face.
  • Cattle Drive JNL (2011).
  • Cattleman JNL (2013, a condensed French Clarendon).
  • Cloverdale JNL (2009, Western, wood type).
  • Farmland JNL (2009).
  • Frontiersman JNL (2011): A Tuscan face. See also Frontiersman JNL Black.
  • Gower Gulch JNL (2010).
  • Grande Parade JNL (2009, Western style: a decorative version of Winnetka JNL).
  • Grist Mill JNL (2009).
  • Homesteader (2008).
  • Hoosegow JNL (2009).
  • Kalvesta JNL (2012).
  • Lost Hills JNL (2008, a Wild West font based on Levine's own Brogado JNL).
  • Oak Ridge JNL (2009).
  • Pickfair JNL (2010) is based on the vintage wood type Vandenburgh Tuscan (circa 1867).
  • Old Chisholm JNL (2012).
  • Ornery Polecat JNL (2014).
  • Overland Stage JNL (2011). A Tuscan stencil face.
  • Primitive Tuscan JNL.
  • Prospector JNL (2014).
  • Rancher JNL (2013).
  • Ranch Land JNL (2013). Based on a classical French Clarendon wood type.
  • Rustic Setting JNL (2013).
  • Saddle Tramp JNL (2013).
  • Sagebrush (2014). modeled after French Clarendon wood types.
  • Stablehand JNL (2010).
  • Tamarac JNL (2006).
  • Tent Show JNL (2014). Based on a French Clarendon wood style.
  • Texarkana JNL (2011): based on a classic condensed wood type from the 1800s, and embellished with stars.
  • Turlock JNL (2007).
  • Western Bevel JNL (2010).
  • Western Block JNL (2010): Western, and almost octagonal.
  • Western Railway JNL (2007).
  • Western Wood Type JNL (2015).
  • Westward JNL (2014).
  • Wood Tuscan JNL (2014).
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Jeff Levine: Wood type
[Jeff Levine]

Digital renderings and simulations of wood type by Jeff Levine include Advertiser JNL (2009), Blacksmith JNL (2011, based on a brass stencil image), Brenham JNL (2011), Buckdance JNL (2005, Tuscan), Bushwick JNL (2011, caps-only sans), Cattleman JNL (2013, a condensed French Clarendon), Clarenwood JNL (2014), Clarenwood Stencil (2015), Daily Tablet JNL (2014: based on wood type used for newspaper headlines), DuBois Block JNL (2008), Elida JNL (2011, a didone all caps wood type family), Elk Grove JNL (2009, based on a wood type called Facade), Emporia JNL (2011), Engine Company JNL (2013), Final Edition JNL (2015), Fort Courage JNL (2014, a French Clarendon), Framingham JNL (2010, a widened version of Nostrand JNL), General Merchant JNL (2013), Gristwood JNL (2015), Hayfork JNL (2011), Ingomar (2006), Lenorah JNL (2009), Lockup JNL (2009), Longwood JNL (2014), Normandy Isle JNL (2011), Northfork JNL (2010, based on a William H. Page wood type alphabet called Parisian, circa 1857-58), Nostrand JNL (2009, condensed wood type), Notification JNL (2011), Nouveau Sans JNL (2014, art bouveau-inspired wood type), Old Wood JNL (2013), Ornery Polecat JNL (2014: Western style), Payson (2009), Pleasantwood JNL (2014), Primitive Tuscan JNL (2014), Rachelle JNL (2009, Italian), Ranch Hand JNL (2013), Reverse Gothic JNL (2014), Roman Wood Type JNL (2012, in the Clarendon Condensed style), Rounded Sans Wood JNL (2015), Rustic Setting JNL (2013), Saddle Tramp JNL (2013), Sagebrush JNL (2014: modeled after French Clarendon), Sales Book JNL (2013), Sales Event JNL (2014), Shadowland JNL (2014), Shadowlawn JNL (2014), Sidewinder JNL (2013, an ultra-compressed wood type), Splinters JNL (2009, wood pieces), Stockville JNL (2012), Streamwood JNL (2014), Strongbox JNL (2009), Tamarac (2006, slab-serif wood type), Tent Show JNL (2014, based on a French Clarendon circus style), Teterboro JNL (2010; although built from scratch, this slab serif has a wood type feel), Texarkana JNL (2011, based on a classic condensed wood type from the 1800s, and embellished with stars), Topanga JNL (2010, ultra-condensed sans serif wood type), Trail Boss JNL (2011), Troubadour JNL (2011, ornamental wood type), Weekend Tabloid JNL (2009, a sans serif wood type), Western Wood Type JNL (2015, a Clarendon), Westward JNL (2014: circus lettering typeface), Winnetka JNL (2009, octagonal wood type inspired by Cooley Antique Tuscan Condensed---a printer's wood type manufactured in 1859 by J.G. Cooley), Woodbranch JNL (2016), Wood Condensed Grotesk (2014), Woodcraft JNL (2013), Woodhaven Initilas JNL (2014), Woodlawn JNL (2013, outlined), Woodmark JNL (2014: based on William H. Page's New Process No. 507), Wood Nouveau (2014), Wood Poster Display JNL (2014), Wood Tuscan JNL (2014), Wood Type Bodoni JNL (2013), Wood Type Calendar JNL (2016), Wood Type Grotesk JNL (2014), Woodwork JNL (2014). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Levine: Works Projects Administration (WPA) typefaces

The Works Progress Administration (called the Work Projects Administration or WPA after 1939) was the largest and most ambitious American New Deal agency, employing millions of unemployed people to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads. In a much smaller but more famous project, Federal Project Number One, the WPA employed musicians, artists, writers, actors and directors in large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects. These projects were designed to lead America out of the Depression. Various creations, covers, posters and lettering pieces related to the WPA, often in art deco style, led Jeff Levine to design this set of typefaces in 2016: Art Museum JNL, Basic Lettering JNL, Oil Painting JNL, On The Town JNL, Sanitation JNL, Art Project JNL, Art Topic JNL, Art Week JNL, Asbury Park JNL, Concert Series JNL, Fall Fashion JNL, Sign Vendor JNL, Summer Program JNL, Tourist Cabin JNL, Visual Arts JNL, Art And Design JNL, Art Exhibit JNL, Clip Joint JNL, Euripedes JNL, Infrastructure JNL, Music Festival JNL, Newsmaker JNL, Parenting JNL (2016), Parks Department JNL, Talent Show JNL, Bensonhurst JNL, East Village JNL, Public Safety JNL, Sea Gate JNL, Sutton Place JNL, Tap Water JNL, Comic Opera JNL. [Google] [More]  ⦿

John G. Cooley

American wood type designer/manufacturer from the 19th century, whose company started out in 1852 by taking over Edwin Allen in South Windham, CT. In 1864, he partners with Robert Lindsay, sells the South Windham factory, and moves to New York City as John B. Cooley and Co. In 1866, he enters into a partnership with Samuel T. Dauchy to become Cooley&Dauchy. In 1869, however, that company was bought by William Page, who ironically, had been Cooley's employee in 1855-1856. He published Specimens of Wood Type.

Examples of their wood types: Antique Tuscan No. 1 (1859).

Digital revivals: Jeff Levine's Winnetka JNL (2009) was inspired by Cooley Antique Tuscan Condensed from 1859. See also AWT Cooley Ant Tuscan XX Cond (2013) and AWT Cooley Grecian XX Condensed by Dick Pape. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Modern Antique

Mac McGrew describes the slab serif Modern Antique: Modern Antique and Modern Antique Condensed were adapted to Monotype in 1909 from traditional typefaces dating from about 1820, commonly known simply as Antiques or Egyptians. They were forerunners of the square serifs, but closer to romans in general appearance, and were usually used for boldface emphasis with roman types, particularly modem romans. In most sizes these two Monotype typefaces are the same set width as each other, and have the same figures and points. Otherwise they differ only in the proportions of the C2 and C 1 arrangements, being good examples of adaptations to the basic Monotype unit system. (See "Practical Design Limitations" in Introduction.) Also see Bold Antique; and Latin Modern under Latin Bold Condensed.

In 2015, Jeff Levine did a revival of Modern Antique No. 26 (1909, Monotype) called Antique Slabserif JNL. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Patrona Grotesk

A stencil typeface dating back to Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. It is shown in Stencil Type (Steven Heller and Louise Fili, Thames and Hudson). Jeff Levine made a digital revival in 2015 called Czech Stencil JNL. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stella Roberts
[Stella Roberts Foundry]

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Stella Roberts Foundry
[Stella Roberts]

Type Designer in Sunrise, FL, who created a coop style foundry for a charity that pays for the medical bills of her siblings. Some typefaces are made by guest designers such as Jeff Levine, Ray Larabie, Matt Yow, and Brad O. Nelson. The list of typefaces:

  • Ali SRF (2012). By Ray Larabie.
  • Austrual SRF (2012). By Jeff Levine: star dingbats.
  • Big Jim Roberts SRF (2012). Named after Stella's father, this is a seventies retro face.
  • Cardholder Dispute SRF (2012). By Ray Larabie, based on his own old freeware font Cardholder Dispute SRF.
  • Consonant SRF (2012). By Jeff Levine based on an old Ray Larabie font.
  • Dastardly Deeds SRF (2012). A stick font by Ray Larabie and Jeff Levine.
  • Devama SRF (2012). A mini-stenciled typeface by Ray Larabie.
  • Dirty Money SRF (2012). A dollar bill font designed by Brad O. Nelson.
  • Femi SRF (2012): a black monoline grotesk caps face.
  • Fenimore SRF (2012). An art deco typeface by Jeff Levine, related to hius own Theater District JNL.
  • Fitz Sans SRF (2012). By Matt Yow.
  • Hem and Haw SRF (2012). A stitching font by Ray Larabie based on his earlier typeface Stitchen.
  • Infantry SRF (2012). By Jeff Levine, an update of his old freeware dingbat font Infantry (1999).
  • Mancave SRF (2012). A stone age typeface by Jeff Levine.
  • Marginal Notes SRF (2012). A hand-printed typeface by Ray Larabie.
  • Mevada SRF (2012). By Ray Larabie.
  • Ovala SRF (2012). By Ray Larabie.
  • Playya SRF (2012). A graffiti tag font by Ray Larabie.
  • Ranger Rays Rocketeers SRF (2012). By Jeff Levine, based on an old freeware space-age dingbat font.
  • Seminar SRF (2012). Jeff Levine overhauled a Peignotian / Optima-style typeface by Ray Larabie.
  • Transaction SRF (2012). A dot matrix font by Ray Larabie.
  • Wesley SRF (2012). A Ray Larabie original.
  • Wrenchworks SRF (2012). Ray Larabie and Jeff Levine cooperated to bring this mechanical octagonal outline face.

View the typefaces at Stella Roberts Foundry. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Stencil fonts

Partial list of stencil fonts recently posted on abf: AGBook-Stencil (Adobe, 1992, and Berthold), AustralianFlyingCorpsStencil, BrideOfTheMonsterStencil (Harold Lohner, 1998), DeStijl-Stencil (P22, 1995), Dollar Store Stencil (Josh Wilhelm 1999), FuturaStencilICG (Image Club Graphics, 1995), FuturistStencil (WSI, 1996), GlaserStencil (URW, 1994), Rugged Stencil (The Font Emporium / Matt Dennewitz), SexySilouetteStencils (Darrian and California Cosmo, 1999), SprayStencil (SWFTE, 1995), Stencil Camera, Army Stencil, Stencil D (URW, 1994), Stencil Compress D (URW, 1994), Stencil Export (Allen R. Walden, 1993), Stencil Gothic BE (B.O. Nelson/Brain Eaters Font Co.&Jeff Levine, 1999), Stencil Sans (Agfa, 1995), StencilSansCondensed (WSI, 1996), StencilSet (SWFTE, 1995), Stencilcase (John Martz, Robotic Attack Fonts, 1997), Stenciled Out Left (Fantazia Concepts, 1993). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stenso Lettering Company
[Jeff Levine]

Jeff Levine writes up the history of the Stenso Lettering Company, started in 1940 by Ruth Hormats and her brother, Robert Libauer. [Google] [More]  ⦿