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Font names/aliases

[Headline set in Diamond Ring Open (2012, Ryoichi Tsunekawa)]


Adobe Font Folio

Ulrich Stiehl's Font Folio 9 listing. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Adobe Type Catalogs

Contents of the Adobe Font Folio 9 collection of type 1 fonts. Their 145-page PDF catalog, with samples. The Adobe Type Collection OpenType Edition (ca. 2008) is here and here. The Adobe Type Library Reference Book is a printed specimen book, currently in its 3rd edition, and can be obtained from Amazon, Peachpit or Adobe Press, both in paper and PDF format. The cover price of the printed edition is about 45 US dolllars. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Adobe Type-on-Call 4.1

Contents of the Adobe Type-on-Call 4.1 CD with 2389 font files. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aliases for script fonts

"Salvo" proposed this list of aliases on alt.binaries.fonts. Note: the list has several errors (original and clone are permuted in some cases). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Arts and Letters

List of font names for the Arts&Letters Corporation. [Google] [More]  ⦿

ATF typefaces

PDF file by David Tribby that lists all ATF typefaces. Text file listing those 1600 typefaces. The Cary Collection at RIT has many matrices, listed here (PDF) and here (HTML). A google docs spreadsheet with the ATF typefaces, all compiled by David Tribby. The same in HTML.

Scans of some typefaces: ArtGothic (1897 catalog), Baskerville (1941), Caslon Oldstyle Roman No. 471, Caslon Oldstyle Italic No. 471, Chaucer, Chessmen (1897 catalog), Childs, Columbian (1897 catalog), Columbus, Culdee, DeVinne Initialen, Elandkay (1897 catalog), Erratic Outline, Ferdinand, Jenson Italic, Koster (1897 catalog), Laclede, Ronaldson Title Slope (1897 catalog), Santa Claus Initials, Skjald, Virile Open (1897 catalog), 20th Century, Bodoni Ultra, Clearface, Dietz Text, European Grotesque No. 2, Goudy Kennerley, Impact, News Gothic Condensed, Onyx, Palance Script, Palatino, Stymie, Typo Upright, Atlanta Series, Childs Series, Columbus Outline Initials, Contour No. 7, DeVinne Shaded, Erratck Outline, Johnson Series, Koster Series, Longefellow Series, McCullagh Series, Mural Series, Quaint Roman No. 2, Quaint Series, Rubens Series, Samoa Series, Victoria Series. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Barnhart Brothers&Spindler (or: BB&S)

Chicago-based foundry, which grew out of The Great Western Type Foundry in 1868 when the Barnhart brothers (newspaper publishers in Iowa who came to Chicago as advertising agents) bought out the Toepfer family in 1868. They retained Herman Spindler as the foreman, since he was the only typefounder in the group. Aggressive in business, BB&S became the largest foundry in Chicago. Book of type specimens. Comprising a large variety of superior copper-mixed types, rules, borders, galleys, printing presses, electric-welded chases, paper and card cutters, wood goods, book binding machinery etc., together with valuable information to the craft. Specimen book no.9 (1907) is a 1048-page monster catalog (see also here and here and here). Some pictures from Type Barnhart Type Foundry Co. New York City: Superior Copper-Mixed Type (1908). In 1913, they published Preferred Type Faces.

BB&S was purchased by ATF about 1911 and it operated independently until about 1930. Typophile page on them. Text file with a list of the typefaces in their Catalog 25 (1925). Discussion of some of their typefaces and digitizations:

  • Engravers Upright Script, a ronde style alphabet, was revived in 2006 by Nick Curtis as Bon Mot NF.
  • Hazel Script, a primary school didactic connected script, digitized in 2006 by Paul Hunt as P22 Allyson (discussed here).
  • They made the (sloppy) old-look garalde typeface Fifteenth Century in 1897, which turned into Caslon Antique (American Type Founders). A digital version can be had at MyFonts, but who made it? MyFonts also offers Caslon Open Face (originally, 1915).
  • One of their best known designers was Oswald B. Cooper who made Cooper Black (1921) and Cooper Old Style (1919-1924), with characteristically blurred rounded serifs. He also made Cooper Hilite (shaded), Cooper 570 (fat), Cooper 579 (outline), Cooper Tooled Italic (shaded) and Cooper Black Italic 571.
  • Delysian NF (2004, Nick Curtis) revives their Greeting Card typeface from the BBS catalog of 1923.
  • Lining Gothic No. 71 (1907) is a grotesque typeface with panache. It was digitized by Nick Curtis as Cerulean NF (2007).
  • Mazurka NF (2004, Nick Curtis) is a combination of two typefaces from the same catalog, Swagger Capitals, designed by Carl S. Junge, for the uppercase and Gothic Novelty Title for the lowercase.
  • Racine (1903) was revived by Nick Curtis as Kenosha Antique (2004).
  • Archer (1905) was revived by Nick Curtis as Grand Rapids (2005).
  • Umbra (1907) was revived by Nick Curtis as Shady Lady NF (2005). Monotype's Umbra is based on a later metal version by Ludlow though.
  • One of their blackletter typefaces is Waldorf Text (1914).
  • Steelplate, a monocase engraved US dollar bill-style face, ca. 1900 at BBS, was revived by Nick Curtis as Smackeroo NF (2005).
  • Ernst Lauschke designed the oriental look typeface Dormer in 1888 at the Great Western Foundry. BB&S renamed it Pekin. HiH digitized it in 2005. Pekin also is the name of Dan Solo's revival.
  • Freak (1889, The Great Western Type Foundry) was renamed Bamboo by BB&S. A digital version by Tom Wallace is also called Freak (2005).
  • Parsons (1918, Will Ransom) was digitized by Jess Latham.
  • Wedge Gothic ML (1893). An oriental simulation font. It was not in the 1907 catalog but reappeared in 1925 as Japanette. According to McGrew, Wedge Gothic was originally created for the Chicago Herald newspaper. Digital versions: Japanette (Infinitype), OPTI Japanette 5 (CastCraft), Wedge Gothic (2010, Tom Wallace), Japanette (2012, SoftMaker).
  • Clearcut Shaded Capitals (1920s, Will Ransom). Extended to a full font by Nick Curtis in 2005 as Ransom Clearcut NF).
  • Dotted Roman (1897, a Victorian typeface) was revived as Miss Dottie NF by Nick Curtis in 2014.
  • The decorative wood type typeface French Antique, featured in the 1905 catalog, and originally due to William H. Page. Digital versions by Woodentype (Jordan Davies) and Nick Curtis (whose version of French Antique Extended is called Fran Tique NF (2008)).
  • The wedge-serifed typeface Vulcan (1884) was revived by Nick Curtis in 2014 as Vulkan NF.
  • Jeff Levine's Millinery JNL (2022) is based on the art nouveau font Sterling showcased in the 1907 Barnhart Brothers & Spindler specimen book.
Wiki page. List of all BB&S typefaces compiled by the American Amateur Press Association in 2009. This includes a PDF file and an Excel spreadsheet.

Digital typefaces that descend from Barnhart / BBS. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Bauhaus clones

Baha, Bahamas (Corel), Baron (BaronBlackDB Normal), Bimini, Bordeaux, Mumbo (Mumbo SSK), Dyname (SSI), Dessau (megafont.de), R790 Sans (Softmaker), BH (Itek), Geometric 752 (Bitstream). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bay Animation

Bay Animation font names. See also here (Ulrich Stiehl's listing, in German). [Google] [More]  ⦿

BERTLib Library

A listing, with comments, of the fonts in the BERTLib library. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bill Dettering

[More]  ⦿

Bitstream Collection Typeface List

List of the Bitstream fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bitstream font aliases

Several lists of Bitstream fonts and font aliases exist:

[Google] [More]  ⦿

Bitstream font analogue

Bitstream font name equivalences. The original file, dated 2007, was at Fontinfo.net, but dispappeared some time ago. Here is that list in text format:

  • Aachen == Charlemagne; Ruhr; Vanadium; Westlake
  • Ad Lib == Alibi
  • Adsans == Ad Gothic; Angro; Humanist 970; News Ad
  • Akzidenz Grotesk == Ad Grotesk; Gothic 725; Grigat; Standard; Wayland
  • Albertus == Adelon; Alburt; Flareserif 821
  • Aldus == Breklum; Luce; Mannucci Roman
  • Alternate Gothic No.2 == Alpin Gothic; Gothic
  • Amazone == Amazonia; Fredrika
  • Amelia == Computer 651; Orbit; Orea
  • American Text == Blackletter 851; National Text
  • Americana == AM; American Classic; Aston; Colonial; Concord; Flairserif 721; Freedom; Independence
  • Antique No. 3 == Egyptian 710
  • Antique Olive == Alphavanti; AO; Berry Roman; Gibson Antique; Incised 901; Oliva; Olivanti; Olive; Olive Antique; Oliver; Olivette; Olivette Antique; Olivia; Provence
  • Antique Roman Open == Roman Stylus
  • Antique Roman Shaded == Roman Shaded
  • Arnold Bocklin; Auckland == Bock; Expo; Medusa; Nouveau; Youth; Freeform 715
  • Asta == Albany; AS; Astro; Aztec; Corolla; Dutch 823
  • Auriol == Freeform 721; Robur; Skylark
  • Aurora Bold Condensed == Anzeigen Grotesk; Aura; Aurora; Grotesque Condensed
  • Aurora == Empira; News 706; News No.12; News No.2; Polaris; Regal
  • Baker Signet == Keene; Signature; Signatur Vario; Signete
  • Balloon == BL; Freehand 041; Lasso
  • Bank Gothic == Bond Gothic; Commerce Gothic; Deluxe Gothic; Magnum Gothic; Square 021; Stationer's Gothic
  • Baskerville == Baskenland; Baskerline; Basque; Beaumont; BK; Transitional 401
  • Baskerville No.2 == Euro Baskerville; Transitional 404
  • Bauer Bodoni == Bodoni B; Euro Bodoni; Headline Bodoni; Modern 405
  • Bell Centennial == Gothic 762
  • Bell Gothic == Directory Gothic; Furlong; Gothic 761; Paddock
  • Belwe == Belter; Welby
  • Bembo == Aldine 401; Aldine Roman; Ambo; BE; Bem; Bernstein vario; Bingo; Griffo; Latinesque
  • Berling == Carmichel; Revival 565
  • Bernhard Modern == Beacon; Bernie; BN; Duchess; Engravers Oldstyle
  • Bernhard Tango == Aigrette; Carmine Tango
  • Bingham Script == Freehand 591
  • Bison == Bison; Blizzard; Brush 738
  • Bitstream Alisal == Calligraphic 456
  • Bitstream Amerigo == Flareserif 831
  • Bitstream Arrus == Lapidary 721
  • Bitstream Carmina == Calligraphic 811
  • Bitstream Charter == Transitional 801
  • Bitstream Cooper == Freeform 741
  • Bitstream Fournier == Transitional 601
  • Bitstream Iowan Old Style == Venetian 801
  • Bitstream Oz Handicraft == Freehand 701
  • Bitstream Ventana == Humanist 800
  • Blippo == Geometric 755
  • Block == Black; Block; Gothic 821; Hobble
  • Bloc == Geometric 885
  • Bodoni == BO; Bodoni No. 2; Brunswick; Empiriana; Gorvind; Modern 421
  • Bodoni Campanile == Modern 735; Palisade
  • Bookman == Bookface; Bookman Antique; Bookprint; Revival 710
  • Bremen == Exotic 011
  • Britannic == Gallery; Grenoble
  • Broadway == Big City; BW; Deco; Hudson; Moderne; Modernistic; Ritz; Showtime
  • Brody == Brophy Script
  • Bruce Old Style == Bruce; No. 31; Old Style No.3; Old Style No.7; Revival 704
  • Brush Script == Bombay; BR; Brush; Brilliant Bold Script; Brush 451; Punch
  • Cable == Geometric 231; Kabel; Kabello; Kobel
  • Caledonia == Calderon; Caledo; California; Cornelia; Edinburgh; Gael; Gemini; Highland; Laurel; Transitional 511
  • Candida == Candide
  • Cascade == Freehand 471; Kascade Script
  • Caslon 540 == Caslon 74; CL; Caslon 2; Caslon 484; Caslon 485
  • Caslon Bold == Caslon No. 3; New Caslon; Caslon 74 Bold
  • Caslon Old Face == Caslon Old Style; Caslon; Caslon 128; Caslon 471; Caslon 76
  • Cataneo == Chancery 731
  • Centaur == Arrighi; Centaurus; Venetian 301
  • Century Expanded == Century Light/II; Century X; Cambridge Expanded; CE; Century; Century Bold
  • Century Oldstyle == Cambridge Oldstyle
  • Century Schoolbook == Century Text; Century Textbook; CS; Schoolbook; Cambridge Schoolbook; Century Medium; Century Modern
  • Chapel Script == Mahogany Script; Monterey
  • Cheltenham Old Style == Cheltonian; Chesterfield; Gloucester; Kenilworth; Nordhoff; Sorbonne; Winchester
  • Choc == Staccato 555
  • City == Square Slabserif 711; Town
  • Clarendon == Clarique; Clarion; Cerebral
  • Cloister Black == Abbey; Cloister Black
  • Codex == Calligraphic 421
  • Concorde == Dutch 809; Chinchilla; Concert
  • Cooper Black == Bitstream Cooper; Burlesque; Coop; CP; Ludlow Black; Pabst; Plymouth; Rugged Black
  • Copperplate Gothic == Atalante; Copperplate; Formal Gothic; Gothic No.29; Gothic No.30; Gothic No.31; Gothic No.32; Gothic No.33; Lining Plate Gothic; Mimosa; Spartan
  • Corona == Aquarius; Cardinal; CR; Crown; Elmora; Ideal; Koronna; News 705 BT; News No.3; News No.5; News No.6; Nimbus; Quincy; Royal; Scotsman Royal; StarNews; Vela
  • Coronet == Pageant; Ribbon 131
  • Courier == Messenger
  • Davida == DaVinci
  • De Vinne == Congressional; Industrial 731
  • Della Robbia == Cantoria; Canterbury; Dahila; Firenze; Westminster Old Style
  • Diotima == Calligraphic 810; Diotima
  • Dom Casual == Ad Bold; Brush 431; Brush Roman; Dom Casual; Polka
  • Eckmann == Freeform 710
  • Egyptian 505 == Egyptios; Egypt 55
  • Egyptienne == Humanist Slabserif 712; Egyptien
  • Electra == Avanta; Elante; Illumna; Selectra; Transitional 521
  • Embassy == Boston Script; Florentine Script; Hellana Script; Script No.1; Script No.2
  • Englische Schreibschrift == English 157; English Script
  • Engravers' Old English == Old English; Old English Text
  • Engravers' Roman == Lining Litho
  • Engravers Roundhand == Roundhand No. 1; Signet Roundhand; Snell; Snell Roundhand
  • Eurostile == Aldostyle; Astron; ES; Eurogothic; Europa; Gamma; Micro; Microstyle; Square 721; Waltham
  • Excelsior == Angeles; Berlin; Camelot; Commerce No.1; Commerce No.2; Digi-Antique; Esquire; EX; Excel; Excella; League Text; News 702; News No.10; News No.14; Opticon; Paragon; Primus; Victoria
  • Fairefax; Fairfield == Fairmont; Savant; Transitional 551
  • Financial == Letter Gothic
  • Folio == Haverhill
  • Fraktur == German Gothic
  • Franklin Gothic == Gothic No.16; Pittsburgh
  • Frutiger == CG Frontiera; Concorde; Freeborn; Humanist 777; Provencale; Roissy; Siegfried
  • Fry's Baskerville == Baskerville Display; Baskerville F; Baskerville Old Face; Transitional 409
  • Futura == Alphatura; Atlantis; FU; Future; Photura; Sirius; Utica
  • Gando == Gando Ronde
  • Garamond == Aldine 511; American Garamond; Canberra; Carrera; Garamond No.2; Garamond No.3; Garamond No.49; Garamont; GD; Grenada
  • Gill Sans == Eric; Gillies; Glib; Graphic Gothic; Hammersmith; Humanist 521; Sans Serif 2
  • Gothic No.13 == Gothic No.4
  • Goudy Old Style == Grecian; Number 11; Goudy; Goudy Bold; Goudy Extra Bold
  • Granjon == Elegant Garamond; Garamont Premier; Grandeur
  • Grotesque 126 == Gothic 720
  • Hanseatic == Swiss 924; Geneva 2 Hanoverian;
  • Helvetica Compressed == Helvetica Pressed; Spectra Compressed; Swiss 911; Claro Compressed; Geneva 2 Compressed; Helios Compressed
  • Helvetica Inserat == Swiss 921; Geneva 2 Sera; Geneva Inserat; Helios Inserat
  • Helvetica Monospaced == Monospace 821
  • Helvetica == Aristocrat; CG Triumvirate; Claro; Corvus; Europa Grotesk; Geneva/2; Hamilton; HE; Helios/II; Helv; Helvette; Holsatia; Megaron/II; Newton; Spectra; Swiss 721; Vega; Video Spectra
  • Hobo == Hobnob; Tramp
  • Imperial == Bedford; Emperor; Gazette; New Bedford; News No.4; Taurus
  • Imprint == Period Old Style; Dutch 766
  • Impuls == Impuls; Brush 439
  • Ionic No. 5 == Ionic-326; Ionic/2; News 701; News Text Medium; Rex; Windsor; Zar; Corinth; Doric; Ionic 342; Dow News; Ideal; Regal
  • Italian Script == Lorraine Script; Lucia
  • ITC American Typewriter == Amertype; AT; Newriter; Typewriter 911
  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic == AG; Avanti; Cadence; Geometric 711; Suave; Vanguard
  • ITC Bauhaus == BH Geometric 752
  • ITC Benguiat Gothic == BT; Informal 851
  • ITC Benguiat == Beget; BG; Revival 832
  • ITC Berkeley Oldstyle == Venetian 519
  • ITC Bolt Bold == Square 821
  • ITC Bookman == Revival 711; Bookman; BM
  • ITC Busorama == Geometric 075; Omnibus; Panorama;
  • ITC Century == Centrum
  • ITC Galliard == Seville
  • ITC Garamond == Garamet
  • ITC Kabel == Kabot
  • ITC Korinna == Kordova
  • ITC New Baskerville == Transitional 402
  • ITC Serif Gothic == Line Gothic
  • ITC Souvenir == Sovran; SV
  • ITC Tiffany == Jewel
  • ITC Zapf Chancery == Chancelor
  • Janson == Jason; Journal; Kis; Kis-Janson; Nikis; Dayton; Jan/Dutch
  • Jefferson == Freehand 575
  • Kaufmann == Swing Bold; Tropez
  • Liberty == Bernhard Cursive; Bernhard Schonschrift; Lotus; Viant
  • Libra == Libretto; Libby Uncial
  • Life == Fredonia
  • Linotype Modern == Modern 880; Telegraph Modern
  • London Text == Belvedere; Blackletter 686
  • Lydian Cursive == Granite Cursive; Lisbon Cursive
  • Lydian == Granite; Lisbon
  • Madison == Century 725
  • Mandate == Command; Freehand 521
  • Matt Antique == Garth Graphic
  • Melior == Ballardvale/2; CG Melliza; Hanover/II; Lyra; Mallard; Matrix; ME; Medallion; Metrion; Uranus; Ventura; Vermilion; Zapf Elliptical
  • Memphis == Alexandria; Cairo; Geometric Slabserif 703; Nashville; Pyramid
  • Meridien == Zenith; Equator; Latin 725; Latine; Maximal
  • Metro == Chelsea; Geometric 415; Gothic No.2; Gothic No.3; Megamedium; Meteor
  • Mirarae == Calligraphic 808
  • Mister Earl == Freehand 651
  • Mistral == Aeolus; Missive; Staccato 222; Zephyr Script
  • Neuland == Othello; Informal 011
  • Neuzeit Grotesk == Genneken; Geometric 706; Grotesk S
  • News Gothic == Alpha Gothic; CG Trade; Classified News; Gothic Bold-131; Gothic No.17; Gothic No.18; Gothic No.19; Gothic No.20; Gothic-130; Lightline Gothic; Record Gothic; Toledo; Trade Gothic
  • Nuptial Script == Bridal Script; Floridian
  • Olympian == Olympus; Dutch 811
  • Ondine == Formal Script 421; Mermaid
  • Onyx == Arsis; Onyx; Poster Bodoni Compressed
  • Optima == Athena; CG Omega; Chelmsford/II; Musica; October; OP; Optimis; Optimist; Oracle/II; Orleans; Roma; Ursa; Zapf Humanist; Zenith
  • Oscar == Formal 436
  • Palatino == Andover/II; CG Palacio; Compano; Elegante; Malibu/2; Paladium; Palatine; Palermo; Parlament; Patina; Pontiac; Zapf Calligraphic
  • Palette == Brush 445; Palette
  • Park Avenue == Parkway; PA
  • Peignot == Exotic 350; Monterey; Penyoe
  • Perpetua == Felicity; Lapidary 333; Percepta; Perpetual
  • Piranesi Italic == Minuet
  • Plantin == Aldine 721; Atlantic; PL; Planet; Plantin
  • Poster Bodoni == Bodoni Extrabold/No. 2; Modern 721
  • Prestige == Prestige Elite
  • Primer == Rector; Scholasta; Century 751; Premier; Bancroft
  • Profil == Decorated 035
  • Raleigh == Cartier
  • Rockwell == Slate; Geometric Slabserif 712; Rockland
  • Romana == Romanisch; De Vinne; De Vinne Ornamental; French Old Style; Lorimer; Romaans
  • Sabon == Berner; Classical Garamond; September; Sybil/2; Symposia
  • Serifa == Seriverse; Sierra; Monty; Seraphim
  • Shelley == Operinia
  • Simoncini Garamond == Garamond Simoncini; Garamondus; Italian Garamond;
  • Spartan == Technica; Techno; Times Gothic; Twentieth Century; Geometric 212; Sans; Sparta
  • Star Trek == Square 051
  • Stempel Garamond == Euro Garamond; Garamond; Garamond Antiqua; Garamond Royale; Original Garamond
  • Stempel Schneidler == Amalthea; Bauen Schrift; Bauer Text; Brewer Text; Kohinoor; Schneidler; Schneidler Old Style
  • Stuyvesant == Wintergreen
  • Stymie == ST
  • Syntax == Synthesis; Cintal; Humanist 531; Symphony; Synchron
  • Textype == Century 731
  • Times Roman == TmsRmn; TR; Varitimes; Claritas; Dutch 801; English; English 49; English Times; Euro Times; London Roman; Pegasus; Press Roman; Sonoran Serif; Tempora; Tiempo; Timeless; Times New Roman
  • Torino == Contessa; Galileo; Industrial 736; Loren
  • Trump Mediaeval == Activa; Ascot; Continental; Knight; Kuenstler 480; Mediaeval; Olympus; Renaissance; Saul
  • Typo Upright == French Script; Interscript; Kaylin Script; Linoscript; Parisian Ronde
  • Umbra == Durante; Meandme; Plastica
  • Univers == Alphavers; Aries; Boston; Eterna; Galaxy; Kosmos; Swiss 742; UN; Versatile; Zurich
  • University Roman == Ace; Celtic; Collegette; Forum Flair; Opera; Orna; Stunt Roman
  • Wedding Text == Linotext; Marriage
  • Windsor == Winslow [Google] [More]  ⦿

  • Bitstream fonts via Corel

    Trouble finding Bitstream fonts? Besides the many links on my pages to almost the entire Bitstream collection, there are other avenues.

    • Older versions of Corel Draw: Several of the older versions of Corel Draw are often available in the software closeout stores at about 20USD. These packages include an almost complete Bitstream font library, about 1000 strong, in both T1 and truetype formats. List of Bitstream fonts in Corel Draw.
    • Any Corel Clip-Art package: The same font library, over 1,000 Bitstream fonts, can be obtained (in truetype only) with the purchase of any Corel Clip-Art package for about 25USD.
    • Corel CD v.7, 8 or 10 have the type 1 collections.
    • Corel Gallery 200,000: This has the 1000+ truetype and type 1 collection. It is sold on e-bay for 9.99USD.
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Blippo clones

    Bauhaus 93 (URW), Blipper, Brandish (Brandish Regular), Graphics, Celesti Display (SSI), Bilbao (megafont.de). [Google] [More]  ⦿

    B&P Graphics

    This company sold lots of fonts in the mid 1990s under slightly changed names. In the 1993 truetype collection, I count at least 1003 fonts. There are 1000 fonts in their 1991 type 1 collection. Many names reappear later under the Softmaker label, dated 1996. It is unclear whether B&P Graphics has evolved into Softmaker GmbH and/or FantasticArts.com. Many of their fonts can be found on free font sites, and indeed, the collection is in limbo. Uli Stiehl writes: The British font forging company GST Technology alias Greenstreet Software selling thousands of font forgeries made by Brendel & Pabst, was sued by Linotype in 2001. And the German font forging company Brendel & Pabst alias B & P Graphics Ltd. alias Brendel Informatik GmbH alias The Quick Brown Fox GmbH in Cologne was sued by FontShop in Berlin.

    List of names and equivalences in their Serial Type Collection (courtesy of Elsner & Flake, 1991). [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Comp.fonts FAQ

    This FAQ by Norman Walsh has a list of font name equivalences. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Compugraphic Corp.

    Names of Compugraphic fonts. Ulrich Stiehl's compilation of type equivalences, as taken from Compugraphic's 1988 "The TypeBook". [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

    Computer Support Corporation

    Defunct foundry which published a cheap font collection in 1996. Their known fonts are listed here. This is a renamed collection: Tekton became Tek, and so forth. The fonts are now sold by Arts&Letters (in Carrollton, TX) under the name BOSS Fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    A shady outfit that published hundreds of fonts in 1994 and 1995 merely by renaming fonts from the major foundries and the shareware circuit. They forgot to change the PostScript names in the truetype fonts, and so we find that Bandy is really BroadbandICGRegular, Digital Display is DigitalICG, Upbeat is JazzPosterICG, Longwood is WainwrightICG, Father is Zirkle, Bitmap is NewGenevaNine, Phantasy Dingbats is Davys Regular, and so forth. You can still buy their CD here (100 truetype fonts for 6USD). To help with this mess, I made a table of equivalences, as culled from the information in the fonts themselves!

    Free fonts at Dafont include Bandy, Ghostly and Pharaoh Glyph (hieroglyphic face).

    Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Corel font name equivalences

    This list of Corel font name equivalences has been around the block a few times. See also here. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Corel Fonts

    Page with complete lists of all CorelDraw fonts, compiled by Ulrich Stiehl. For example, it includes a 47-page PDF file that lists all fonts in CorelDraw 12 (1050 PostScript and 1196 truetype fonts). Similar PDF files are available for CorelDraw 5, 9 and 11. More stunningly, Ulrich Stiehl has made PDF files showing all character sets of the Corel collection. Joan Mas discusses the Corel collection here (in Spanish). Adam Twardoch tells this anecdote: When Corel originally created the low-quality digitizations of some popular fonts and included them in Corel Draw versions 1 to 3 (they were replaced by much better fonts licensed from Bitstream and URW in version 4 of the application), a poor rendition of Hobo was included in that set under the ironic name Homeward Bound. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Corel Suite 8

    Font listing of Corel S8. The filenames only are given--you can plug these into google to locate the actual fonts on the web. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Corel Suite 8 font listing

    List of the 1000 fonts in Corel Suite 8. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    CS3 Fonts

    Fonts that ship with Adobe Creative Suite 3. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Cut N Tag

    Equivalent font names. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Dan X. Solo / Solotype: List of typefaces

    An alphabetical list of the 135 typefaces in the Solotype digital collection: Acantha, Alaska, Alfereta, Angel, Arcade, Assay, Athena, Atlantis, Bamberg, Bamboo, Bandstand, Banquet, Baraboo Banner, Barbary Coast, Bareback, Behrens Antiqua, Behrens Schrift, Beijing, Benjamin, Berolina, Bindweed, Blue Point, Bordeaux, Brevet, Brussels, Buddha, Cabaret, Campaign, Cathedral, Cheval, Cigar Label, Circlet, Cleopatra, Cognac, Concave Extended, Coney Island, Contract Banner, Crossroads, Dainty Lady, Dangerfield, Dawson, Diablo, Dime Museum, Disco, Donaldina, Dutch Treat, Eastlake, Eccentric, Egyptian Oldstyle, Emperor, Estienne, Eureka Antique, Europa Text, Excelsis, Extravaganza, Fairmont, Fancy Dan, Fandango, Fantan, Farringdon, Fat Face No. 20, Faust Text, Filmstar, Five Star Final, Fletcher, Flo Barnum, French Ionic, Gashouse Gang, Ghost Show, Gilbey, Gladiate, Goodfellow, Grecian, Gretchen, Hansard, Harlem Text, Harmony, Hattan Antique, Hearst Italic, Hearst Roman, Houdini, Hullabaloo, Huntsman, Huron, Illyrian, Kitcat, Lady Cleo, Lord Mayor, Malibu, Manifesto Bold, Mardi Gras Improved, Margie, Marshall, Master Script, Memorial, Minnesota, Minsky, Monument, Moritz, Moulin Rouge, Mozart, Mural, Nadall, Opera House, Pacifica, Palmetto, Paper Lanterns, Pekin, Penelope, Penny Arcade, Quadrille 2, Rigney, Riviera, Roman Forum, Roundhead, Seminary, Sentry, Sparticus, Spearhead, Stamps, Standing Stones, Tally Text, Telegraph, Tourist, Trapeze, Tuscan Gothic, Unique Wood, Valerie, Valjean, Vanities, Vienna, Webster, Welcome, Westmore, Zorro. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    David Charles Randolph Rakowski

    Type designer and composer, born in St. Albans, VT, in 1958. He was one of the early free/shareware type designers, well-known for creating revivals of 19th century typefaces. He was the Walter W. Naumburg Professor of Composition at Brandeis University, and has previously taught at Harvard University, Columbia University, and Stanford University.

    List of Rakowski's fonts: 3-DWedgie, Aarcover, AdineKirnberg-Script, Ann-Stone, Beachman, Beffle (1991, after Fry's Ornamented No. 2 from Stephenson Blake), Bizarro, BrailleFont, BunnyEars, ChristensenCaps, Crackling, DaBigKeyCaps, DavysCrappyWriting, DavysDingbats, DavysKeyCaps, DavysNewOther, DavysOtherDingbats, DavysRibbons, DeBalme Initials, DieterCaps, Diner-Fatt, Diner-Obese, Diner-Regular, Diner-Skinny, Dobkin-Script, Dragonwick, Dubiel (1991), Dupuy-Light, DupuyBALloon, Eileen, EileenCaps, EileensMediumZodiac, Elizabeth-Ann, Elzevier, EraserDust, Firecat, Gallaudet (a sign language font), Garton (1993), Gessele-Script, GriffinOne, Harting (an old typewriter font), Headhunter, Holtzschue, Horst, Ian-Bent, Jeff-Nichols, Jumble, Kinigstein, Konanur, KoshgarianLight, Kramer, Lassus (1993), LeeCaps, Lemiesz (a free version of Publicity Gothic, 1916), Lilith-Heavy, Lilith-Initals, Lilith-Light, Lintsec, Logger, LowerEastSide, McGarey-Fractured, Multiform, Nauert, NixonInChina (oriental simulation), ParisMetro, Pixie, Pointage, Polo, Rechtman-Script, ReliefDeco, ReliefInReverse, Reynolds, Rockmaker, Rothman [note: poster by Lauren Buroker], Rounded, Rudelsberg (a Munch Jugendstil style font), Salter, Shotling, Showboat, Shrapnel, Starburst, TejaratchiCaps, TenderleafCaps, ToneAndDebs, Tribeca, Uechi, UpperEastSide (1990), UpperWestSide (lettering from the New Yorker magazine), VarahCaps, Wedgie, Wharmby, WhatA-Relief, Will-Harris, Zaleski, and Zallman-Caps.

    Some downloads: Uechi, Rothman, Tejaratchi, Eileen Caps and Elzevier Caps, Paris Metro, Davy's Dingbats (see also here).

    With Klaus Herrmann, of Intecsas in Düsseldorf, he started updating his fonts from 1992-1999. Those fonts can be bought at Will-Harris.

    Here is an interview with David.

    Download 120 of his fonts here.

    And finally, a text file with the names of most of his fonts.

    Mark Johansson explains the history of Rakowski's fonts. Dafont link. MyFonts page. Abstract Fonts link. Font Squirrel link. Fontspace link. Klingspor link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

    David Marshall

    Includes a database of trademarked typeface names. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Deneba Software

    Deneba's Canvas 5 drawing package for the Apple Macintosh and IBM PC Microsoft Windows (95, 98, NT) platforms includes a large number of fonts designed by, and licensed, from URW. The 2000 fonts are listed here. Daniel MacGregor pointed out that only Canvas 8 is there now, and that "the 15 day demo version of Canvas 8 does not include the URW Font Library." [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Elsner&Flake fonts

    The list of Elsner&Flake fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    Page by Jerry Johnston published here. Morgan S. Brilliant, Jon Pastor, and Frank F. Smith have each contributed to the following list of equivalent font names. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    List of font name equivalences for fonts in Microsoft Office. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Equivalent font names

    At the fonts FAQ. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Filenames for TEX fonts

    File names for PostScript fonts in TEX. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Fonderie Turlot: Spécimen Général

    Berlintypes published the contents of the 454-page Spécimen Général, Fonderie Turlot (Henri Chaix et cie, Paris, 1914). By chapter:

    • 2. Elzeviers et Labeurs de Luxe: Elzévier Français, Elzévier Vieux Français, Elzévier Anglais, Elzévier No 3, Elzévier Plantin, Caractères Louis XV, Salammbo.
    • 3. Series de Labeurs: Néo-Didot, Néo-Didot Gras. Also: Vieux Style, Bibliophiles, Caractères pour Labeurs.
    • 4. Caractères pour Journaux: Examples for newspaper typesetting with references to the types used.
    • 5. Caractères Étrangères: Caractères Russes, Caractères Allemands, 1re Série, Caractères Allemands, 2me Série, Caractères Allemands, Gras, Caractères Grecs, Gras, Caractères Grecs, Penchés, Caractères Grecs.
    • 6. Caractères pour Affiches.
    • 8. Caractères de Fantaisie:
      • Antiques serrées grasses, Antiques simples, Antiques noires, Antiques grecques, Antiques serrées maigres, Antiques penchées grasses, Antiques penchées noires.
      • Egyptiennes effilées, Egyptiennes Etroites, Egyptiennes condensées, Egyptiennes serrées, Egyptiennes 1re Série, Egyptiennes 3me Série, Egyptiennes 2me Série, Egyptiennes larges, Egyptiennes grasses, Egyptiennes penchées noires.
      • Caractères Louis XV.
      • Latines larges, Latines noires allongées, Latines noires, Latines noires larges.
      • Vignettes Glycine.
      • Normandes 1re Serie, Normandes 2me Série, Rouennaises, Normandes larges, Etroites modernes, Allongées demi-grasses, Allongées grasses, Caractères gras allongés, Condensées, Bretonnes.
      • Italiennes.
      • Athéniennes.
      • Métropolitaines.
      • Vénitiennes.
      • Norvégiennes.
      • Elzévir gras éclairé.
      • Vignette Légére.
      • Elzévir Plantin (Romain, Italique).
      • Salammbo.
      • Canadiennes.
      • Chicago, Chicago Large.
      • Lyonnaises.
      • Latines penchées.
      • Vignette Décorative.
      • Excelsior.
      • Moscovites.
      • Transvaaliennes serrées, Transvaaliennes.
      • Péruviennes.
      • Phillipines.
      • Vignettes Chrysanthème.
      • Pittoresques droites, Pittoresques penchées.
      • Provençales.
      • Ondines.
      • Zodiaques maigres, Zodiaques noires.
      • Roxanes, Roxanes 4 oeils.
      • Caractères d'écriture.
      • Caractère Machine à écrire.
      • Bâtardes lithographiques.
      • Filets-Vignettes.
      • La Taille-Douce Azurée droite, La Taille-Douce Azurée penchée.
      • Antiques Litho No1, Antiques Litho No2, Antiques Litho No3, Antiques Litho No4.
      • Monastiques.
      • Vignettes Florale.
      • Initiales Elzévir 1re Série, Initiales Elzévir 2me Série, Initiales Elzévir 3me Série.
      • Antiques maigres serées, Antiques allongées, Antiques maigres larges.
      • Initiales Antiques noires, Initiales Antiques Greques, Initiales Égyptiennes allongées, Initiales Italiennes, Initiales Etroites allongées, Initiales Bretonnes, Initiales Demi-allongées, Initiales Classiques allongées, Initiales Classiques, Initiales Modernes.
      • Romaines droites, Romaines penchées.
      • Initiales Latines larges, Initiales pour annonces anglaises, Latines éclairées, Latines blanches.
      • Romanes.
      • Parisiennes.
      • Fantaisies diverses (8 designs, numbered).
      • Lettrines Renaissance.
      • Lettres ornées.
      • Monogrammes.
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Font aliases

    Font aliases used by various companies. Compiled by Gerard Janssen. For a fresh copy, see here. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Font Book

    A visual listing of over 12,000 fonts from the collection of Shane Hartman and Kathy Svoboda from Fairview, TX. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Font Finder

    Links and advice for finding fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Font names by vendor
    [Nelson Beebe]

    Nelson Beebe (University of Utah) lists over 20,000 fonts from 31 vendors,

    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Font prefixes, suffixes

    Standard font prefixes (for foundries) and suffixes. Maintained by SourceNet. Dead link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    FontAgent Pro Plus Master Type Collection

    A 750-font collection that comes bundled with the 250 US dollar FontAgent Pro Plus software by Insider Software. It has about 250 book and text fonts, mostly by Bitstream. In addition, it carries exactly 500 frivolous fonts by BTN (Breaking The Norm). Catalog (PDF). BTN font list (text file). Bitstream font list in the collection. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    List of FontBank font names. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    A font search engine, I guess, but all my searches led nowhere (I tried Waaiberg, Lillie and Bruno---at least two of these should have had had hits). [Google] [More]  ⦿

    FontFont font names

    List of the 180 or so font families sold by FontFont. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    FontStruct Fonts

    Names of all the fonts made with Robert Meek's FontStruct program. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Fonty PL: Eurofonty

    The names of the fonts in the EuroFont collection by Fonty PL (Grzegorz Klimczewski): EFNAbigail, EFNAbsolut-Bold, EFNAbsolut, EFNAdalbert, EFNAdalbertBold, EFNAdalbertCnt, EFNAdamas, EFNAdamasBold, EFNAgabus-Italic, EFNAgabus, EFNAgabusBlack, EFNAgabusBlackCnd, EFNAgabusBold, EFNAgabusBoldItalic, EFNAgabusEngraved, EFNAgapes, EFNAlegoria, EFNAntyk, EFNArletta, EFNArlettaCzarna, EFNArlettaJasna, EFNArras, EFNArystone, EFNBarka, EFNBass, EFNBeate, EFNBelki, EFNBelkiII, EFNBenita, EFNBinokle, EFNBlackout, EFNBlacky, EFNBookOut, EFNBrawo, EFNBukoff, EFNBulgars, EFNButik, EFNCeline, EFNCeltyk, EFNChapter, EFNChicagoCube, EFNCienki, EFNCyrkiel, EFNCzarnyDiament, EFNDamian, EFNDance, EFNDaniel, EFNDebraCzarna, EFNDebraJasna, EFNDekorator, EFNDelfin, EFNDelfinBold, EFNDeseczki, EFNDetlef, EFNDingsy, EFNDokument, EFNDolores, EFNDustin, EFNDustinBold, EFNDustinBoldItalic, EFNDustinItalic, EFNDziurki, EFNEfekt, EFNElisheva, EFNEliza, EFNEnergia, EFNErazmus, EFNEtiopia, EFNEtiopiaCnt, EFNEukalipte, EFNFarba, EFNFarmer, EFNFelix, EFNFelixOpen, EFNFerrus, EFNFlorian, EFNGaled, EFNGaramo-BoldItalic, EFNGaramo, EFNGaramoBold, EFNGaramoCnd-Bold, EFNGaramoCnd-Italic, EFNGaramoCnd, EFNGaramoCndBoldItalic, EFNGaramoItalic, EFNGaucho, EFNGedeon, EFNGeorgia, EFNGermanik, EFNGilead, EFNGileadBlack, EFNGileadBlackCnd, EFNGileadBold, EFNGileadCnd, EFNGileadCndBold, EFNGileadHvSh, EFNGileadHvy, EFNGileadHvyCnd, EFNGoldenBlack, EFNGoldyOlds-Bold, EFNGoldyOlds-BoldItalic, EFNGoldyOlds-Italic, EFNGoldyOlds, EFNGoldyOpen, EFNGondola, EFNGothic, EFNGradientLogo, EFNGramatyk, EFNGramatykBold, EFNGraphos, EFNGrasses, EFNGrawer, EFNGregorio, EFNGustowny, EFNGutenberg, EFNHandy, EFNHandyBold, EFNHannait, EFNHarfa, EFNHarlem, EFNHasspis, EFNHebanus, EFNHebanusJasny, EFNHebel, EFNHebron, EFNHundred, EFNIberia, EFNImpresja, EFNIndiana, EFNJasmin, EFNJessica, EFNJoannes, EFNJonatan, EFNJonatanII, EFNKameleon, EFNKangoo, EFNKangooShinny, EFNKaret, EFNKarolus, EFNKastlers, EFNKetling, EFNKlasyk, EFNKlasykBold, EFNKlasykItalic, EFNKlawiatura, EFNKoenig, EFNKogelMogel, EFNKokos, EFNKorzenie, EFNKredki, EFNKreska, EFNKropelki, EFNKropleWody, EFNKunszt, EFNKursywa, EFNKuteLiterki, EFNKwiatki, EFNLaciaty, EFNLaten, EFNLatenCShad, EFNLatenCnd, EFNLatenLtSh, EFNLegenda, EFNLemon, EFNLeonis, EFNLiberus, EFNLinneus, EFNLiterki, EFNLiterkiEmi, EFNLitografia, EFNLitografiaBold, EFNLitografiaCnd, EFNLitografiaCndBold, EFNLubellus, EFNMalarz, EFNMalowany, EFNManuel, EFNMaretta, EFNMaszyna, EFNMcGregor, EFNMechanik, EFNMeduse, EFNMeduseWhite, EFNMeksyk, EFNMellotron, EFNMemphisSans, EFNMessage, EFNMetaloweLiterki, EFNMetropolia, EFNMiddayLights, EFNMiddayOutl, EFNMobil, EFNModernista, EFNMokreLiterki, EFNMonitor, EFNMost, EFNMotek, EFNMotyl, EFNNissan, EFNNissanBold, EFNNissanBoldItalic, EFNNissanHeavy, EFNNissanItalic, EFNNocneNiebo, EFNNocny, EFNNoemi, EFNNunete, EFNOdAnonima, EFNOknoFont, EFNOliwier, EFNOliwier3D, EFNOliwka, EFNOrient, EFNPalace, EFNPalaceBold, EFNPalaceBoldItalic, EFNPalaceItalic, EFNPalce, EFNPapirus, EFNPapirusCnd, EFNPastele, EFNPisak, EFNPisakBold, EFNPisakCienki, EFNPodartaKartka, EFNPoster, EFNPosterGradient, EFNPosterShadow, EFNPoszarpaneLiterki, EFNPrague, EFNPragueBold, EFNQuadrus, EFNRachel, EFNReDigit, EFNRebook, EFNRexFont, EFNRexFontKonturowany, EFNRobin, EFNRobinBold, EFNRobinHeavy, EFNRondo, EFNRut, EFNRytm, EFNRytmII, EFNSafari, EFNSalem, EFNSamuels, EFNSecess, EFNSerenade, EFNSerenadeWhite, EFNSerpentine, EFNSerpentineBold, EFNShadows, EFNShanghai, EFNSkrypt, EFNSpokojny, EFNStars, EFNStart, EFNStraightNew, EFNStraightNewBold, EFNStudio, EFNStudioBold, EFNStudioItalic, EFNSymeon, EFNSymeonBold, EFNSymeonCnd, EFNSymeonCndBold, EFNSzafir, EFNSzarfa, EFNSzeroki, EFNSzerokiFun, EFNSzklany, EFNSzkolnyZeszyt, EFNTablica, EFNTamiza, EFNTamizaBold, EFNTapes, EFNTatra, EFNTeheran, EFNTess, EFNTextury, EFNThailand, EFNTower, EFNTriangle, EFNTusz, EFNUncjalis, EFNWaranus, EFNWatch, EFNWatchBold, EFNWeiss, EFNWeissBold, EFNWeissBoldItalic, EFNWeissItalic, EFNWenecja, EFNWenezuel, EFNWerset, EFNWestEast, EFNWidok, EFNZawijany, EFNZecer, EFNZefir-Bold, EFNZefir, EFNZepsutaMaszyna, EFNZnak. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    This web page explains what the mysterious letters in font names mean. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Franzis Verlag GmbH

    German publisher of the Windows XP Profischriften 2003 CD, which since 2004 has been entitled 1.800 Schriften für Windows (20 Euro at Amazon). Ulrich Stiehl studied this company, and offers a list of name analogies with commercial fonts here. This CD contains most fonts of the "Berthold Types" collection and also fonts by Adobe, Monotype, Linotype and other foundries. Stiehl writes that "the Franzis CD includes many fonts not contained in the MegaFont CD" [by Softmaker]. Stiehl's analyis shows that the 1774 font CD contains (i) Classic Fonts (copyright ClassicFontCorporation, USA RWE, typefaces of the former H. Berthold AG), and (ii) Modern Fonts and Display Fonts (copyright Christine Mauerkirchner and Rainer Grunert RWE, typefaces of Adobe, Agfa/Monotype, Linotype, Bitstream, Compugraphic and others). Stiehl says: Franzis Verlag GmbH was formerly a reputable independent technical book publishing house in Munich. It is located today in Poing, and publishes this above fonts CD which has fonts by "PrimaFonts alias ClassicFontCorporation alias Christine Mauerkirchner alias Rainer Grunert". [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Frederic William Goudy
    [Goudy's typefaces]

    [More]  ⦿

    Frontpage 98

    List of available fonts in Frontpage 98 compiled by Bill Slater, Slater Technologies, Chicago. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    Fuse: Interactive Magazine, experimental fonts. Also available online, the Wired 2.07 article FUSE. List of fonts. List of FUSE fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Gerhard Helzel
    [Gerhard Helzel's typefaces]

    [More]  ⦿

    Gerhard Helzel's typefaces
    [Gerhard Helzel]

    This list of Gerhard Helzel's blackletter typefaces is compiled (in German) on the basis of information given on Helzel's web page.

    • Fraktur
      • Zeitungs-Frakt. 9 P.
        • Bauer FfM Nr.75 norm.
        • Gutenberg-Fraktur norm.+halbfette 9/9,3 P. (Linotype)
      • Normal-Fraktur
        • Borgi+ (9/9,3 Pkt.) norm.
        • Nonpareille (6/6,25Pkt.) norm.,
        • fett Petit (8/8,25 Pkt.) (Belhagen & Klasing)
        • mager 20/22 Pkt.
        • mager 28/30 P.
      • Germanen-Fraktur (Normannia-Fraktur) 10 Pkt. normal / halbfett
      • Mars-Fraktur 10 Pkt. normal und halbfett
      • Weber-Fraktur norm. in 9,5-10 und 12 Pkt. ; fett klein ca. 10 Pkt., mittel 24 P.
      • Textschrift der Karl-May-Ausgaben:
        • Fehsenfeld 9/9,3 Pkt. (um 1870)
        • Radebeul 9,5 Pkt. (um 1890): This name was was given by Helzel because the original, which had no name, was used in the publication of the Karl-May-Ausgaben.
      • Halbfette Normalfraktur 10--12 Pkt.
      • Amts-Fraktur 10 Pkt. normal und halbfett (D. Stempel)
      • (Anker-)Schul-Fraktur mager+ halbfette gr.48 Pkt. u. klein 9...10 Pkt. (Schelter & Giesecke 1888)
      • Jubiläumsfraktur 12 Pkt. (Erasmus Luther 1678) [Altertümliche Schrift! Sehr schön auch grösser!
      • Schmale halbfette Fraktur klein (10--12 Pkt.) und gross 36 Pkt.
      • König-Fraktur G14 (Gursch-Fraktur), in 10/11 Pkt. u. 8/9 Pkt. mager u. halbfette (Schriftgiess. Emil Gursch 1910)
      • König-Type: normal, halbfett, Schmale fette (vorm. E. Gursch)
      • Hansa-Fraktur
        • mager
        • Eng halbfette gr. (Trennert, Gensch&Heyse)
      • Fichte-Fraktur (W. Tiemann 1934), normal 20 Pkt. und klein (10 Pkt.), fett 16 P.
      • Frühling
        • einfach
        • Ziertypen [von Prof. Rudolf Koch] (vorm. G. Klingspor 1917)
      • Deutsche Werkschrift normal u. halbfett, von Prof. Rudolf Koch, 1934, gross 48 u. klein ca. 10 Pkt
      • Claudius 36 Pkt., von Prof. Rudolf Koch, 1937 (D. Stempel)
      • Post-Fraktur (Prof. Herbert Post 1935), gross 48, klein ca. 10 Pkt., halbfett (nur 1 Grösse üblich gewesen)
      • Humboldt-Fraktur gross (20 Pkt.) + klein 10 Pkt., mager + halbfett (Hiero Rhode 1938)
      • Zentenar-Buchschrift 9, 10 u, 14 Pkt. (Nicht ident. mit Zentenar-Fraktur. Schneidler 1937)
      • Thannhaeuser-Fraktur: klein 10-12 P. mg u. halbfett, schmalfett und Zierversal.
      • Fractur doppelmittel (Älteste Normalfraktur) gross 28 Pkt. von Gustav Schelter (um 1800)
      • Neue (moderne) Fraktur (Faust-, Richard-Wagner-, Ideal-, Dresdner Amts-, Hamburger-, Alt-) mager, halbfette + fetteinger. für 10 Pkt. (E. Brox 1909) (J. John S., Genzsch & Heyse, Stempel, Trennert & S., Wagner)
      • Salzmann-Fraktur
        • kräftige 36 P.
        • magere 12 P. [M. Salzmann 1909] (Schelter & Giesecke)
      • Breitkopf Fraktur normal/halbfett für alle Schriftgrade sehr gut geeignet (Breitkopf/Stempel)
      • Koch-Fraktur mager klein ca. 10 Pkt. (Deutsche Schrift), fett, Zierversalien fett, 1922.
      • Unger-Fraktur mager, halbfett (grosse Seltenheit!), fett, spationiert für 10 Pkt.
      • Bernhard-Fraktur mager 24 P./extrafett 20 P. (Bauer/FfM) (Prof. Lucian Bernhard 1922)
      • Mainzer Fraktur (C. Fahrenwald 1901, Berthold), gross 28 P. (10 P.i.Vorb.) mager u. fett
      • Deutsche Reichsschrift (Wilhelm Wöllmers Schriftgiesserei 1910)
      • Kleist-Fraktur klein (W. Tiemann 1928)

    • Gotisch
      • Neu-Gotisch klein (12 Pkt.) und gross (32 Pkt.)
      • Schmale Haas-Gotisch
        • mittelgross (14/15 Pkt.)
        • gross 20 Pkt.
      • Moderne Kirchen-Gotisch gross (48 Pkt.) normal und licht, ca. 1880, Sonderbelegung!
      • Gutenberg-Gotisch normal 10/11 Pkt. (klein) (auch für 12 Pkt. sehr geeignet)
      • Gutenberg-Gotisch 28/30 Pkt. (gross)
        • normal
        • halbfett
        • halbfett orniert
      • Courante Gotisch A 24/25 Pkt. (vorm. Bauer/Stuttgart)
      • Schmale Accidenz-Gotisch (A) 24/25 Pkt. (vorm. D. Stempel, Gronau)
      • Accidenz-Gotisch (Schmale Accidenz-Gotisch B) gross (72 Pkt.), auch kleiner sehr gut lesbar. 24Pkt
      • Bismarck-Gotisch gross (vorm. Klinkhardt, sehr seltene Schrift der Kaiserzeit)
      • Gotenburg A + B mager + halbfett (Friedrich Heinrichsen, 1935 [D. Stempel])
      • Maximilian-Gotisch gross, klein ca. 9 Pkt.: Zierbuchstaben dazu. Von Rudolf Koch, 1914
      • Fette Gotisch 28 P., beliebteste got. Schrift
      • Schm. halbf. Gotisch 72 Pkt. (um 1860)
      • Alt-Gotisch mager & halbfett (Gursch, Berthold, Haas, Wagner, Weber) Zierversalien/Kapitälchen
      • Schraffierte Gotisch Stella 20 Pkt. (Astra, Elegant)
      • Hamburger Druckschrift mager, halbfette, fett (Gensch & Heyse) (fett: Überschriften d. Hamb. Nachr.)
      • Tannenberg 10 Pkt. (E. Mayer) 1934: mager+halbfette , Ziervers. mager+halbfette, fett, licht
      • Element mager, halbfett, fett, schmalfett (Max Bittrof 1933, Bauer FfM)
      • Strassburg, klein ca. 10 Pkt. u. gross (H. Berthold 1926). Sehr gut schon in kleinen Grössen lesbar.
      • Liturgisch 20 P., von Otto Hupp (1906)
      • Holländische Gotisch grösst 60 P. / klein ca. 10 P. (B. Krebs Nacf., J.M.Fleischmann 1739-60), 24 Pkt.
      • Andreas-Schrift 14/16 Pkt. von Hans Kühne, 1942
      • Wohe-Kursive von Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Hendlmeier, neuer Schnitt 1998
      • Caxton (C.-Type, Altdeutsch, Angelsächs.) 36 P. (Bauer & Co., Krebs Nf., Berthold, AGfSMOf.)
      • Ratdolt-Rotunda von Dipl.-Ing. Hendlmeier, normal 1989, halbfett 2000
      • Eckmann-Schrift (berühmte Jugendstilschrift)
      • Deutsche Zierschrift 36/40 Pkt. von Prof. Rudolf Koch, 1919 (Klingspor)

    • Kanzlei
      • Moderne Kanzlei (Canzlei), um 1800. 4 Grössen: klein 10 P., m.gr.ca.20, gross ca.48, grösst 96P.
      • Einfache Kanzlei ca. 36 Pkt.
      • Breite Kanzlei ca. 36 Pkt.
      • Halbfette Kanzlei
      • Bastard gross mager 28 Pkt. und fett 14 Pkt. (Gronau, Klinkhardt, AGSMOffenbach)
      • Enge moderne Kanzlei (vorm. D. Stempel)
      • Renaissance-Kanzlei gross 60 Pkt. (Berthold, Bauer & Co. Stuttgart, Breitkopf & Härtel)

    • Schwabacher
      • Schwabacher mager gross 72 und klein 10 Pkt. mager und halbfett (alle Giessereien.) (A. Anklam 1876)
      • Fette Schwabacher gross (ca. 60 Pkt.) (vorm. Stempel, AGSM Offenbach)
      • Renata 20 Pkt. Magerer Neuschnitt der Alten Schwabacher Bauersche Gießerei 1914
      • Halbfette Schwabacher-Flinsch 36 P. (Flinsch), (Überschriften der Karl-May-Fehsenf.-Ausg.)
      • Deutsche Schreibschrift ohne Initialen, mit grossen Initialen (36 Pkt.)
      • Alte dt. Schreibschrift, um 1800 (G. Schelter/Solliger's Wwe.)
      • Zierversalien:
        • Breitkopf-Fraktur
        • Kleist-Fraktur
        • Humboldt-Fraktur
        • Alt-Gotisch

    • Neuheiten
      • Alte deutsche Schreibschrift (G. Schelter/Solliger's Wwe.). Erste gegossene dt. Schreibschrift (um 1800). Damit können Sie schreiben wie Goethe! Eine der beliebtesen Schriften aus meiner Sammlung!
      • Wieynck-Gotisch licht / normal (Heinrich Wieynck 1930, C. E. Weber)
      • Halbfette Unger-Fraktur (D. Stempel)
      • Ludlow-Wartburg-Fraktur Ludlow (ca.1920?) (Werbung, Zeitung+type)
      • Lichte Kirchengotisch (sehr selten)
      • Kaiser-Gotisch Kaiser-Gotisch (Otto Weisert)
      • Kühne-Gotisch (Hans Kühne 1938 als Musterschrift für den Postbetrieb)
      • Tannenberg 10 Pkt. (E. Mayer) 1934: mager+halbfette, Ziervers. mager+halbfette, fett, licht
      • Wilhelm-Klingspor-Gotisch eng (B) 24 Pkt. (Rudolf Koch 1926, Stempel).
      • Deutschland fett (Berthold 1934)
      • Halbfette Wallau (Rudolf Koch)
        • m. lat.
        • mit deutschen Grossen (beide mit Unterschneidung)
      • Neue (moderne) Fraktur (Faust-, Richard-Wagner-, Ideal-, Dresdner Amts-, Hamburger-, Alt-) halbfetteinger. für 10 Pkt. (E. Brox 1909) (J. John S., Genzsch & H., Stempel, Trennert & S., Wagner)
      • Hansa-Fraktur mager (J. G. Trennert & Sohn [Altona], Genzsch & Heyse), nach 48 P. eingerichtet für 10 Pkt.
      • Liebing-Type, Lichte 20 P., von Kurt Liebing (H. Berthold 1916)
      • Rundgotisch (normale) (Schelter & Giesecke, 1903)
      • Münster-Gotisch, halbfette (Schelter & Giesecke, 1896)
      • Verzierte Musirte Gotisch (Flinsch, um 1870). Sehr aufwendig zu digitaliseren gewesen.
      • Alt-Gotische Initialen, ein- oder 2-farbig zu verw.
      • Manuskript-Gotisch (Bauersche Giesserei 1844 nach Vorlagen von Wolfgang Hopyl, 1514)
      • Tiemann-Gotisch (Walter Tiemann, 1924)
      • Lichte National (Ludwig & Mayer)
      • Breite deutsche Anzeigenschrift (Rudolf Koch)
      • Deutschland halbfett (Berthold 1934)
      • Mönchs-Gotisch (Mediaeval-G.) Albert Anklam 1877 nach mittelalt. Inschriften
      • Weiss-Fraktur mager 10 und 16 P. (Prof. E. R. Weiss, 1913)
      • Weiss-Fraktur kursiv klein (Prof. E. R. Weiss, 1913)
      • Lichte Weiss-Fraktur (Prof. E. R. Weiss, 1919-1921)
      • Werkschrift Germanisch (Klinkhardt ca. 1880)
      • Nürnberg (Ludwig Wagner A.-G. 1934, unter Verwendung der Liebingschrift von Kurt Liebing)
      • Magere Wallau (Rudolf Koch)
        • m. lat.
        • mit deut. Gr. (beide mit Unterschneidung), in 10 u. 16 P.
      • Bernhard-Fraktur mager 24 P (Bauer/FfM) (Prof. Lucian Bernhard 1922)
      • Holländische Gotisch klein 10 P.: Neuschnitt (P.S. Cert neu geschnitten)
      • König-Initialen, ein- oder 2-farbig zu verwenden
      • Barock-Initialen, einfarbig
      • Deutsche Schrägschrift 20Pkt (Rudolf Koch, Gebrüder Klingspor, 1912)
      • Mediaeval-Gotisch (Flinsch)
      • Psalter-Gotisch (G. Krebs, um 1890)
      • Schulfraktur 20 P. fett (Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig 1890)
      • Kurmark mg. 20 Pkt. (Norddt. Schriftgießerei GmbH)
      • Midoline (J. Midolle, Straßburg um 1840? Julius Klinkhardt, Leipzig)
      • Renata 2Pkt. Magerer Neuschnitt der "Alten Schwabacher", Bauersche Gießerei 1914.
      • Neudeutsch(-Hupp) 48 P. (Genzsch & Heyse 1899, Otto Hupp).
      • Neudeutsche Initialen
      • Genzsch-Kursiv (Fr. Bauer, 1905)
      • Courante Gotisch B klein 10 P. (Cottasche Bibliothek der Weltliteratur, um 1850)
      • Halbfette Zeitungs-Schwabacher groß (72 P.) (Pustet, um 1900)

    • Schriften im Antiqua Charakter
      • Büxenstein-Antiqua normal, halbfett und kursiv (vormals Stempel)
      • Genzsch-Antiqua (Nordisch-Antiqua) normal, halbfett, kursiv (Friedrich Bauer 1905). Halbfett-kursiver Schnitt in Vorbereitung.
      • Normal-Antiqua 10 Pkt. normal (Unterlängen für Zeitungsstatz kurz)
      • Tiemann-Mediaeval:
        • gross 72 Pkt.: normal, kursiv, halbfett
        • klein ca. 10 Pkt. normal und kursiv
      • Garamond-Antiqua Kursiv 1+1.)
        • kursiv
        • kursiv mit den Ziertypen u. Mediaevalzifern
      • Halbfette Aldine (Stempel, Genzsch & H.), einst häufigste halbfette Antiqua
      • Hellenistische Antiqua Graecä normal, fett, kursiv (vorm. Monotype)
      • Koch-Antiqua gr. 36 Pkt., ab ca. 14 Pkt. gut lesbar, mit ü
      • Französische Antiqua Ab ca. 1800 f. Bücher, Notentexte, gross, klein 10 P.
      • Haenel-Ant.
      • Derby von G. G. Lange 1952, mit lang-s
      • Englische Antiqua 10 P. mager, halbfett, kursiv, halbfette-kursiv (Genzsch & Heyse), passend zu Fraktur. Zahlreiche Sonderzeichen
      • Hebräisch (Aramäische Quadratschrift)
      • Russisch-Römisch gross (deutsche Belegung)

    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    ghostscript font equivalences

    Compiled by James H. Cloos Jr. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Google Web Fonts Apache License

    The list of Google Web Fonts with Apache license as of mid-2013:

    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Goudy International Center for Font Technology and Aesthetics

    Part of the Rochester Institute of Technology, for a fee, you can request a font name search in a 30,000 name database. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Goudy's typefaces
    [Frederic William Goudy]

    List of Goudy's typefaces, with dates, compiled by Paulo W.

    • 1896 Camelot.
    • 1897 Unnamed, A Display Roman.
    • 1898 DeVinne Roman.
    • 1902 Pabst Roman.
    • 1903 Pabst Italic, Powell, Village.
    • 1904 Cushing Italic, Boston News Letter, Engravers Roman.
    • 1905 Copperplate Gothics, Caxton Initials, Globe Gothic Bold, Caslon Revised.
    • 1908 Monotype No. 38-e, Monotype No. 38-e Italic.
    • 1910 Norman Capitals.
    • 1911 Kennerley Old Style, Kennerley Open Caps, Forum Title.
    • 1912 Sherman, Goudy Lanston.
    • 1914 Goudy Roman.
    • 1915 Klaxon, Goudy Old Style, Goudy Old Style Italic.
    • 1916 Goudy Cursive, Booklet Old Style, National Old Style (often used in silent movies), Goudy Type.
    • 1917 Advertisers Roman, An Unnamed Design.
    • 1918 Kennerly Italic, Cloister Initials, Hadriano Title, Goudy Open, Goudy Modern.
    • 1919 Collier Old Style, Goudy Modern Italic, Goudy Open Italic, Goudy Antique.
    • 1921 Nabisco, Lining Gothic, Garamont, Garamont Italic, Goudy Newstyle. Mac McGrew: National Oldstyle was designed by Frederic W. Goudy for ATF in 1916. It is based on lettering he had done about fifteen years earlier for National Biscuit Company, hence the name. It was moderately popular for a while for publication and advertising display work, and for titles for silent motion pictures. Compare Nabisco.
    • 1924 Goudy Italic, Italian Old Style, Italian Old Style Italic, Kennerly Bold, Kennerley Bold Italic.
    • 1925 Goudy Heavy Face, Goudy Heavy Face Italic, Marlborough, Venezia Italic.
    • 1926 Aries [image by Nikolas Matses].
    • 1927 Goudy Dutch, Companion Old Style, Companion Old Style Italic, Deepdene, Record Title, Goudy Uncials.
    • 1928 Deepdene Italic, Goudy Text.
    • 1929 Strathmore Title, Lombardic Capitals, Sans Serif Heavy, Kaatskill, Remington Typewritter.
    • 1930 Inscription Greek, Trajan Title, Sans Serif Light, Mediaeval, Hadriano Lower-case, Advertisers Modern, Goudy Stout, Truesdell.
    • 1931 Truesdell Italic, Deepdene Open Text, Deepdene Text, Ornate Title, Sans Serif Light Italic, Deepdene Medium.
    • 1932 Goethe, Franciscan, Deepdene Bold, Mostert, Village No. 2, Quinan Old Style, Goudy Bold Face, Goudy Book.
    • 1933 Goudy Hudson, Goethe Italic, Deepdene Bold Italic.
    • 1934 Saks Goudy, Saks Goudy Italic, Saks Goudy Bold, Hadriano Stone Cut, Village Italic, Hasbrouck.
    • 1935 Tory Text, Atlantis, Millvale.
    • 1936 Bertham, Pax, Mercury, Sketches Unnamed, Sketches Unnamed.
    • 1937 Friar.
    • 1938 University of California O.S., University of California Italic, New Village Text, Murchison.
    • 1939 Bulmer.
    • 1941 Scripps College Old Style.
    • 1942 Goudy Thirty.
    • 1943 Spencer Old Style, Spencer Old Style Italic.
    • 1944 Hebrew, Scripps College Italic, Marlborough Text.
    [Google] [More]  ⦿


    German list of the house fonts of many companies. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Helvetica clones

    Linotype's Helvetica, itself derived from Haas Grotesk, has a large number of clones, some of which I will attempt to list here (see Jacci Howard Bear's list for other fonts as well):

    • Aristocrat
    • CG Triumvirate (Agfa/Compugraphic, now Monotype)
    • Claro
    • Corvus
    • Europa Grotesk
    • Geneva 2
    • Hamilton
    • Helios/II
    • Helv
    • Helvetica Compressed: clone of Helvetica Inserat.
    • Helvette
    • Tex Gyre Heros (2007): an extension of URW Nimbus Sans L, totally free.
    • Holsatia (Hell): bought by Linotype
    • Impact: Clone of Helvetica Inserat.
    • Megaron/II
    • Newton
    • Nimbus Sans URW (1987): great free clone that comes with GhostScript. Note that URW now sells an OpenType version as Nimbus Sans and Nimbus Sans Novus for 300 and 400 Euros, respectively.
    • Miedinger (2015). Free fonts by Owen Earl.
    • Placard Bold: Clone of Helvetica Inserat.
    • Sans DTC
    • Sans URW
    • Sonoran Sans Serif. Well, this is the original Arial, actually, with the name used on the IBM 3800 laser printer. Arial is based on Monotype Grotesque, and is in fact not a clone of Helvetica at all. The fact that it matches the metrics of Helvetica is explained by the practical need on the part of IBM, which hads licensed Helvetica for its laser printers, to have matching metrics.
    • Spectra
    • Swiss 721: Bitstream's infamous clone of the Linotype original.
    • Switzerland
    • Swiss 911 BT: Bitstream's clone of Helvetica Compressed.
    • Swiss 921 BT: clone of Helvetica Inserat.
    • Vega
    Check also Howard Bear's list of Helvetica styles. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Image Club Graphics

    List of 920 Image Club Graphics fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    The names of the Infinitype collection explained. Catalog (PDF). PNG file. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    A list of name equivalences as published by Infinitype itself. Abbreviations: [LETR] Letraset (Agfa Monotype), [ITC] International Typeface Corporation (Agfa Monotype), [B] Bitstream, [BERT] Berthold, [MONO] Monotype (Agfa Monotype), [OLIVE] Fonderie Olive, [STEPH] Stephenson Blake, [ATF] American Typefounders, [NEUF] Neufville, [WAGN] Wagner, [URW] URW++, [VGC] VGC Corporation, [NEBIO] Nebiolo, [SIMON] Simoncini, [CHUR] Churchward.

    • Aargau.................... Aachen [LETR]
    • Adelon..................... Albertus [MONO]
    • Alfredo.................... Algerian [LETR]
    • Allstar...................... Princetown [LETR]
    • Almeria.................... Americana [ATF]
    • Ancona.................... Akzidenz Grotesk [BERT]
    • Antigone................. Antique Olive [OLIVE] , Incised 901 [B]
    • Artistic..................... Ariston [BERT]
    • Avignon................... ITC Avant Garde Gothic [ITC]
    • Baskerville Nova...... ITC New Baskerville [ITC]
    • Belfort..................... Berliner Grotesk [BERT]
    • Benjamin................. ITC Benguiat [ITC]
    • Benjamin Gothic..... ITC Benguiat Gothic [ITC]
    • Benson.................... Belwe [LETR], Kuenstler 816 [B]
    • Bergamo................. Bembo [MONO], Aldine 401 [B]
    • Bilbao...................... Blippo [FOTO]
    • Bodoni..................... Bauer Bodoni [NEUF], Modern 405 [B]
    • Bodoni Recut.......... Bodoni Antiqua [BERT]
    • Bodoni Standard..... URW Bodoni [URW]
    • Book PS................... ITC Bookman [ITC]
    • Boston..................... Beton [NEUF]
    • Bravo....................... Bramley [LETR]
    • Cambridge.............. Centaur [MONO], Venetian 301 [B]
    • Canyon.................... Candida [NEUF]
    • Casad....................... Caslon Adbold [ATF] [BERT]
    • Caslon...................... ITC Caslon 224 [ITC], Dutch 785 [B]
    • Caslon Elegant........ Caslon 540 [LETR], Dutch 771 [B]
    • Chantilly.................. Gill Sans [MONO] , Humanist 521 [B]
    • Cheltenham............ ITC Cheltenham [ITC]
    • Clearface................. ITC Clearface [ITC]
    • ClearGothic............. Clearface Gothic [ATF]
    • Concept................... Concorde [BERT]
    • Curacao................... Croissant [LETR]
    • Dessau..................... ITC Bauhaus [ITC]
    • Durango.................. Dynamo [LETR]
    • Elegant Script.......... Englische Schreibschrift [BERT]
    • Ennis........................ ITC Eras [ITC]
    • Entebbe, Elmore..... Enviro [LETR]
    • Falcon...................... Flash
    • Farnham.................. Frankfurter [LETR]
    • Fraktur.................... Fette Fraktur [WAGN]
    • Franklin Gothic........ ITC Franklin Gothic [ITC]
    • Fremont.................. Friz Quadrata [VGC] [ITC]
    • Function.................. Futura [NEUF]
    • Function Display...... Futura Display [NEUF]
    • Gainsborough......... Glastonbury [LETR]
    • Garamond SM......... Berthold Garamond [BERT]
    • Garamond Elegant Letraset Garamond [LETR]
    • Garamond Nova..... ITC Garamond [ITC]
    • Garamond Std........ URW Garamond [URW]
    • Giulio....................... Gillies [LETR]
    • Glasgow Serial......... Polo
    • Gotisch.................... Fette Gotisch [WAGN]
    • Goudita................... Goudy Italian
    • Grenoble................. Britannic [STEPH]
    • Handmade Script.... Freestyle Script [LETR]
    • Hobson.................... Hogarth Script [TYPO]
    • Honeymoon............ University Roman [LETR]
    • Istria........................ ITC Italia [ITC]
    • Italian Garamond.... Simoncini Garamond [SIMON]
    • Jessica Serial............ Joanna [MONO]
    • Josephus Brush......... Churchward Brush [CHUR]
    • Jugendstil................ Arnold Boecklin
    • Kaleidoscope........... Kaufmann [ATF]
    • Koblenz................... ITC Kabel [ITC]
    • Kremlin Script.......... Kuenstlerschreibschrift
    • Lyon......................... Life [SIMON] , Dutch 806 [B]
    • Macao.....................Mandarin [ATF]
    • Malaga.................... Staccato 222 [B]
    • Melbourne..............Milton, Musketeer
    • Melville....................Murray Hill [ATF]
    • Mercedes................. Aral
    • Metaphor................ Latin 725 [B]
    • Mexico.....................Media
    • Micro.......................Microgramma [NEBIO]
    • MicroSquare............ Square 721 [B]
    • Newcastle................ News Gothic [ATF]
    • Old Blackletter........Old English
    • Pedro....................... Dom Casual [ATF]
    • Persistent................. Perpetua [MONO], Lapidary 333 [B]
    • Pizzicato.................. Plaza [LETR]
    • Quadrat................... Friz Quadrata [ITC], Flareserif 816 [B]
    • Salmon.................... Stilla
    • Square Serif............. ITC Lubalin Graph [ITC]
    • Stafford................... Rockwell [MONO]
    • Sunset...................... ITC Souvenir [ITC]
    • Tampa..................... Tango [LETR] [ATF]
    • Tampico.................. Tarragon [LETR]
    • Toledo..................... Trooper [VGC]
    • Typewriter............... ITC American Typewriter [ITC]
    • VAG Rounded......... Volkswagenschrift [BERT]
    • Verona....................Windsor [STEPH]
    • Violin Script............. Vladimir Script
    • Winona.................... Victorian [LETR]
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Internet Font Browser
    [Simon Gibbs]

    Long list of postscript shareware/freeware font names with thumbnails, compiled by Simon Gibbs. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    iPad fonts
    [Michael Critz]

    Michael Critz lists the 109 iPad fonts (44 families): Academy Engraved LET, AcademyEngravedLetPlain, AmericanTypewriter, AmericanTypewriter-Bold, AppleGothic, Arial-BoldItalicMT, Arial-ItalicMT, ArialMT, Arial-BoldMT, ArialHebrew, ArialHebrew-Bold, ArialRoundedMTBold, Baskerville, Baskerville-Bold, Baskerville-Italic, Baskerville-BoldItalic, BodoniSvtyTwoITCTT-Bold, BodoniSvtyTwoITCTT-Book, BodoniSvtyTwoITCTT-BookIta, BodoniSvtyTwoOSITCTT-Book, BodoniSvtyTwoOSITCTT-BookIt, BodoniSvtyTwoOSITCTT-Bold, BodoniSvtyTwoSCITCTT-Book, BodoniOrnamentsITCTT, BradleyHandITCTT-Bold, Chalkduster, Cochin-BoldItalic, Cochin-Italic, Cochin-Bold, Cochin, Copperplate-Bold, Copperplate, Courier, Courier-Oblique, Courier-BoldOblique, Courier-Bold, CourierNewPS-BoldMT, CourierNewPS-ItalicMT, CourierNewPS-BoldItalicMT, CourierNewPSMT, DBLCDTempBlack, Didot-Italic, Didot, Didot-Bold, Futura-Medium, Futura-CondensedExtraBold, Futura-MediumItalic, GeezaPro-Bold, GeezaPro, Georgia-Bold, Georgia-BoldItalic, Georgia-Italic, Georgia, GillSans-BoldItalic, GillSans-Bold, GillSans, GillSans-Italic, STHeitiJ-Medium, STHeitiJ-Light, STHeitiK-Light, STHeitiK-Medium, STHeitiSC-Light, STHeitiSC-Medium, STHeitiTC-Light, STHeitiTC-Medium, Helvetica-Oblique, Helvetica-BoldOblique, Helvetica, Helvetica-Bold, HelveticaNeue, HelveticaNeue-BoldItalic, HelveticaNeue-Bold, HelveticaNeue-Italic, HiraKakuProN-W6, HiraKakuProN-W3, HiraMinProN-W3, HiraMinProN-W6, HoeflerText-Black, HoeflerText-Italic, HoeflerText-BlackItalic, HoeflerText-Regular, MarkerFelt-Wide, MarkerFelt-Thin, Optima-BoldItalic, Optima-Regular, Optima-Bold, Optima-Italic, Palatino-Italic, Palatino-Bold, Palatino-Roman, Palatino-BoldItalic, Papyrus, PartyLetPlain, SnellRoundhand-Bold, SnellRoundhand, Thonburi-Bold, Thonburi, TimesNewRomanPSMT, TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT, TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT, TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT, TrebuchetMS-Italic, Trebuchet-BoldItalic, TrebuchetMS, TrebuchetMS-Bold, Verdana-BoldItalic, Verdana, Verdana-Bold, Verdana-Italic, ZapfDingbatsITC, Zapfino. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    iPhone and iPod Touch fonts
    [Michael Critz]

    Michael Critz lists the 54 iPad fonts (29 families): AmericanTypewriter, AmericanTypewriter-Bold, AppleGothic, ArialMT, Arial-BoldMT, Arial-BoldItalicMT, Arial-ItalicMT, ArialHebrew, ArialHebrew-Bold, ArialRoundedMTBold, ArialUnicodeMS, Courier, Courier-BoldOblique, Courier-Oblique, Courier-Bold, CourierNewPS-BoldMT, CourierNewPS-ItalicMT, CourierNewPS-BoldItalicMT, CourierNewPSMT, DBLCDTempBlack, GeezaPro-Bold, GeezaPro, Georgia-Bold, Georgia, Georgia-BoldItalic, Georgia-Italic, STHeitiJ-Medium, STHeitiJ-Light, STHeitiK-Medium, STHeitiK-Light, STHeitiSC-Medium, STHeitiSC-Light, STHeitiTC-Light, STHeitiTC-Medium, Helvetica-Oblique, Helvetica-BoldOblique, Helvetica, Helvetica-Bold, HelveticaNeue, HelveticaNeue-Bold, HiraKakuProN-W6, HiraKakuProN-W3, MarkerFelt-Thin, Thonburi-Bold, Thonburi, TimesNewRomanPSMT, TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT, TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT, TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT, TrebuchetMS-Italic, TrebuchetMS, Trebuchet-BoldItalic, TrebuchetMS-Bold, Verdana-Bold, Verdana-BoldItalic, Verdana, Verdana-Italic, Zapfino. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Key Fonts Pro 1555 aliases

    List of fonts on the Key Fonts Pro 1555 CD, with the original names (before Paul King cloned them) and the names on the CD. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Keystone Type Foundry

    Philadelphia-based foundry, 1888-1917. The history of this short-lived foundry was told by James Eckmann in The Keystone Type Foundry, 1888-1917: a reprint [from] Printing&graphic arts, volume VI, number 1, February 1958 (Lunenburg, Vermont: The Stinehour Press, 1958). Their work appeared in Keystone Type Foundry, 1901 (362 pages), Abridged specimen book, type: nickel-alloy on universal line comprising a price list of types, borders, leads and slugs, brass rule, brass galleys; miscellaneous cuts and general supplies for printers (1906, 636 pages, see also here, here and here), A book of Keystone type typefaces (2nd ed., Philadelphia, ca. 1920), Catalogue and specimen book. Keystone products, consisting of type, material, furniture, complete line of miscellaneous supplies for printers and publishers, machinery and wood goods (Philadelphia, ca. 1910), See also Keystone Products Catalogue and Specimen Book, Consisting of Type, Material, Furniture, Complete Line of Miscellaneous Supplies for Printers and Publishers, Machinery and Wood Goods (1915).

    Typefaces: Admiral, Ayer (Mac McGrew: Ayer was introduced by Keystone Type Foundry in 1909, which said it was "named for F. Wayland Ayer, founder of Keystone Type Foundry and the great advertising agency which bears his name." The non-kerning italic was added in 1910.), Ben Franklin, Ben Franklin Condensed, Ben Franklin Open, Bulletin, Caslon Adbold, Caslon Adbold Extended, Caslon Adbold Extra Condensed, Caslon Bold, Caslon Bold Condensed, Caslon Bold Extended, Caslon Bold Italic, Caslon Lightface, Caslon Lightface Condensed, Caslon Lightface Italic, Caslon Title Extended, Charcoal, Charter Oak (1899), Compressed Gothic, Condensed Lining Gothic, Crayonette, Elite Typewriter, Gothic Condensed No. 3, Gothic No. 102, Gothic No. 114, Harris Italic (1910), Harris Roman (1909), Herculean Gothic, Italia Condensed (1906), John Alden Decorative Initials (1906), John Hancock, John Hancock Condensed, John Hancock Extended, John Hancock Outline, Keystone Gothic, Laureate (1906: revived in 2012 by Isabel Urbina), Lining Antique [Keystone], London Gothic (1910 or earlier), New Model Remington Typewriter, Outline, Outline Condensed, Remington, Remington Typewriter, Round Gothic (1884), Skeleton Lining Gothic, Skeleton Lining Gothic No. 19, Smith Premier, Title Gothic [Title Gothic No. 9, Condensed Title Gothic No. 11], Venezia, Washington Text (1902, blackletter), Washington Text Shaded.

    Digital pictures I took from the Specimen Book of Type (1903): Bulletin, Keystone Bikes, Boldface Cellini, Crayonette Open, Keystone Cyclers, Encore, Lining Antique, Lining Gothic, Outing Initials, Remington Typewriter, Remus, Ronde Initials, Salem (a wedge serif revived in 2021 by Latinotype as Osbourne), Venezia, Victoria Italic, Worcester. Catalog A-C, Catalog C-P, Catalog P-Z.


    • Miletus Grotesk (2021, Mario Feliciano) revisits Standard Gothic (1906).
    • The slab serif John Hancock (ca. 1903) and condensed slab serif John Hancock Condensed (ca. 1917, Lanston Monotype) were digitized as Hancock RR (1994) and Hancock Pro (2017) by Steve Jackaman (Red Rooster).
    • The Remington typewriter typefaces (ca. 1905) were digitized as Secret Service Typewriter RR (2002) by Steve Jackaman (Red Rooster).
    • Roman TyresRR (1997) was made by Steve Jackaman (Red Rooster).
    • Poor Richard RR is based on a Keystone design from 1919, namely Ben Franklin, Ben Franklin Condensed, Ben Franklin Open (named after Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard Almanack"). There is also a free font Poor Richard (1994, Projective Solutions).
    • Jeff Levine's Keyden Drop Caps JNL (2021) is a set of slab serif framed capitals based on John Alden Initials, shown in the 1906 edition of the Keystone Type Foundry specimen book.
    • Caslon FB (1992, Font Bureau) comes with this text: Our familiar Caslon Bold headletters were invented around the turn of the twentieth century in the United States and were only loosely based on William Caslons romans. The best of the Caslon Bolds originated at the Keystone Type Foundry of Philadelphia, whose Caslon Bold Condensed appeared about 1905, probably drawn by R.F. Burfeind. Jill Pichotta revised his Bold Condensed&drew the Bold Extra Condensed.
    • Gibbs Mason designed the art nouveau typeface Vanden Houten (1904) at Keystone. This typeface was remade by Dan X. Solo as Dutch Treat at Solotype.
    • Emerge BF (2009, John Bomparte) is a flare serif typeface that was inspired by Admiral, c.1900.
    • Old Softy NF (2010, Nick Curtis) is a soft round typeface based on Round Gothic (1884).
    • Charter Oak is similar to Royal Gothic (Stevens Shanks & Sons). For a digital revival, see Gothic Grotesk JNL (2020, Jeff Levine) or OPTI Charter Oak (by Castcraft).

    Comments by Mac McGrew:

    • On Harris Roman: Harris Roman was announced by Keystone Type Foundry in 1909. It was "named in honor of the late Joel Chandler Harris, author of Uncle Remus." It is a plain modernized roman, somewhat similar to Century Expanded. In 1910 Harris Italic was added; it was designed to be cast without kerns. Advertising claimed, "Non-kerning italics will save endless annoyances and losses resulting from broken letters, and the purchase price is the same as any other type of our make."
    • On Charter Oak: Charter Oak is a heavy, inclined gothic introduced by Keystone in 1899. There is a fair amount of contrast, and round letters are flat sided or nearly so. London Gothic (q.v.) was a comparable upright face, and Royal Gothic of the 1880s from another foundry is quite similar. Compare Doric Italic.
    • On London Gothic: London Gothic was issued by Keystone Type Foundry in 1910 or earlier, but is virtually a duplicate of Royal Gothic, shown by Marder, Luse&Co. in 1887. It is similar to the same founder's Charter Oak series, but upright. Although the italic typeface survived Keystone's acquisition by ATF in 1919. London Gothic does not appear to have done so. See Charter Oak.
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    MacAppware: Font Names

    The fonts in the MacAppware font collection in 2015: 80sBlock, Adolpho-Bold, Adolpho-CondensedBold, Adolpho-CondensedRegular, Adolpho, Akita-CondensedItalic, Akita-CondensedRegular, Akita-ExpandedItalic, Akita-ExpandedRegular, Akita-Italic, Akita, Alberta-CondensedRegular, Alberta-ExpandedRegular, Alberta-SemicondensedRegular, Alberta-SemiexpandedRegular, Alberta, Alpenglow-CondensedRegular, Alpenglow-ExpandedRegular, Alpenglow-SemicondensedRegular, Alpenglow-SemiexpandedRegular, Alpenglow, Alsacia-Bold, Alsacia-Italic, Alsacia-SemicondensedItalic, Alsacia-SemicondensedRegular, Alsacia, Andola-CondensedRegular, Andola-ExpandedRegular, Andola-Light, Andola-SemicondensedRegular, Andola-SemiexpandedRegular, Andola, Anteris-CondensedRegular, Anteris-ExpandedRegular, Anteris-SemicondensedRegular, Anteris-SemiexpandedRegular, Anteris, Astrania, Austrania-CondensedRegular, Austrania-ExpandedRegular, Austrania-SemicondensedRegular, Austrania-SemiexpandedRegular, Austrania, Avillar-CondensedRegular, Avillar-ExpandedRegular, Avillar-SemicondensedRegular, Avillar-SemiexpandedRegular, Avillar, BankHoliday-SemicondensedRegula, BankHoliday-SemiexpandedRegular, BankHoliday, BarKoda1, BarKoda2, Bennet-CondensedRegular, Bennet-ExpandedRegular, Bennet-SemicondensedRegular, Bennet-SemiexpandedRegular, Bennet, Bernice-CondensedRegular, Bernice-ExpandedRegular, Bernice-SemicondensedRegular, Bernice-SemiexpandedRegular, Bernice, Bhiranni-CondensedItalic, Bhiranni-CondensedRegular, Bhiranni-Italic, Bhiranni, BigSky-CondensedRegular, BigSky-ExpandedRegular, BigSky-SemicondensedRegular, BigSky-SemiexpandedRegular, BigSky, Bigtop-CondensedItalic, Bigtop-CondensedRegular, Bigtop-Italic, Bigtop-SemiexpandedItalic, Bigtop-SemiexpandedRegular, Bigtop, Bistro77-ExpandedRegular, Bistro77-SemiexpandedRegular, Bistro77, BlockArt, BlockType-ExpandedItalic, BlockType-ExpandedRegular, BlockType-Italic, BlockType-SemiexpandedItalic, BlockType-SemiexpandedRegular, BlockType, BlockTypeSlant-Italic, BlockTypeSlant, BoredFjord-CondensedRegular, BoredFjord-ExpandedRegular, BoredFjord-SemicondensedRegular, BoredFjord-SemiexpandedRegular, BoredFjord, BrassDavis-ExpandedRegular, BrassDavis, Brush77-Italic, Brush77, Brush88-Italic, Brush88, BubblePop-CondensedRegular, BubblePop, Bucca-CondensedRegular, Bucca-ExpandedRegular, Bucca, Buddytalk-Bold, Buddytalk, Burgertime, Calligritype11-CondensedItalic, Calligritype11-Italic, Calligritype11, Calligritype33-Italic, Calligritype33, CalligritypeEleven-CondensedIt, CampCounselor-Bold, CampCounselor-BoldItalic, CampCounselor-Italic, CampCounselor-SemicondensedBold, CampCounselor-SemicondensedItal, CampCounselor-SemicondensedRegu, CampCounselor, Canterberry, Cantervale-CondensedItalic, Cantervale-CondensedRegular, Cantervale-Italic, Cantervale-SemiexpandedItalic, Cantervale-SemiexpandedRegular, Cantervale, Carella-SemicondensedRegular, Carella-SemiexpandedRegular, Carella, Carmina-CondensedRegular, Carmina-ExpandedRegular, Carmina, Cartoonsie-Bold, Cartoonsie-BoldItalic, Cartoonsie-Heavy, Cartoonsie-HeavyItalic, Cartoonsie-Italic, Cartoonsie-SemicondensedRegular, Cartoonsie, Castahar-ExpandedRegular, Castahar-SemicondensedRegular, Castahar-SemiexpandedRegular, Castahar, Castaloga-CondensedRegular, Castaloga-ExpandedRegular, Castaloga-SemicondensedRegular, Castaloga-SemiexpandedRegular, Castaloga, Celevenia-CondensedItalic, Celevenia-CondensedRegular, Celevenia-ExpandedItalic, Celevenia-ExpandedRegular, Celevenia-Italic, Celevenia, CelticSky-CondensedItalic, CelticSky-CondensedRegular, CelticSky-ExpandedItalic, CelticSky-ExpandedRegular, CelticSky-Italic, CelticSky-SemicondensedItalic, CelticSky-SemicondensedRegular, CelticSky-SemiexpandedItalic, CelticSky-SemiexpandedRegular, CelticSky, Centurion-CondensedRegular, Centurion-ExpandedRegular, Centurion-SemicondensedRegular, Centurion-SemiexpandedRegular, Centurion, CenturyCity-CondensedRegular, CenturyCity-ExpandedRegular, CenturyCity, ChelseaCourt-CondensedRegular, ChelseaCourt-ExpandedRegular, ChelseaCourt-SemicondensedRegul, ChelseaCourt-SemiexpandedRegula, ChelseaCourt, CityCollege-Bold, CityCollege-BoldItalic, CityCollege-Italic, CityCollege-SemicondensedBold, CityCollege-SemicondensedBoldIt, CityCollege-SemicondensedItalic, CityCollege-SemicondensedRegula, CityCollege, Clannabar-CondensedRegular, Clannabar-ExpandedRegular, Clannabar, ComicPage-CondensedRegular, ComicPage-SemicondensedLight, ComicPage-SemicondensedRegular, ComicPage-SemiexpandedRegular, ComicPage, CopperPress-CondensedRegular, CopperPress-SemicondensedRegula, CopperPress, Corranado-Bold, Corranado-ExpandedBold, Corranado-ExpandedRegular, Corranado-SemiexpandedBold, Corranado-SemiexpandedRegular, Corranado, CoverAlbum-CondensedItalic, CoverAlbum-CondensedRegular, CoverAlbum-ExpandedItalic, CoverAlbum-ExpandedRegular, CoverAlbum-Italic, CoverAlbum-SemicondensedItalic, CoverAlbum-SemicondensedRegular, CoverAlbum-SemiexpandedItalic, CoverAlbum-SemiexpandedRegular, CoverAlbum, CoverArt-CondensedItalic, CoverArt-CondensedRegular, CoverArt-ExpandedItalic, CoverArt-ExpandedRegular, CoverArt-Italic, CoverArt-SemicondensedItalic, CoverArt-SemicondensedRegular, CoverArt-SemiexpandedItalic, CoverArt-SemiexpandedRegular, CoverArt, CowPatty-CondensedRegular, CowPatty, CreepyGuy-Bold, CreepyGuy, Croatoa-CondensedRegular, Croatoa-ExpandedRegular, Croatoa-SemicondensedRegular, Croatoa-SemiexpandedRegular, Croatoa, DaisyScript, Degreco-CondensedItalic, Degreco-CondensedRegular, Degreco-Italic, Degreco, DigitalTimer, Dingit1, Dingit2, Dingit3, Donatro-Bold, Donatro, DosselLane-Italic, DosselLane, DottieMcGee, Druthers-Bold, Druthers-CondensedItalic, Druthers-CondensedRegular, Druthers-ExpandedItalic, Druthers-ExpandedRegular, Druthers-Italic, Druthers-SemicondensedItalic, Druthers-SemicondensedRegular, Druthers-SemiexpandedItalic, Druthers-SemiexpandedRegular, Druthers, DunbySquare-CondensedRegular, DunbySquare-ExpandedRegular, DunbySquare-SemicondensedRegula, DunbySquare-SemiexpandedRegular, DunbySquare, ElamPark-CondensedRegular, ElamPark-ExpandedRegular, ElamPark-SemiexpandedRegular, ElamPark, ElfTale-CondensedItalic, ElfTale-CondensedRegular, ElfTale-ExpandedItalic, ElfTale-ExpandedRegular, ElfTale-Italic, ElfTale-SemicondensedItalic, ElfTale-SemicondensedRegular, ElfTale-SemiexpandedItalic, ElfTale-SemiexpandedRegular, ElfTale, Eliana-Bold, Eliana-BoldItalic, Eliana-Italic, Eliana, Elianna-BoldItalic, Elianna-Italic, Embrada-CondensedRegular, Embrada, EmpireFalls-CondensedRegular, EmpireFalls-ExpandedRegular, EmpireFalls-SemicondensedRegula, EmpireFalls-SemiexpandedRegular, EmpireFalls, EngraverCut-Italic, EngraverCut-SemicondensedItalic, EngraverCut-SemicondensedRegula, EngraverCut-SemiexpandedItalic, EngraverCut-SemiexpandedRegular, EngraverCut, Epochic-CondensedRegular, Epochic-Italic, Epochic-SemicondensedRegular, Epochic-SemiexpandedRegular, Epochic, EveningDress-Bold, EveningDress-BoldItalic, EveningDress-Italic, EveningDress-SemicondensedBold, EveningDress-SemicondensedBoldI, EveningDress-SemicondensedItali, EveningDress-SemicondensedRegul, EveningDress, Evoluria-Bold, Evoluria-CondensedRegular, Evoluria-ExpandedRegular, Evoluria-SemicondensedRegular, Evoluria-SemiexpandedRegular, Evoluria, EyeDoctor-CondensedRegular, EyeDoctor-ExpandedRegular, EyeDoctor-SemicondensedRegular, EyeDoctor-SemiexpandedRegular, EyeDoctor, Eyetype1, Eyetype2, Eyetype3, Farfalle-CondensedRegular, Farfalle-ExpandedRegular, Farfalle-SemicondensedRegular, Farfalle-SemiexpandedRegular, Farfalle, FaroRoman-CondensedRegular, FaroRoman-ExpandedRegular, FaroRoman-SemicondensedRegular, FaroRoman-SemiexpandedRegular, FaroRoman, FatDaddy-CondensedItalic, FatDaddy-ExpandedItalic, FatDaddy-ExpandedRegular, FatDaddy-Italic, FatDaddy, FinalTestament-Bold, FinalTestament-BoldItalic, FinalTestament-Italic, FinalTestament, Fingerpaint-CondensedRegular, Fingerpaint, FiniScript, Firepit-CondensedRegular, Firepit-ExpandedBold, Firepit-ExpandedRegular, Firepit, Fraconetti-CondensedRegular, Fraconetti-ExpandedRegular, Fraconetti-SemicondensedRegular, Fraconetti-SemiexpandedRegular, Fraconetti, Frennato-CondensedRegular, Frennato-ExpandedRegular, Frennato-SemicondensedRegular, Frennato-SemiexpandedRegular, Frennato, Freshnap-CondensedItalic, Freshnap-CondensedRegular, Freshnap-ExpandedItalic, Freshnap-ExpandedRegular, Freshnap-Italic, Freshnap-SemicondensedItalic, Freshnap-SemicondensedRegular, Freshnap, Futropolis-CondensedRegular, Futropolis-ExpandedRegular, Futropolis, Garrety-CondensedRegular, Garrety-ExpandedRegular, Garrety-SemicondensedRegular, Garrety-SemiexpandedRegular, Garrety, Georgina-CondensedRegular, Georgina-ExpandedRegular, Georgina-SemiexpandedRegular, Georgina, Gerico-ExpandedRegular, Gerico-SemiexpandedRegular, Gerico, Gigawatt-CondensedRegular, Gigawatt, Girivena, Goboldra-Italic, Goboldra, Goodwin-CondensedRegular, Goodwin, Gorga-Italic, Gorga, Gotami, Gothix1-CondensedRegular, Gothix1-ExpandedRegular, Gothix1-SemiexpandedRegular, Gothix1, Gothix2-CondensedRegular, Gothix2-ExpandedRegular, Gothix2-SemicondensedRegular, Gothix2-SemiexpandedRegular, Gothix2, Gothric-CondensedItalic, Gothric-CondensedRegular, Gothric-Italic, Gothric-SemiexpandedItalic, Gothric-SemiexpandedRegular, Gothric, Granbury-CondensedRegular, Granbury-ExpandedRegular, Granbury-SemicondensedRegular, Granbury-SemiexpandedRegular, Granbury, GreatestShow, Greekface, Guava-Italic, Guava, Gurgen-CondensedRegular, Gurgen-SemicondensedRegular, Gurgen-SemiexpandedRegular, Gurgen, Harvington, Havanola-CondensedRegular, Havanola, HavanolaArt-CondensedRegular, HavanolaArt, Headline37-CondensedRegular, Headline37-ExpandedRegular, Headline37, Heffernen-CondensedRegular, Heffernen-ExpandedRegular, Heffernen-SemicondensedRegular, Heffernen-SemiexpandedRegular, Heffernen, Heloran-SemicondensedRegular, Heloran, HeloranOutline, Hemara-Bold, Hemara-CondensedItalic, Hemara-CondensedRegular, Hemara-Italic, Hemara, Henley-Bold, Henley, Highbrow, Highlands-Bold, Highlands-BoldItalic, Highlands-CondensedBold, Highlands-CondensedBoldItalic, Highlands-CondensedItalic, Highlands-CondensedRegular, Highlands-ExpandedBold, Highlands-ExpandedBoldItalic, Highlands-ExpandedItalic, Highlands-ExpandedRegular, Highlands-Italic, Highlands, HotelSuite-CondensedRegular, HotelSuite-ExpandedItalic, HotelSuite-ExpandedRegular, HotelSuite-Italic, HotelSuite-SemicondensedItalic, HotelSuite-SemicondensedRegular, HotelSuite-SemiexpandedItalic, HotelSuite-SemiexpandedRegular, HotelSuite, Illiania-CondensedRegular, Illiania-ExpandedRegular, Illiania, Illuminostra-CondensedRegular, Illuminostra-ExpandedRegular, Illuminostra-SemicondensedRegul, Illuminostra-SemiexpandedRegula, Illuminostra, Imani-CondensedRegular, Imani-ExpandedRegular, Imani-SemicondensedRegular, Imani-SemiexpandedRegular, Imani, Indiana-ExpandedRegular, Indiana-SemiexpandedRegular, Indiana, Ironclad-ExpandedRegular, Ironclad-SemiexpandedRegular, Ironclad, Jekoto-CondensedItalic, Jekoto-CondensedRegular, Jekoto-ExpandedItalic, Jekoto-ExpandedRegular, Jekoto-Italic, Jekoto-SemicondensedItalic, Jekoto-SemicondensedRegular, Jekoto-SemiexpandedItalic, Jekoto-SemiexpandedRegular, Jekoto, Joonio-CondensedRegular, Joonio-ExpandedRegular, Joonio, Karaboo-CondensedRegular, Karaboo-SemicondensedRegular, Karaboo, KarrotTop-ExpandedRegular, KarrotTop, Kellida-CondensedItalic, Kellida-CondensedRegular, Kellida-Italic, Kellida, Keyboard66, KingMidas-CondensedRegular, KingMidas-ExpandedRegular, KingMidas-SemicondensedRegular, KingMidas-SemiexpandedRegular, KingMidas, Kobble-ExpandedRegular, Kobble-SemicondensedRegular, Kobble-SemiexpandedRegular, Kobble, Krenshaw-Italic, Krenshaw-SemiexpandedItalic, Krenshaw-SemiexpandedRegular, Krenshaw, Kristova-Light, Kristova, Landri-CondensedItalic, Landri-CondensedRegular, Landri-ExpandedItalic, Landri-ExpandedRegular, Landri-Italic, Landri-SemiexpandedItalic, Landri-SemiexpandedRegular, Landri, Lanturna-CondensedRegular, Lanturna-ExpandedRegular, Lanturna-SemicondensedRegular, Lanturna-SemiexpandedRegular, Lanturna, LetterPress, Liberato-ExpandedRegular, Liberato-SemiexpandedRegular, Liberato, Lindonna-CondensedItalic, Lindonna-CondensedRegular, Lindonna-Italic, Lindonna-SemicondensedItalic, Lindonna-SemicondensedRegular, Lindonna, LostHorizon-CondensedRegular, LostHorizon-ExpandedItalic, LostHorizon-ExpandedRegular, LostHorizon-Italic, LostHorizon-SemicondensedItalic, LostHorizon-SemicondensedRegula, LostHorizon-SemiexpandedItalic, LostHorizon-SemiexpandedRegular, LostHorizon, Lowern-CondensedRegular, Lowern-ExpandedRegular, Lowern-SemicondensedRegular, Lowern-SemiexpandedRegular, Lowern, Lucinda-Italic, Lucinda, LuckyRacer-Italic, LuckyRacer, LyonScript, LyriaScript, Mahatmo-CondensedRegular, Mahatmo-ExpandedRegular, Mahatmo-SemicondensedRegular, Mahatmo-SemiexpandedRegular, Mahatmo, Mangrove-CondensedRegular, Mangrove-ExpandedRegular, Mangrove, Mansfeld-CondensedRegular, Mansfeld-ExpandedRegular, Mansfeld-SemicondensedRegular, Mansfeld-SemiexpandedRegular, Mansfeld, Maravale-ExpandedRegular, Maravale-Italic, Maravale, MarinettiScript, MasterScholar-Bold, MasterScholar-CondensedRegular, MasterScholar-ExpandedRegular, MasterScholar-SemicondensedRegu, MasterScholar-SemiexpandedRegul, MasterScholar, Mazeltop-CondensedRegular, Mazeltop-ExpandedRegular, Mazeltop-SemicondensedRegular, Mazeltop-SemiexpandedRegular, Mazeltop, Mazzi-CondensedRegular, Mazzi-ExpandedRegular, Mazzi-SemicondensedRegular, Mazzi-SemiexpandedRegular, Mazzi, Meadowland-CondensedRegular, Meadowland-ExpandedRegular, Meadowland-SemicondensedRegular, Meadowland-SemiexpandedRegular, Meadowland, Megafone-CondensedItalic, Megafone-CondensedRegular, Megafone-ExpandedItalic, Megafone-ExpandedRegular, Megafone-Italic, Megafone, Memotype-SemicondensedRegular, Memotype, Metropica-Bold, Metropica-BoldItalic, Metropica-CondensedBold, Metropica-CondensedBoldItalic, Metropica-CondensedItalic, Metropica-CondensedLight, Metropica-CondensedRegular, Metropica-Italic, Metropica-SemicondensedItalic, Metropica-SemicondensedLight, Metropica-SemicondensedLightIta, Metropica-SemicondensedRegular, Metropica, Metrotech, Minora, MississippiQueen-CondensedItali, MississippiQueen-CondensedRegul, MississippiQueen-Italic, MississippiQueen-SemicondensedI, MississippiQueen-SemicondensedR, MississippiQueen-SemiexpandedRe, MississippiQueen, Modern101-CondensedRegular, Modern101-ExpandedRegular, Modern101-SemicondensedRegular, Modern101-SemiexpandedRegular, Modern101, Montevideo-CondensedRegular, Montevideo-ExpandedItalic, Montevideo-ExpandedRegular, Montevideo-Italic, Montevideo-SemicondensedItalic, Montevideo-SemicondensedRegular, Montevideo-SemiexpandedItalic, Montevideo-SemiexpandedRegular, Montevideo, Mouvert-CondensedRegular, Mouvert-ExpandedRegular, Mouvert-Italic, Mouvert-SemicondensedRegular, Mouvert-SemiexpandedRegular, Mouvert, MusicNotes, MyniaScript, Nataki-CondensedItalic, Nataki-CondensedRegular, Nataki-Italic, Nataki-SemicondensedItalic, Nataki-SemicondensedRegular, Nataki-SemiexpandedItalic, Nataki-SemiexpandedRegular, Nataki, NeonDiner-Italic, NeonDiner, NeonShow-SemicondensedRegular, NeonShow, Neptonian-Bold, Neptonian-Heavy, Neptonian, Neverlonie-CondensedItalic, Neverlonie-CondensedRegular, Neverlonie-Italic, Neverlonie-SemicondensedItalic, Neverlonie-SemicondensedRegular, Neverlonie, NewBrittania-CondensedRegular, NewBrittania-ExpandedRegular, NewBrittania-SemicondensedRegul, NewBrittania-SemiexpandedRegula, NewBrittania, NewCentral-CondensedRegular, NewCentral-ExpandedRegular, NewCentral-SemicondensedRegular, NewCentral-SemiexpandedRegular, NewCentral, NewJackTimes-CondensedRegular, NewJackTimes-ExpandedRegular, NewJackTimes-SemicondensedRegul, NewJackTimes-SemiexpandedRegula, NewJackTimes, Newchester-CondensedRegular, Newchester-SemicondensedRegular, Newchester-SemiexpandedRegular, Newchester, NewsChronicle-CondensedRegular, NewsChronicle-ExpandedItalic, NewsChronicle-ExpandedRegular, NewsChronicle-Italic, NewsChronicle-SemicondensedRegu, NewsChronicle-SemiexpandedItali, NewsChronicle-SemiexpandedRegul, NewsChronicle, NewsChronicleOutline, Newsflash-CondensedRegular, Newsflash-ExpandedRegular, Newsflash-SemicondensedRegular, Newsflash-SemiexpandedRegular, Newsflash, NorseGod-CondensedLight, NorseGod-CondensedRegular, NorseGod-ExpandedLight, NorseGod-ExpandedRegular, NorseGod-Light, NorseGod-SemiexpandedRegular, NorseGod, OldKeyboard, OldeGermanica, OldeLilliput-CondensedItalic, OldeLilliput-CondensedRegular, OldeLilliput-Italic, OldeLilliput, Oleandra-CondensedRegular, Oleandra-ExpandedRegular, Oleandra-SemicondensedRegular, Oleandra-SemiexpandedRegular, Oleandra, OleandraFancy, OliveTree-CondensedRegular, OliveTree-ExpandedRegular, OliveTree-SemicondensedRegular, OliveTree-SemiexpandedRegular, OliveTree, OpeningNight-CondensedRegular, OpeningNight-ExpandedRegular, OpeningNight-SemicondensedRegul, OpeningNight-SemiexpandedRegula, OpeningNight, Optiko-CondensedRegular, Optiko-ExpandedRegular, Optiko-SemicondensedRegular, Optiko-SemiexpandedRegular, Optiko, OrionNebula-SemicondensedRegula, OrionNebula-SemiexpandedRegular, OrionNebula, OrvelianBrush-Bold, OrvelianBrush-BoldItalic, OrvelianBrush-CondensedBold, OrvelianBrush-CondensedBoldItal, OrvelianBrush-CondensedItalic, OrvelianBrush-CondensedRegular, OrvelianBrush-ExpandedBold, OrvelianBrush-ExpandedBoldItali, OrvelianBrush-ExpandedItalic, OrvelianBrush-ExpandedRegular, OrvelianBrush-Italic, OrvelianBrush-SemicondensedBold, OrvelianBrush-SemicondensedItal, OrvelianBrush-SemicondensedRegu, OrvelianBrush-SemiexpandedBoldI, OrvelianBrush-SemiexpandedItali, OrvelianBrush-SemiexpandedRegul, OrvelianBrush, Palooma, Papertrail-CondensedItalic, Papertrail-CondensedRegular, Papertrail-ExpandedItalic, Papertrail-ExpandedRegular, Papertrail-Italic, Papertrail, Papioscript-CondensedItalic, Papioscript-CondensedRegular, Papioscript-ExpandedItalic, Papioscript-ExpandedRegular, Papioscript-Italic, Papioscript-SemicondensedItalic, Papioscript-SemicondensedRegula, Papioscript-SemiexpandedItalic, Papioscript-SemiexpandedRegular, Papioscript, PirateIsland, PokerNight, Polynesia-CondensedItalic, Polynesia-CondensedRegular, Polynesia-Italic, Polynesia, Ponkie-CondensedRegular, Ponkie-ExpandedRegular, Ponkie, Porthosis-CondensedRegular, Porthosis-ExpandedRegular, Porthosis-SemicondensedRegular, Porthosis-SemiexpandedRegular, Porthosis, PosterBoy-CondensedRegular, PosterBoy-ExpandedRegular, PosterBoy, Prehistoria-Italic, Prehistoria, Quoria-CondensedRegular, Quoria-ExpandedRegular, Quoria-SemicondensedRegular, Quoria-SemiexpandedRegular, Quoria, Resurrectory-CondensedItalic, Resurrectory-CondensedRegular, Resurrectory-ExpandedItalic, Resurrectory-ExpandedRegular, Resurrectory-ExtracondensedItal, Resurrectory-Italic, Resurrectory-SemicondensedRegul, Resurrectory-SemiexpandedItalic, Resurrectory-SemiexpandedRegula, Resurrectory, RetroMetro-Bold, RetroMetro-SemicondensedRegular, RetroMetro, Retropop-CondensedRegular, Retropop, RocketDiner-CondensedRegular, RocketDiner, RodeoDrive-Italic, RodeoDrive-SemicondensedItalic, RodeoDrive-SemicondensedRegular, RodeoDrive-SemiexpandedItalic, RodeoDrive-SemiexpandedRegular, RodeoDrive, RomaNova-CondensedRegular, RomaNova-ExpandedRegular, RomaNova-SemicondensedRegular, RomaNova-SemiexpandedRegular, RomaNova, Rundero-Bold, Rundero-BoldItalic, Rundero-CondensedBold, Rundero-CondensedBoldItalic, Rundero-CondensedItalic, Rundero-CondensedRegular, Rundero-ExpandedBold, Rundero-ExpandedBoldItalic, Rundero-ExpandedItalic, Rundero-ExpandedRegular, Rundero-Italic, Rundero-SemicondensedBold, Rundero-SemicondensedBoldItalic, Rundero-SemicondensedItalic, Rundero-SemicondensedRegular, Rundero-SemiexpandedBold, Rundero-SemiexpandedBoldItalic, Rundero-SemiexpandedItalic, Rundero-SemiexpandedRegular, Rundero, RussianCzar-Bold, RussianCzar, SaintGawain-CondensedRegular, SaintGawain-ExpandedRegular, SaintGawain-SemicondensedRegula, SaintGawain-SemiexpandedRegular, SaintGawain, SandyCove, Sanguina-CondensedRegular, Sanguina-ExpandedRegular, Sanguina-SemicondensedRegular, Sanguina-SemiexpandedRegular, Sanguina, Schmidtt-SemicondensedRegular, Schmidtt-SemiexpandedRegular, Schmidtt, SchoolWeek-ExpandedItalic, SchoolWeek-ExpandedRegular, SchoolWeek-Italic, SchoolWeek-SemiexpandedItalic, SchoolWeek-SemiexpandedRegular, SchoolWeek, SecretaryHand-Bold, SecretaryHand-BoldItalic, SecretaryHand-Italic, SecretaryHand, SerentinaScript, Shadowcast-Italic, Shadowcast, Slenderella-Bold, Slenderella-BoldItalic, Slenderella-CondensedBold, Slenderella-CondensedBoldItalic, Slenderella-CondensedItalic, Slenderella-CondensedRegular, Slenderella-Italic, Slenderella-SemicondensedBold, Slenderella, Solloqui-CondensedItalic, Solloqui-CondensedRegular, Solloqui-Italic, Solloqui, Stassi-Italic, Stassi, Sturgeon-SemicondensedRegular, Sturgeon-SemiexpandedRegular, Sturgeon, Suburga1-CondensedRegular, Suburga1-ExpandedRegular, Suburga1-SemicondensedRegular, Suburga1-SemiexpandedRegular, Suburga1, Suburga2-CondensedRegular, Suburga2-ExpandedRegular, Suburga2-SemicondensedRegular, Suburga2-SemiexpandedRegular, Suburga2, Suburga3-CondensedRegular, Suburga3-ExpandedRegular, Suburga3, Suburga4-CondensedRegular, Suburga4-ExpandedRegular, Suburga4-SemicondensedRegular, Suburga4-SemiexpandedRegular, Suburga4, Symphonique-Bold, Symphonique-BoldItalic, Symphonique-Italic, Symphonique, Tajmania-CondensedRegular, Tajmania-ExpandedRegular, Tajmania-SemicondensedRegular, Tajmania-SemiexpandedRegular, Tajmania, Tergo-CondensedRegular, Tergo-ExpandedRegular, Tergo-SemicondensedRegular, Tergo-SemiexpandedRegular, Tergo, Tervana-Bold, Tervana-BoldItalic, Tervana-Italic, Tervana, Tinseltip-ExpandedRegular, Tinseltip-SemiexpandedRegular, Tinseltip, Torinthia-CondensedRegular, Torinthia-ExpandedRegular, Torinthia-SemicondensedRegular, Torinthia-SemiexpandedRegular, Torinthia, Tottingham-CondensedRegular, Tottingham-ExpandedRegular, Tottingham-SemicondensedRegular, Tottingham-SemiexpandedRegular, Tottingham, TrellyScript, Trendsetter-Bold, Trendsetter-BoldItalic, Trendsetter-ExpandedRegular, Trendsetter-Italic, Trendsetter, Veracruz-CondensedItalic, Veracruz-CondensedRegular, Veracruz-Italic, Veracruz, VikingShip-SemicondensedRegular, VikingShip-SemiexpandedRegular, VikingShip, Wagamu-CondensedRegular, Wagamu-ExpandedItalic, Wagamu-ExpandedRegular, Wagamu-Italic, Wagamu-SemicondensedItalic, Wagamu-SemicondensedRegular, Wagamu-SemiexpandedItalic, Wagamu-SemiexpandedRegular, Wagamu, Werentina, WestBank, WesternHeart, WesternTrip-CondensedRegular, WesternTrip-ExpandedRegular, WesternTrip-SemicondensedRegula, WesternTrip-SemiexpandedRegular, WesternTrip, Westlake-SemicondensedRegular, Westlake-SemiexpandedRegular, Westlake, Willowvane-Bold, Willowvane-BoldItalic, Willowvane-CondensedBold, Willowvane-CondensedBoldItalic, Willowvane-CondensedItalic, Willowvane-CondensedRegular, Willowvane-Italic, Willowvane, Wingdinger, Wireframe-Bold, Wireframe-CondensedRegular, Wireframe, Wyndmere, Zendor-CondensedRegular, Zendor-ExpandedRegular, Zendor-SemicondensedRegular, Zendor-SemiexpandedRegular, Zendor, Zombied. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Manfred Klein's fonts: a personal list

    The file kleinfonts.txt contains an alphabetical list of Manfred Klein's fonts. It is a first iteration, and may contain errors and omissions. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Maniackers Design: Font list

    01FontremixType38, 1BallAL, 1BoxAL, 1ButtonAL, 02FontremixType36, 2AstroKT, 14HolidayBitmapAl, 071MKSDBoldA, 071MKSDBoldB, 071MKSDKTBold, 071MKSDKTMedium, 071MKSDMediumA, 071MKSDMediumB, 078MKSDMediumCondensed, 096MKSDSynapseAl, 176MKSDAL, 184MKSDOmnibusAl, 201MKSDAlBubble, 201MKSDBorderAl, 201MKSDClashAl, 201MKSDNormalAl, 232MKSD RoundBold, 232MKSD RoundLight, 232MKSD RoundMedium, 235MKSD UltraLightAl, Airline-HR, Airline-HR, Airline-KT, Airline-KT, Airline HR, Airline KT, AirlineAL, AirlineHR, AirlineKT, Airplane2AL, Airplane2KT, AlfadentalMediumAl, AngleAL, AprilFoolHR, AprilFoolKT, ArawasuKT, AstraAfsb07LightO, AstraAfsb07LightT, AstraAfsb07MediumO, AstraAfsb07MediumT, AstraHfsb07LightO, AstraHfsb07LightT, AstraHfsb07MediumO, AstraHfsb07MediumT, AstraKfsb07LightO, AstraKfsb07LightT, AstraKfsb07MediumO, AstraKfsb07MediumT, Astro3AL, Astro3KT, AstroroAL, AstroroKT, BellowsAL, BellowsKT, BlurAL, Bobo Black, Bobo White, BoboBlack, BoboBlackAl, BoboWhite, BoboWhiteAl, Box2AL, CherryCherryKT, ChildishAL, ChildishHR, ChildishKT, CloooudAL, CoilBoldAl, CoilBoldKt, CoilLightAl, CoilLightKt, CoilRegularAl, CoilRegularKt, CollageAL, CollageHardRmxAl, CollageRmxAl, ColopocleAL, ColopocleKT, ContinueAL, CoppepanAlChoco, CoppepanCreamHr, CoppepanHrChoco, CoppepanKtChoco, CosmicAL, CrayonAL, Dog30Silhouette, DonkiNormalKt, DonkiPopKt, Dorisorange-Katakana, Dorisorange-Katakana, Dorisorange Katakana, DorisorangeKaakana, DorisorangeKT, DrifterFiveAl, DripRegularKt, DripRoundKt, ElectronicaNineAl, ElekitelHR, FingerFiveAl, FivemaniAL, FivemaniKT, FooodAL, FooodKT, FSB08KlangNormalAl, FSB08KlangNormalKt, FSB08KlangStencilAl, FSB08KlangStencilKt, FSB08KlangstripeAl, FSB08KlangstripeKt, FutabaKT, Gachapon2-Katakana, Gachapon2-Katakana, Gachapon2 Kakakana, Gachapon2KT, GavadonUltraKt, GogoFiveAl, GtinformatAL, GtinformatKT, HachipochiEightKt, Holiday-Alphabet, Holiday-Alphabet, Holiday-Hiragana, Holiday-Hiragana, Holiday-illustA, Holiday-illustA, Holiday-illustB, Holiday-illustB, Holiday-Katakana, Holiday-Katakana, Holiday-MDJP02, Holiday-MDJP03, Holiday Alphabet, Holiday Hiragana, Holiday illust A, Holiday illust B, Holiday illustA, Holiday illustB, Holiday Katakana, HolidayA, HolidayAi, HolidayAL, HolidayBi, HolidayBold, HolidayBoldAl, HolidayBoldHr, HolidayBoldItalic, HolidayBoldKt, HolidayH, HolidayHR, HolidayHrTate, HolidayIllustA, HolidayIllustB, HolidayK, HolidayKT, HolidayKtTate, HolidayPi, Honey-Bold, Honey-Bold, Honey-Light, Honey-Light, Honey-Ultra, Honey-Ultra, Honey Bold, Honey Light, Honey Ultra, HoneyBold, HoneyLight, HoneyUltra, HyonnakotokaraAL, HyonnakotokaraHR, HyonnakotokaraKT, IkahoHR, JanisHeavyAl, KokeccoKT, KotodamaKT, LunchHR, LunchKT, MagatamaAL, Maniac2 A, Maniac2 K, Maniac2AL, Maniac2KT, ManiacAL-Ver20, ManiacKT-Ver20, MD Airline HR, MD Airline KT, Melt-LV1, Melt-LV2, Melt-LV3, MeltLvOneAl, MeltLvTwoAl, MeltThreeLvAl, MerumoAl, MerumoKt, Millennium5linesAl, MinnanoUtaAL, MinnanoUtaHR, MinnanoUtaKT, MksdotAL, MondayMeltAl, MondayNormalAl, MondayOutlineAl, NeponAL, NeponHR, NeponKT, NihonbashiAL, NihonbashiKT, OmiyageAL, OmiyageHR, OmiyageKT, Parade20AL, Parade20KT, PartnerCenterAL, PartnerLeftAL, PartnerRightAL, PerformarAL, PicoBlackAl, PicoSuperUltraBold, PicoWhiteAl, PinponpanFour Hr, PinponpanFourHr, PinponpanHR, PinponpanThree hr, PinponpanThreeHR, PinponpanTwo Hr, PinponpanTwohr, PocoUltraAl, PonyPonyAL, PonyPonyHR, PonyPonyKT, PorangerAL, Rabbit35Silhouette, RetroketAL, Ribbontic AL, RibbonticAL, RobinAL, SardinenHR, SardinenKT, Sennin, Sennin-Alphabet, Sennin Alphabet, SenninAL, ShotaroV3AL, ShotaroV3KT, SkinnyAL, SnailAL, SnailKT, SpaghettiniCarbonaraAl, SpaghettiniIkasumiAl, SpaghettiniPeperoncinoAl, StitchAL, SundayBoldAl, SundayLightAl, SundayMediumAl, SwingingBirdAL, SwingingBirdHR, SwingingBirdKT, SystemSevenBlack, SystemSevenBold, SystemSevenExtra, SystemSevenLight, SystemSevenMedium, SystemSevenThin, SystemSevenUltra, TanreiKT, TDA140607AL, TekutekuRoundAl, TemporaryExtra, ThaitypeTenAl, ThaitypeTenKt, ThaitypeTenThai, TimberAL, TimberHR, TimberKT, TM ExtendedNormalAl, TM ExtendedStencilAl, TMExtendedNormalAl, TMExtendedStencilAl, TopoAL, tYPE FACE 38, TypeCantabileKT, TYPEFACE-38, TYPEFACE-kanji36, TYPEFACE 38, tYPEFACE kanji36, TYPEFACE36, TYPEFACE38, TypoBokanKT, UdamojiAL, UdamojiHR, UFO nt51 Silhouette, UFO nt51Silhouette, UFOnt, UFOnt51Silhouette, Ultra, UltraSevenAl, UltraSevenItalicBAl, UltraSevenItalicWAl, VoltAL, VoltHR, VoltKT, WallpaintingAL, WarpAL, XtalAL, XtalHR, XtalKT, YonimofushiginaAL, YonimofushiginaHR, YonimofushiginaKT, ZerozeroNineAl. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Mathematica fonts

    Font set carefully prepared by André Kuzniarek for Wolfram's Mathematica package. Truetype and type 1 fonts:

    • By André Kuzniarek, with Gregg Snyder and Stephen Wolfram, 1997: Math1, Math1-Bold.
    • By André Kuzniarek, with Galapagos Design Group and Stephen Wolfram, 1997: Math1Mono, Math1Mono-Bold, Math2Mono, Math2Mono-Bold, Math4Mono, Math4Mono-Bold.
    • By André Kuzniarek and Andrew Hunt, 1999: Math5Mono, Math5MonoBold.
    • By Carl Rohrs, André Kuzniarek, and Andrew Hunt, 1998: Math5, Math5Bold.
    • By André Kuzniarek, with Stephen Wolfram, 1997: Math4, Math4-Bold, Math3Bold, Math2, Math2-Bold.
    • By Glenda de Guzman, 1996: Math3Mono, Math3Mono-Bold, Math3.
    Beebe's list of font names. Here, you can find Mathematica1-Bold, Mathematica1, Mathematica1Mono-Bold, Mathematica1Mono, Mathematica2-Bold, Mathematica2, Mathematica2Mono-Bold, Mathematica2Mono, Mathematica3-Bold, Mathematica3, Mathematica3Mono-Bold, Mathematica3Mono, Mathematica4-Bold, Mathematica4, Mathematica4Mono-Bold, Mathematica4Mono, Mathematica5, Mathematica5Bold, Mathematica5Mono, Mathematica5MonoBold, Mathematica6, Mathematica6Bold, Mathematica6Mono, Mathematica6MonoBold, Mathematica7, Mathematica7Bold, Mathematica7Mono, Mathematica7MonoBold. The latter fonts are all made in 2002 by Carl Rohrs, Andre Kuzniarek, and Andrew Hunt, with the help of Gregg Snyder and Stephen Wolfram. Alternate URL. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Michael Critz
    [iPhone and iPod Touch fonts]

    [More]  ⦿

    Michael Critz
    [iPad fonts]

    [More]  ⦿

    Modern Microware

    Mysterious company, possibly linked to SoftKey and/or FontBank (if one examines the details in the fonts), whose fonts show up once in a while in archives. So to help you guys and gals out there, here is a listing of this pathetic collection. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Montserrat Font Chart

    List of the main font families, with original designer, date of creation, Bitstream alias, and latest reincarnation. Very useful! The serif fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    More on Palatino

    A list of equivalent names for Palatino in the font world. And some more discussion on the rip-off of Zapf's font by the major foundries. This page also shows the original Palatino designed in 1948 at Stempel AG, and proves that all later versions, including Linotype's, are very different. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Morisawa: Font collection

    Morisawa's font collection, as of 2018:

    • A1 Gothic, A1 Mincho, AR Biaosong, AR Crystalhei, AR Dabiaosong, AR Hei, AR Ming, AR Newhei, AR UDJingxihei, AR UDShuyuanhei, Akashi, Antique AN.
    • Baskerville-Book, Bodoni-Book, BokutohN, Brush.
    • CapieN, Cinema Letter, ClearTone SG.
    • Egawa 3go Gyosho Kana.
    • FB Agency, FB Agenda, FB Benton Sans, FB Berlin Sans, FB Californian Text, FB Condor, FB Giza, FB Ibis Text, FB Miller Display, FB Poynter Oldstyle, FB Shimano, FB Sloop, FB Vonness, Folk, Futo Go B101, Futo Min A101.
    • G2SanSerif, GBlock, GCentury, GCenturyOld, GCenturyPhonetic, GRomaji1, GRomaji2, Garamond-Book, Gothic MB101 KS, Gothic MB101, Gothic Medium BBB.
    • HY CuSongTi, HY DaHeiTi, HY ShuSongYiTi, HY ZhongDengXianTi, HY ZhongSongTi, Hagoromo, HanaBotan, HanaKocho, HanaRenge, HappyN, Harucraft, Haruhi Gakuen, HaseMin, HaseToppo, Higemoji, Hiragino Gyosho, Hiragino Kaku Gothic, Hiragino KakuGo ADKana, Hiragino KakuGo PackKana, Hiragino Maru Gothic, Hiragino Mincho YokoKana, Hiragino Mincho, Hiragino Sans GB, Hiragino Sans Old, Hiragino UD Sans F, Hiragino UD Sans Rd, Hiragino UD Sans, Hiragino UD Serif, Hitujyun ICA, Hitujyun Jyouyou ICA, Hitujyun2 ICA, Hitujyun2 Jyouyou ICA, HonMinKok, HonMinKok-Book, HonMinSKok, HonMinSKok-Book, HonMinSink, HonMinSink-Book, HonMincho, HonMincho-Book, Honami.
    • Jimon, Jomin, Jun.
    • Kaimin Sora, Kaimin Tsuki, Kaisho MCBK1, Kakumin, Kakushin Gyousho, KamoLemon, KamoLime, Kanteiryu, Kei, Koburina Gothic, Kocho, Kodoken, Kointai, Komachi, Kuikomi Suuji, Kuikomi SuujiV, Kumoyaji, Kyoukasho ICA.
    • Lalapop, Likurei, MNewsG.
    • MNewsM, MO GSuujiIt, MO GSuujiSI, MO Suuji, MainichiNewspapersG, MainichiNewspapersM, Maru Antique, Maru Folk, Maru Today, Midashi Go MB1, Midashi Go MB31, Midashi Min MA1, Midashi Min MA31, Moaria, Musashino Sokana, Musashino.
    • Nachin, Neotoday KL, Neotoday KS, NikkatsuSeiKai.
    • Outai Fujikana, Outai Kaisho.
    • Pokkru, Pretty Momo.
    • RS Arek Armenian, RS Arek Latin, RS Nassim Arabic, RS Nassim Latin, RS Skolar Devanagari, RS Skolar Gujarati, RS Skolar PE, Reimin Y10, Reimin Y20, Reimin Y30, Reimin Y40, Reimin, Reisho 101, Reisho E1, Rubberblade, Ryokan, Ryumin KO, Ryumin KS, Ryumin.
    • SD Gothic Neo1, SD Myungjo, Sei Kaisho CB1, Shin Go Emboss, Shin Go Futoline, Shin Go Line, Shin Go Shadow, Shin Go, Shin Maru Go Emboss, Shin Maru Go Futoline, Shin Maru Go Line, Shin Maru Go Shadow, Shin Maru Go, Shino, Shinsei Kaisho CBSK1, Shuei KakuGo Gin, Shuei KakuGo Kin, Shuei MaruGo, Shuei Mincho, Shuei Shogo Mincho Sen, Shuei Shogo Mincho, Shuei Yokobuto Mincho, Shuuei3, Shuuei5, Soft Gothic, Suzumushi.
    • TakaHand, Takamodern, Takapokki, Takarhythm, Take, Talking, Toppan Bunkyu Gothic, Toppan Bunkyu Midashi Mincho, Toppan Bunkyu Mincho, Tsukiji 1go Futo Kana, Tsukiji 35point Kana, Tsukiji 3go Futo Kana, Tsukiji 3go Hoso Kana, Tsukiji Katsubunsha 5go Kana, Tsukiji Kouki 5go Kana, Tsukiji Shogo Kana, Tsukiji Zenki 5go Kana, Tsukiji, Tunnel, TypeBank Gothic C6, TypeBank Gothic C8, TypeBank Gothic Normal, TypeBank UD Gothic, TypeBank UD Mincho, TypeBank UD Rgothic, TypelaboN.
    • UDDigiKyokasho (2018: for people with low vision or dyslexia), UDDigiKyoLatin, UDDigiKyoItalic, UDDigiKyoWriting (2018), UD Reimin, UD Shin Go Condensed 50, UD Shin Go Condensed 60, UD Shin Go Condensed 70, UD Shin Go Condensed 80, UD Shin Go Condensed 90, UD Shin Go Hangul, UD Shin Go NT, UD Shin Go SC, UD Shin Go, UD Shin Maru Go, UD Typos.
    • Venetian-Book.
    • Wanpaku Gothic.
    • Yukinari, Yutuki 36PoKana, Yutuki 5GoKana.
    • ZenGoN.

    The Morisawa Passport OpenType collection consists of these fonts: A-OTF-A1MinchoStd, A-OTF-AkashiStd, A-OTF-AntiqueStd, A-OTF-BokutohNStd, A-OTF-CapieNStd, A-OTF-FolkPro, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pr5, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pr6, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pr6N, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pro, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pr5, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pr6, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pr6N, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pro, A-OTF-GothicBBBPr5, A-OTF-GothicBBBPr6, A-OTF-GothicBBBPr6N, A-OTF-GothicBBBPro, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pr5, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pr6, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pr6N, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pro, A-OTF-HappyNStd, A-OTF-HarucraftStd, A-OTF-HaruGakuStd, A-OTF-HaseToppoStd, A-OTF-JominStd, A-OTF-Jun34Pro, A-OTF-Jun101Pro, A-OTF-Jun201Pro, A-OTF-Jun501Pro, A-OTF-KaishoMCBK1Pro, A-OTF-KakuminPro, A-OTF-KanteiryuStd, A-OTF-KochoStd, A-OTF-KumoyaStd, A-OTF-KyokaICAPro, A-OTF-LikureiStd, A-OTF-MaruFoPro, A-OTF-MidashiGoPr5, A-OTF-MidashiGoPr6, A-OTF-MidashiGoPr6N, A-OTF-MidashiGoPro, A-OTF-MidashiMinPr5, A-OTF-MidashiMinPr6, A-OTF-MidashiMinPr6N, A-OTF-MidashiMinPro, A-OTF-MNewsGPro, A-OTF-MNewsMPro, A-OTF-MusashiStd, A-OTF-MusaSoStd, A-OTF-NachinStd, A-OTF-NtodayStd, A-OTF-OutaiKaiStd, A-OTF-PreMomoStd, A-OTF-Reisho101Std, A-OTF-RyuminPr5, A-OTF-RyuminPr6, A-OTF-RyuminPr6N, A-OTF-RyuminPro, A-OTF-RyuminStd, A-OTF-SeiKaiCB1Std, A-OTF-ShinGoMin, A-OTF-ShinGoPr5, A-OTF-ShinGoPr6, A-OTF-ShinGoPr6N, A-OTF-ShinGoPro, A-OTF-ShinMGoPr6, A-OTF-ShinMGoPr6N, A-OTF-ShinMGoPro, A-OTF-ShinseiKaiPro, A-OTF-ShueiMinPr5, A-OTF-ShueiMinPro, A-OTF-ShueiShogoMStd, A-OTF-Shuuei3Std, A-OTF-Shuuei5Std, A-OTF-TakaHandStd, A-OTF-TypelaboNStd, A-OTF-UDReiminPro, A-OTF-UDShinGoNTPro, A-OTF-UDShinGoPro, A-OTF-UDShinMGoPro, A-OTF-WanpakuGNStd, A-OTF-ZenGoNStd, G-OTF-GFutoGoB101Pro, G-OTF-GGothicBBBPro, G-OTF-GHitu2jyoStdN, G-OTF-GHitujyoStdN, G-OTF-GHitujyun2Std, G-OTF-GHitujyunStd, G-OTF-GJun34Pro, G-OTF-GJun501Pro, G-OTF-GKyokaICAPro, G-OTF-GRyuminPro, G-OTF-GShinGoPro, G-OTF-GShinMGoPro, G-OTF-KAntiqueStd, G-OTF-KKyokaICAStd, G-OTF-KShinGoStd, G-OTF-KShinMGoStd, MOKigou, MOOubun, MOSuuji, U-OTF-FutoGoB101Upr, U-OTF-FutoMinA101Upr, U-OTF-GothicBBBUpr, U-OTF-GothicMB101Upr, U-OTF-MidashiGoUpr, U-OTF-MidashiMinUpr, U-OTF-MNewsGUpr, U-OTF-MNewsMJUpr, U-OTF-MNewsMUpr, U-OTF-RyuminUpr, U-OTF-ShinGoUpr, U-OTF-ShinMGoUpr. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Morisawa: Passport collection

    The Morisawa Passport collection of commercial Japanese typefaces: A-OTF-A1MinchoStd, A-OTF-AkashiStd, A-OTF-AntiqueStd, A-OTF-BokutohNStd, A-OTF-CapieNStd, A-OTF-FolkPro, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pr5, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pr6, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pr6N, A-OTF-FutoGoB101Pro, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pr5, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pr6, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pr6N, A-OTF-FutoMinA101Pro, A-OTF-GothicBBBPr5, A-OTF-GothicBBBPr6, A-OTF-GothicBBBPr6N, A-OTF-GothicBBBPro, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pr5, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pr6, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pr6N, A-OTF-GothicMB101Pro, A-OTF-HappyNStd, A-OTF-HarucraftStd, A-OTF-HaruGakuStd, A-OTF-HaseToppoStd, A-OTF-JominStd, A-OTF-Jun34Pro, A-OTF-Jun101Pro, A-OTF-Jun201Pro, A-OTF-Jun501Pro, A-OTF-KaishoMCBK1Pro, A-OTF-KakuminPro, A-OTF-KanteiryuStd, A-OTF-KochoStd, A-OTF-KumoyaStd, A-OTF-KyokaICAPro, A-OTF-LikureiStd, A-OTF-MaruFoPro, A-OTF-MidashiGoPr5, A-OTF-MidashiGoPr6, A-OTF-MidashiGoPr6N, A-OTF-MidashiGoPro, A-OTF-MidashiMinPr5, A-OTF-MidashiMinPr6, A-OTF-MidashiMinPr6N, A-OTF-MidashiMinPro, A-OTF-MNewsGPro, A-OTF-MNewsMPro, A-OTF-MusashiStd, A-OTF-MusaSoStd, A-OTF-NachinStd, A-OTF-NtodayStd, A-OTF-OutaiKaiStd, A-OTF-PreMomoStd, A-OTF-Reisho101Std, A-OTF-RyuminPr5, A-OTF-RyuminPr6, A-OTF-RyuminPr6N, A-OTF-RyuminPro, A-OTF-RyuminStd, A-OTF-SeiKaiCB1Std, A-OTF-ShinGoMin, A-OTF-ShinGoPr5, A-OTF-ShinGoPr6, A-OTF-ShinGoPr6N, A-OTF-ShinGoPro, A-OTF-ShinMGoPr6, A-OTF-ShinMGoPr6N, A-OTF-ShinMGoPro, A-OTF-ShinseiKaiPro, A-OTF-ShueiMinPr5, A-OTF-ShueiMinPro, A-OTF-ShueiShogoMStd, A-OTF-Shuuei3Std, A-OTF-Shuuei5Std, A-OTF-TakaHandStd, A-OTF-TypelaboNStd, A-OTF-UDReiminPro, A-OTF-UDShinGoNTPro, A-OTF-UDShinGoPro, A-OTF-UDShinMGoPro, A-OTF-WanpakuGNStd, A-OTF-ZenGoNStd, G-OTF-GFutoGoB101Pro, G-OTF-GGothicBBBPro, G-OTF-GHitu2jyoStdN, G-OTF-GHitujyoStdN, G-OTF-GHitujyun2Std, G-OTF-GHitujyunStd, G-OTF-GJun34Pro, G-OTF-GJun501Pro, G-OTF-GKyokaICAPro, G-OTF-GRyuminPro, G-OTF-GShinGoPro, G-OTF-GShinMGoPro, G-OTF-KAntiqueStd, G-OTF-KKyokaICAStd, G-OTF-KShinGoStd, G-OTF-KShinMGoStd, MOKigou, MOOubun, MOSuuji, U-OTF-FutoGoB101Upr, U-OTF-FutoMinA101Upr, U-OTF-GothicBBBUpr, U-OTF-GothicMB101Upr, U-OTF-MidashiGoUpr, U-OTF-MidashiMinUpr, U-OTF-MNewsGUpr, U-OTF-MNewsMJUpr, U-OTF-MNewsMUpr, U-OTF-RyuminUpr, U-OTF-ShinGoUpr, U-OTF-ShinMGoUpr. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    MyFonts: List of all fonts

    [More]  ⦿

    Name equivalences

    A list of phototype equivalences for fonts from these foundries: Alphatype, Apple, AM, ATF, Autologic, Baltimore, Bauer, Berthold, Bitstream, CompuGraphic, Deberny+Peignot, Harris, IBM, Ill, Intertype, Itek, Lanston Monotype, Letraset, Linotype, Ludlow, Monotype, Neufville, Photon, QMS, ScanGraphic, Simoncini, Stephenson Blake, Tegra, Typoart, Weber, Xerox. These were scanned from a book, but I forgot which one. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Nelson Beebe
    [Font names by vendor]

    [More]  ⦿

    Nelson Beebe's 20000+ font names

    Long list of font names related to over 30 vendors. Compiled by Nelson Beebe. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Nick Curtis
    [Sander de Voogt]

    Sander de Voogt tells us all there is to know about Nick Curtis's fonts. A complete list of names, sources of inspiration, dates and foundries. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    Nike used or uses a number of commissioned fonts. A partial list:

    • From 1996: NTNYC60-Book, NTNYC60-Heavy, NTNYC60-Light, NTNYC60-Regular.
    • From 1998, by Monotype: NikeFootball.
    • From 2002, copyright Nike Inc: PrecisionBold, PrecisionBoldItalic, PrecisionLight, PrecisionLightItalic.
    • From 2002, by Plazm: Victory-CondensedBold, Victory-CondensedBoldItalic, Victory-CondensedLight, Victory-CondensedLightItalic, Victory-CondensedMedium, Victory-CondensedMediumItalic, VictoryBold, VictoryBoldItalic, VictoryLight, VictoryLightItalic, VictoryMedium, VictoryMediumItalic.
    • A 1998 orphan: script.
    • Their famous logo font: Swoosh.
    • Fonts used by them also include Knockout 94 Ultimate Sumo, Acropolis Black, Agency FB Black Wide, Knockout 29 Junior Lightweight, Knockout 69 Full Lightweight.
    • A retail typeface by Linotype, published in 2014: Trade Gothic For Nike Bd Cn.
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    North American Graphics Fonts (or: Nagtype)

    Font seller and typographical services in Detroit. This page lists all PostScript fonts available at this bureau. They coincide roughly with the Adobe list. Beebe's list of their 2065 fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    OPTI / Castcraft font name equivalence

    In 2012, Philippedada created an agglomerate list of font name equivalences in the Optifont / Castcraft font collection. Other URLs: i, ii. List of equivalences of Castcraft names. List of Castcraft typefaces as of July 2014. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    P22 Fonts

    P22 font names, collected by Nelson Beebe. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    ParaType Synonyms

    Font name equivalence list at Paratype with many of the Cyrillic fonts cross-referenced and grouped. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Peter Bain
    [Peter Bain Design (was: Incipit)]

    [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

    Peter Bain Design (was: Incipit)
    [Peter Bain]

    Incipit, or Peter Bain Design, was Peter Bain's type and graphic design studio in Brooklyn, New York. It closed down gradually between 2007 and 2010.

    Peter Bain received his M.F.A. in Design: Visual Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. He was type director at Saatchi&Saatchi Advertising in New York, and taught at Parsons/The New School for Design and Pratt Institute in New York. After Saatchi, and before Incipit, he was freelancing. After Incipit, he relacted briefly to Virginia to attend VCU and then went on to Mississippi, where he was Assistant Professor of Art, Graphic Design at Mississippi State University. He lived then in nearby Starkville, MS. He is currently located in Birmingham, AL.

    He is best known for his wonderful book Blackletter: Type and National Identity (1998, with Paul Shaw).

    His photocomposition display typefaces were reedited and available in reproduction proofs (for a short time). The photocomposition display typefaces are in two-inch film format, as formerly used on machines such as the Typositor and Filmotype. They are being held in storage, and are no longer listed for that reason. PDF format list. Text format of Bain's file. Bain says he built this from the Typositor type libraries formerly offered by Techni-Process Lettering and Pastore DePamphilis Rampone, which he bought at an auction. Report on his talk in London on blackletter type (2003). MyFonts sells the 4-weight Josef Albers-inspired stencil family Gridiot (2003-2011). His thoughts about the art of Albers: Remember, any idiot can design a typeface on a grid: Gridiot.

    Speaker at ATypI 2006 in Lisbon. Speaker at ATypI 2013 in Amsterdam. MyFonts link. Behance link. Peter Bain Design. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿


    Name correspondences between the fonts in the PrimaFont collection and the names of the fonts of the main foundries. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Round Mountain Designs

    Lists of fonts and equivalences for the following packages: Win95, WP8, WP7-bonus, WP6, MS Office97, MS Office 97 Value Pack. All by Dick Rhindress. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Sander de Voogt
    [Nick Curtis]

    [More]  ⦿


    Outfit which made many font families in 1990, including these: American-Classic, Artcraft, Auburn, Autopista, Avenue, Belwe, Bengel, Bengi, Bloom, Booty, Branding, Broadway, Brophy, Brush, CG-Bodoni, CG-California, CG-Century, CG-Clearface, CG-Cloister, CG-Frontiera, CG-Mellinza, CG-Nashville, CG-Omega, CG-Palacio, CG-Pontiflex, CG-Poster, CG-Trade, CG-Trade, CG-Triumvirate, CG-Trump, Callistyle, Camelot, Carolina, Carolina, Caslon-540, Ccrige, Charlotte, Circular, Claredon, Commercial, Compressed, Computer, Cooper, Copperplate, Crest, Deco, Dom, Domino, Doron, ETC, Egyptian, English, Estelle, Europa, Expo, Extend, Exway1, Exway2, Fancy, Fancy, Fleer, Forecast, Fortune, France1, France2, France3, Franklin, Frieze, Futura, Garamond, Garth, Gem, Gothic, Goudy, Highway, Hobo, Hotdog, Journal, Klass, Laddy, Lilt, Lubo, March, Microstyle, Mon_1, Mon_2, Mon_3, Mon_4, Mon_5, Mon_6, Mon_7, Mon_Block, Mon_BlockShadow, Mon_Gothic, Moon, Murray, Musketer, News, Nuevo, Old, OldEnglish, Park, Quill, Raphael, Roven, Sabon, Sans, Scene, Scripta, Shady, Shape, Shot, Signature, Stymie, Superior, Tarry, Transport, Tropez, Typewriter, Uncial, Velvet, Wide, Windsor, Yearbook, Zarana. The link has a full list of the font names. Download link. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    Popular scrapbook font creators, mainly from the United States, with the font prefixes used in their font names:

    • 2Peas(Two Peas in a Bucket)
    • AL (Autumn Leaves)
    • CBX (Chatterbox Inc)
    • CK (Creating Keepsakes)
    • DB (Doodlebats)
    • DJ (DJ Inkers/Dianne J Hook)
    • DSP (Suzanne C. Walker)
    • DJB (Darcy Baldwin)
    • FO (Fontologie)
    • FG (Font Garden)
    • HMK (Hallmark)
    • KF (Karen Foster)
    • LD, LDI, LDJ (Lettering Delights)
    • LMS (Little Dreamer Designs)
    • MTF (Miss Tina)
    • PC (pccrafter / Provo Craft)
    • QK (QuicKutz)
    • SBC (Jill Davis)
    • Scrap Mix
    • SNF (Scrap'N'Fonts)
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Script Font List

    Mike Yanega's useful text list of script fonts, with dates and sources. Useful for type historians. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Simon Gibbs
    [Internet Font Browser]

    [More]  ⦿

    Softmaker name equivalences

    List of font name equivalences for Softmaker's MegaFont XXL CD (10,000 truetype fonts), compiled by Ulrich Stiehl, accompanied by an inverted file. This is a resource of considerable historical importance (despite faulty kerning and so on) as many fonts appear here for the first time in digital form. Others are just copies of fonts from the major foundries. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

    Softmaker name equivalences

    List of Softmaker font name equivalences compiled by CybaPee. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

    Solopedia (was: Solotype Catalog spreadsheet)

    The Solopedia (previously known as the Solotype Catalog spreadsheet) attempts to document the digital versions of typefaces featured in the Solotype Catalog of 4,147 Display Typefaces by Dan X. Solo (Dover Publications, Inc., 1992.) The Solopedia also covers the various alphabet books authored by Dan X. Solo, the digital fonts from the CDs that came with the alphabet books, and commercial fonts digitized by Dan X. Solo from his collection of metal types. Fontana started the Solopedia and posted it in Excel spreadsheet (XLS) format at annexcafe.fonts. Additional entries or matches were suggested by patrons of the newsgroup. Character brought the spreadsheet to alt.binaries.fonts which generated interest among those who frequent the newsgroup. The Solopedia is being updated in both annexcafe.fonts and alt.binaries.fonts. The term Solopedia was first used by La Vie Dansante to refer to the spreadsheet and is now used to refer to the Solotype Catalog spreadsheet. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Solotype Catalog

    A large catalog of the typefaces shown in Dan X. Solo's books, annotated with remarks about name equivalences and digitizations. The original file was due to Thibaudeau, but typophiles on alt.binaries.fonts have added to it in 2010. PDF version. Excel version. Text version. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    SSi Font Database

    Font database that is not too shabby. It will locate many commercial fonts, and mention the SSi equivalent. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    SSi fonts

    List of SSi fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    [Bill Dettering]

    Swfte started producing thousands of fonts in 1985 by adapting or copying existing fonts. In 1993, they were sued by Adobe, Bitstream, Emigre, FontShop Canada and QED/Fonthaus. From the Seybold report: Adobe, Bitstream, Emigre, FontShop Canada and QED/Fonthaus had asked the court for a preliminary injunction to stop SWFTE from marketing fonts that were alleged to be pirated. The judge denied that request without comment. The five vendors then appealed, hoping that a higher court would grant the injunction. They have now withdrawn the appeal. This action will have no effect on the primary copyright-infringement suit, for which no trial date has been set.

    Swfte folded in 1995. The Seybold Reports wrote: Expert Software, the supplier of software for composing forms and other applications, has signed an agreement to acquire SWFTE International Ltd., a supplier of fonts. The price was $7 million, plus 320,000 shares of Expert stock. SWFTE, which had revenues of $8.3 million last year, was at the center of a controversy over font piracy two years ago. Five font vendors charged it with illegal use of their fonts. The charges were later dropped after SWFTE changed some of its practices. A bit of digging reveals that Swfte International's cofounder in Hockessin, Delaware, was Bill Dettering. One of the main designers was Rich Roat. At Swfte, Dettering released Glyphix font software, the first ever on-the-fly font generator for DOS based systems, which sold over 50,000 copies, and over 100 scalable fonts.

    Expert Software is now owned by Activision. Another product is Fantastic Fonts. Ulrich Stiehl's analysis. List of font names. Link to all the fonts.

    Dafont link, where one can download Garage Shock (which is identical to House Industries' Playhouse). [Google] [More]  ⦿


    List of font names and package numbers at T-26, as of March 2002. [Google] [More]  ⦿


    Great page with list of typeface names and foundries/vendors that sell them. The designers are also identified. Organized by Alexander Tarbeev. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    TigerWorks CD (URW)

    The fonts on the TigerWorks CD of 1994: AlteSchD, DomCasualD, EnglischeSchT, URWAntiquaT series, URWBaskerT series, URWBodoniT series, URWClarendonT series, URWEgyptienneT series, URWGaramondT series, URWGroteskT series, URWImperialT series, URWLinearT series, URWTypewriterT series. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Tiro Fonts

    Tiro font names. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Type Navigator

    The book Type Navigator Typography The Independent Foundries Handbook by Jan Middendorp (2011) contains a CD with fonts. A list of the contents:

    • Anatoletype: Acuta Thin,DejaRip Demo, Dolce Basic-Thin
    • ARS Type: ARS Novelty
    • Avoid Red Arrows: Empties Full, FITAL Regular, Nazens, RegionBold, Zuendli Streichholz
    • Buro Dunst: Heimat Sans Demo Regular, Novel Pro Demo Regular, Novel Sans Demo Regular. Novel Std Demo Regular
    • BuyMyFonts.com: BMF Elettriche Mono Cubetto, BMF Elettriche Mono Cuore
    • Emtype Foundry: Periodico Text Light
    • Fabrizio Schiavi Design: Siruca Pictograms 1.2
    • FaceType: Letterpress Bastard, Lignette Script, Marlowe Swirl
    • Fontsmith: FS Blake Heavy, FS Rome, FS Rufus Regular, FS Sally Medium
    • Gestalten Fonts: Adhesive Black Ltd, Basic Light Ltd, Capricorn OSF Black Ltd, Engel Light Ltd, Naiv Fat, Nautinger Regular Ltd, Regular Cargo, Treza Regular Ltd
    • HVD Fonts: HVD Age 11, HVD Bodedo, HVD Comic Serif Pro, HVD Edding 780, HVD PEACE, HVD POSTER, HVD POSTR Clean, HVD ROWDY, HVD Spencils Block, HVD Spencils Regular, HVD Steinzeit fillin, HVD Steinzeit
    • Just Another Foundry: Zalamander Caps Bold, Zalamander Caps Extrabold, Zalamander Caps Extralight, Zalamander Caps Light, Zalamander Caps Regular, Zalamander Caps Semibold
    • LucasFonts: JesusLovesYou
    • Neutura: Orange Round Regular
    • OurType: Alto Condensed Semibold, Alto Pro Mono Condensed Bold, Comb Pro Thin, Eva Standard Light Italic, Fakt Medium, Fakt Condensed Light Italic, Fakt SemiCondensed Semibold, Fayon Standard Extra Black, Fresco Plus Standard Black Italic, Fresco Sans Condensed Light, Lirico Press Semibold, Ludwig Condensed Thin, Meran Condensed Normal Italic, Monitor Condensed Bold Italic, NeueSans Semibold, Parry Semibold, Sansa Condensed Soft Black Italic, Sansa Slab Light, Tiina Medium, Versa Condensed Normal, Versa Sans Condensed Bold Italic
    • Playtype: Play Bold, Play Regular
    • Storm Type: Aaahoj, Bhang Strong, LidoSTF, LidoSTFBold, Lido S T F Bold Italic, Lido S T F Italic, Lido S T F Condensed, Lido S T F Condensed Bold, Lido S T F Condensed Medium, Lido S T F Medium, Lido S T F Medium Italic, Regula Old Face Italic, Regula Old Face, Rondka Urtyp, Stencilul, Vida 33 Stencil Demo
    • Subtype: Cloud, Quart, SWEM
    • VetteLetters: VLNL Dream Meal Left, VLNL Dream Meal Right, VLNLDBXLZX-Bold, VLNLDBXLZX-Light, VLNLDBXLZX-Regular
    • Volcano Type: Matryoshka Pregnant
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Typeface prefixes and suffixes

    List of typeface prefixes and suffixes. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    TypeShop names

    A list of typeface name equivalences for the Serial Type Collection, which is part of TypeShop, Brendel's font collection. TypeShop fonts are now being sold by Elsner&Flake. Their original copyrights are from 1993 and 1998. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    URW Font Collections

    Almost 5000 names of URW fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    URW font name equivalences

    • Algiers = Albertus
    • Antique Olive = Antique Olive
    • Dingbats = ITC Zapf Dingbats
    • Garamond = Garamond
    • Letter Gothic = Letter Gothic
    • Mauritius = Marigold
    • Nimbus Mono = Courier
    • Nimbus Mono PS = Courier PS
    • Nimbus Roman = Times
    • Nimbus Roman No4 = CG Times
    • Nimbus Roman No9 = Times New
    • Nimbus Sans = Helvetica
    • Nimbus Sans Narrow = Helvetica Narrow
    • NimbusSansNo2 = Arial
    • Palladio = Palatino
    • Standard Symbol = SymbolPS
    • Symbol = Symbol
    • URW Bookman = ITC Bookman
    • URW Century Schoolbook= New Century Schoolbook
    • URW Chancery = ITC Zapf Chancery Medium Italic
    • URW Clarendon Condensed = Clarendon Condensed
    • URW Classic Sans = Univers
    • URW Classic Sans Condensed = Univers Condensed
    • URW Classico = CG Omega
    • URW Coronet = Coronet
    • URW David = HP David
    • URW Dingbats = Wingdings
    • URW Gothic = ITC Avant Garde Gothic
    • URW Koufi = Koufi
    • URW Miryam = HP Miryam
    • URW Narkis = HP Narkis Tam
    • URW Naskh = Naskh
    • URW Ryadh = Ryadh
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    URW font names

    Long list of the font families sold by URW. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    URW FontForum CD

    The fonts on the URW FontForum CD in 2003: ArgonauticaCloD-Reg, ArgonauticaD-Reg, ArgonauticaOutCloD, ArgonauticaOutD, ArgonauticaSerD, ArgonauticaSimD, BardiT-Bol, BardiT-BolIta, BardiT-Reg, BardiT-RegIta, BardiT-UltBol, BardiT-UltBolIta, BavaroirT-Bol, BavaroirT-Reg, BohemianT-Bol, BohemianT-BolIta, BohemianT-Ita, BohemianT-Reg, BohemianT-UltBol, BohemianT-UltBolIta, BommiCarD, BommiOxyD, BreitkopfFraD-Reg, CSCourthandD, CSFuzzyLogD, CSTakahashiD (oriental simulation font), CrayfishBolAD, DeepSpaBigBalD-Reg, DeepSpaD-Bla, DeepSpaD-Lig, DeepSpaMeaBalD-Reg, DeepSpaSmaBalD-Reg, EstroD-Reg, FunnyNatD, HandsOnAlbD-Reg, KeysD, KeysMACDAlt, KeysMACDReg, KeysMACEAltD, KeysMACEReg, KeysMouse, KeysPCDAlt, KeysPCDReg, KeysPCEAlt, KeysPCEReg, LegendeD-Reg, LuedickitalD-Bol, LuedickitalD-Reg, MaximD-Reg, MovingMouD, OrganiconT-Bol, OrganiconT-BolIta, OrganiconT-Reg, OrganiconT-RegIta, ParametraT-Bol, ParametraT-BolIta, ParametraT-Ita, ParametraT-Reg, PhenotypeT-Bol, PhenotypeT-Dem, PhenotypeT-Reg, PoloD-Reg, ReneFonD, ReneLemD, RobertaD-Reg, SepulturaFonD-Bol, SepulturaFonD-Lig, SepulturaFonD-Reg, SepulturaGraINRD-Reg, SepulturaGraRIPD-Reg, TrickyD-Reg, UngerScrD-Reg. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    URW fonts

    List of URW fonts. According to Apostrophe, the URW font prefixes are as follows:

    • D = Display (18 - 72 points)
    • E = Extreme (8 points and under)
    • L = Laser (standard laser printer fonts -- Bookman, Times, etc.)
    • M = Monospaced
    • P = Poster (72+ points)
    • T = Text (9-16 points)
    [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Visual Graphics Corporation (or: VGC)

    Foundry from the phototypesetting era, located on 138 NE 125th Street in North Miami, FL, and also at 5701 NW 94th Avenue in Tamarac, FL, with designers such as Ron Arnholm, Arthur Baker, Ray Baker, Stan Biggenden, Stan Davis, Ernst Friz, Louis Minott, John Russell, L. Scolnik, Dave Trooper and Ernst Volker. The company changed its name to VGC Corp. and became a subsidiary of VRG Group N.V.

    Inventors of the Photo Typositor.

    List of typefaces and designers as compiled by Tim Ryan. This list has errors, as pointed out in this discussion on typophile.

    My own list of typefaces. Typefaces in our list whose creators still need to be identified include Bubble (1982: Bubble Light, Bubble, and Double Bubble) and Rodin (ca. 1974).

    The 450-page book Visual Graphics Alphabet Library (1985) shows all of its typefaces. PDF version of their 1972 catalog.

    There are two components to the VGC collection, one is the standard collection of typefaces everyone must have (knockoffs, really), and the other one is the collection of originals. Freddy Nader explains: The reason for the VGC/Typositor catalog showing so many standards is this: in photo type days, every type house had to have a basic set of what was known as the "foundry types". These were your basic Garamonds, Baskervilles, Clarendons, etc. They simply did that in order to compete. Back then, the type house worked closely with the person designing the artwork (who usually worked for the publisher or the ad agency), and they were charging per word for display, and per page for text. So the type houses wanted to maintain a kind of continuity with their clients, and tried their hardest to be the exclusive supplier for a number of agencies. The very first photo type house, Photo-Lettering Inc, survived for the longest time on one client (J. Walter Thompson in NYC). As a side note, book publishers tried their best to stay away from photo type because of its very expensive prices. It was a hell of a lot cheaper to stick to metal type than pay the type house per page of layout. So if you look back at the mass paperback industry, it was still using metal type until late into the 1970s. They only switched to film type when competition between type houses became so fierce that the type prices dropped considerably. But film type was used in book for only a short time, then desktop publishing as we know it made it all obsolete.

    View some digital typefaces that are derived from the VGC library. Another digital catalog. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

    Walnut Creek 2000TTF CD ROM

    List of contents of the 1994 Walnut Creek CD ROM. Alternate site. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Wiescher Design: List of typefaces

    [More]  ⦿

    Wikipedia: List of typefaces

    A list of the most widely used typefaces. At Wikipedia. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Wikipedia: List of typefaces included with Mac OS X

    The list of fonts shipped with Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.7. Visual catalog. Another catalog [images courtesy of Wikipedia]. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Windows XP system fonts

    "Character" posted this annotated list of the fonts included with Windows XP. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    WSI font aliases

    See also here for a list annotated by Robert Long. And another list of names and equivalences. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Xara Fonts

    This outfit sells fonts after preview. From the looks of things, they are asking money for renamed shareware and freeware fonts, and even some other fonts. Selling so-called EFF fonts as well. When on Nov 27 1998, Mick Robinson wrote to advertise EFF LondonA, Tiro Typeworks' John Hudson blew his top and replied on alt.binaries.fonts: "EFF LondonA my arse! That's Adobe Garamond, complete and unadulterated. Thanks for the tip, I'm sure Adobe UK's lawyers will be contacting you. Don't you people read copyright laws?" List of names of fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

    Y&Y Font Collections

    Y&Y font names, compiled by Nelson Beebe. [Google] [More]  ⦿