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Cubist typefaces

[Pablo Picasso's "Les demoiselles d'Avignon" (1907)]


Abneurone Typografix (or: Abneurone Trauma Types, or: Neurone Error, or: Abneurone Fluid Types)

French foundry on the margins of type society, obsessed with psychotherapeutic experiments, hyper-experimental, and indeed mental, typefaces. This outfit goes under various names. At FontStruct, where most of its fonts are produced, it is known as Neurone Error. At Dafont, it is known as Abneurone Fluid Types. Its commercial branch at MyFonts is called Abneurone Typografix or Abneurone Trauma Types.

Their first commercial fonts are ATT49 Fanfare, ATT48 Thrax, ATT47 Candies, ATT46 Exlixir, ATT45 Transfix, ATT44 X-Cute, ATT43 Small Proteus, ATT42 Childhook, ATT41 Arcane, ATT40 Lysergic4a, ATT39 Liquor, ATT38 Once Upon A Damned, ATT37 Innocence, ATT36 Kidding, ATT35 Bestiaire (2011), ATT34 Lysergic 2a (2011), ATT33 Koan (2011), ATT32 Faun Call (2011), ATT31 Paraphilia (2011), ATT30 Lysergic 1b (2011), ATT29 Mad Hatter (2011), ATT28 Minimori (2011), ATT27 Tripton (2011), ATT26 Lysrergic3a (2011), ATT25 Multicoloured Rythm (2011), ATT24 Swallow (2011), ATT23 Artlien (2011), ATT22 Dopamine (2011), ATT21 ABTOY (2011), ATT20 Rankle (2011), ATT19 Ink Lust (2011), ATT18 Overabundance (2011), ATT17 Ink Circus (2011), ATT16 The Orgians (2011), ATT15 For Whom The Bell Tolls (2011), ATT10 Stereo (2011), ATT11 Heterodoxa (2011), ATT12 Psilocybine (2011), ATT13 Sync (2011), ATT14 Prehisto (2011), ATT8 Human Decay (2011), ATT9 Eroded Eclosion (2011), AT4 Parallax (2011), ATT7 Medieval Sweet Shop (2011), ATT6 Detected Future (2011), ATT5 Hard Sync (2011), ATT4 Chalice (2011), ATT3 Outer Christ (2011), ATT2 Macpanic (2011), ATT1 Nimal Nimoy (2011), AT54 Intermezzo (2011), AT26 Metamorph Candies (2011), AT29 Dystrogonyx (2011), AG2 Placenta (2011), AT17 Farandole (2011), AT27 Innocence (2011), AT3 Nuclear Project (2011), AT38 Nanogonyx (2011), AT49 Neuromicr (2011), AT16 Faun Call (2011), AG1 Neuroticons (2011), AT55 Neo Geo (2011), AT36 Mad Hatter (2011), AT51 Pharmaceutic (2011) and AT5 Childhook (2011).

The FontStruct production in 2011: 00dot 5 TRANSFIX, 00dot 15 DYSTROPHIE POLYGONALE, 00dot 20 CURSED, 00dot 13 PARALLAX, 00dot 12 NUCLEAR TARGET, 00dot_7_nimal_nimoy, 00dot 17 SYNDROME F.K., 00dot 9 NEW TO, 00dot 6 DECLINE AND CODE, 00dot 3 ROBOX, 00dot 2 MINIDECO, 0dot 26 INKSECTS, 00dot 32 STEREO, 00dot 10 SMART PLAYGROUND, 00dot 33 FUTURE NOW, 00dot 23 BLING STREET, 00dot 4 TOXINE, 00dot 31 FAUN CALL, 00dot 19 ELIXIR, 00dot 30 DWARF LOGIC, 00dot 8 THRAX, 00dot 14 A NEW FORM OF BEAUTY, 00dot 22 HETERODOXA, 00dot 27 KIDDING, 00dot 21 INNOCENCE, 00dot 34 PICTORIAL ABUSE, 00ne Stretched Empty Cow (2011, a piano key stencil face), 00ne Empty Cow (2011), 00ne Medication (2011), 00ne Pills, 00ne Minipills, 00ne Stency, 00ne Neurelm, 000tag6 LYSERGIC, 000tag4 ROBOX, 000tag NUCLEAR WARFARE, 00ne dat / dot, 00ne Bat Kidding (+Stencil, +Stencil Quadrillé), 00ne Stencirc, 00ne Neurocirc Neue Deco, 00ne Neurocirc, 00ne Neurologo, 00ne Nutech, 00ne Nutech Black, 00ne Top Pix (+Clean), 00ne Not So Atroce Pixels (+Black), 00ne Videotech, 00ne Videotech Tamagochi, 0One Bad Video, 0One Exagg Superstrong, 00ne Blockollida, 00ne Minicut, 00ne Neuromoog, 00ne Exagg, 00ne XChurch, 00ne NeuroNeoq, 00ne Imprimante Matricielle, 00ne C64 NeurOOpart2, 00ne Heterodoxa, 00neZnorg, 00ne Znorg Heads, 00ne Zwrappearing (dotted and textured), 00neVideotech, A Present for Intaglio (2011, cloned from Intaglio's Wallachia), Inicial 1 (2010, an improvement of a typeface by Infotipografia), Neo Geo (2011), NE XS, NE 4x4 Technirement, NE Religious Migraine, NE Abtechre. NE Churching, NE Strange Light Pax Pact, NE Cellphone Cutie Punched Cards, NE Cellphone Cutie, NE Obl. NE Pax Pact, NE Pictorial Abuse, NE Charlie Chaplin Cybernetic Brains, NE Chaplin Cyborg, NE Unknown Remix, NE Neurofat, NE Neurocompressor, NE Neurocompressed Pictograms, NE Alien Orders, NE Filament Techneriment, NE Strange Light Pax Pact, NE The Eye, NE Moving Parallels, NE Alien Orders, NE Reordered Alien Orders, the NE New Newbix family, Parallax (2011).

Typefaces made in 2012 at FontStruct: AFT1 Heterodoxa, AFT2 Forbidden Apple, AFT3 Kidding, AFT4 Spacelab Parallax, AFT5 Detected Future, AFT6 Lysergic 2b, AFT7 Lysergic 2a, AFT8 Transfix, AFT8 Smart Kids, AFT10 Candies, AFT12 Neo Geo, AFT13 Arcane, AFT15 Hard Sync, AFT17 Cortech Hallucination, AFT18 Lysergic1b, AFT20 Abtech, AFT21 Bling Chief Story, AFT22 Ink Lust, AFT23 Faun Call, AFT24 Toying, AFT27 Fluffy Clown, AFT30 Koan, AFT31 Innocence, AFT33 ETPheuneHeume, AFT34 Neuromicr, AFT35 Tripton, AFT36 Intermezzo, AFT37 Rankle, AFT38 Dark Rankle, AFT39 Rankle Distone, AFT40 Smart Kids, AFT41 Smart Playground, AFT42 Lysergic 4a, AFT43 Small Proteus, AFT44 Lysergic 3a, AFT45 New Forgee, AFT46 Space Connect, AFT47 Mondrian Drone, AFT48 Bark At The Code, AFT49 Stereo, AFT50 Artlien, AFT51 Liquor, AFT52 Neuromecha, AFT53 Lysergic 1a, AFT54 Dinoxyde, AFT55 Human Decay, AFT56 Eroded Eclosion, AFT57 Outer Christ, AFT58 Boing Code, AFT59 Nimal Nimoy, AFT60 X-Church, AFT61 Macpanic, AFT62 Lovely Breeze, AFT63 Mad Hatter, AFT64 The Orgians, AFT65 Chalice, AFT66 Ssaammothrax, AFT67 Panthrax, AFT68 Less Is More Neuromicr 2, AFT69 Paraphilia, AFT70 Psilocybine, AFT71 Childhook, AFT72 Once Upon A Damned, AFT73 For Whom The Bell Tolls, AFT74 Medieval sweetshop, AFT75 Nanoprehistoryx, AFT76 Pictorial Abuse, AFT77 Bestiaire, AFT78 Fanfare From Outer Space, AFT79 X-Cute, AFT80 Medication, AFT81 Wrong DNA, AFT82 Wrong DNA, AFT83 Minimal Disto, AFT84 Abacadabra, AFT85 Pharmaceutical, AFT86 Code Flu, AFT89 High-Diving Blindness, AFT90 Nopix, AFT91 Floppy Disk O, AFT100 Farewell dawn, AFT104 Locked-in Glow, AFT105 Vivant, AFT106 Sharp Gloss, AFT107 Madame Guillotine, AFT108 Newbic, AFT109 Ataxie, AFT110 Strenuous MICR, AFT111 Effaceur, AFT113 Zeppelin Legacy, AFT1010 Jabbering, AFTN1, BUT1 Quarx, BUT2 Newbix, BUT3 Disto Matricielle, BUT4 Tomono, BUT5 Blurred Clown, BUT7 Religious Pill, BUT8 Nopix (octagonal), BUT9 Tipi Video, BUT10 Slanxic Acid, BUT11 Metamphetamental, BUT12 Znorgs, BUT13 Soyokaze, BUT15 Stick Tech, BUT16 Uninteresting Tech.

In the Testament series from 2012 until 2013, we mention Testament 132 New Indication, Testament 131 The New Orgians, Testament 128 Camphre, Testament 126 Neuromoog, Testament 122 Dissecting Geometry, Testament 115 Placenta Numérique, Testament 116 Abnormal Fairy, Testament 109 Madame Guillotine, Testament 85 Axone, Testament 84 Keen, Testament 83 Minimixture, Testament 52 Neuromecha, Testament 51 Liquor, Testament 50 Artlien, Testament 49 Stereo, Testament 48 Bark At The Code, Testament 56 Eroded Eclosion, Testament 55 Lysergic 1a, Testament 54 Inflated, Testament 59 Nimal Nimoy, Testament 60 X-Church, Testament 64 The Orgians, Testament 67 Panthrax, Testament 66 Human Decay, Testament 69 Chalice, Testament 47 Mondrian Drone, Testament 44 Lysergic3a, Testament 42 Lysergic 4a, Testament 27 Arcane, Testament 11 Minimori, Testament 8 Transfix, Testament 7 Lysergic2a, Testament 6 Lysergic 2b [The Lysergic series is about very large (around 200 cases high) grid pixel fonts with a severe inclination to psychedelism], Testament B Formaldehyde, Testament C Neuroticons, Testament Artefact, Testament Back Home, Testament 1 Heterodoxa, and Testament 12 Neo Geo. He also created an Archive series in 2012, which features an ornamental caps typeface called Archive 10, a geometric typeface called Archive 5, TEST PPain, and a textured typeface called Archive 8. He has a Trauma series that features Trauma 145 Razzmatazz Architect, Trauma 126 Lysergeek Boy, Trauma 127 Lysergeek Girl.

Typefaces from 2014: Trauma 155 Overly, Trauma 151 Migraine Bit.

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Alexander Ertle

Hamburg-based communication designer. He created the experimental typeface Kubik (2012).

Behance link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alfredo Gravato
[Petroglyphic Design (or: PetroFontLab, or: Petro Design)]

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André Uenojo

Brazilian creator in Sao Paulo (b. 1989) of Neou (2012, h free airline sans caps face), Kubus (2012, cubist face), Oval Track (2011) and VIP Roman (2011).

He created the beautiful commercial font Contrasto in 2013.

Behance link. Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Manfred Klein]

Animals have always been an important source of inspiration for Manfred, for various reasons---to satisfy his grandchildren (I guess), to make political statements, to have fun, and to design animal-inspired alphabets. Here is a partial list of his typefaces: AIDino-Heavy, AbermalsAnimals, AnimSilhous, AnimSilhousB, AnimalShadows, AnimalShadows2 (2005), AnimalShadowsDrei (2005), AnimalTypeFaces, AnimaliSilhouetti, Animalia, AnimaliaScissored, AnimaliaTwo, AnimalishMK (2007), AnimalishSilhouettes, AnimalsAnywhere, AnimalsMeetings, AnimalsOldfashion (2006), AnimalsPrey (2006), AnimalsTwo, Apish (2005), Austranimals01 (2005), BeastlyBats, BeforeAlphabetsFour, BeforeAlphabetsThree, BigCats (2007), BirdSymbols (2007), BugsNFriends, Butterfly (2007), ButterflyAndCo (2007), CatDogHorse (2007), CatSketches (2006), Cats, CatsCats, CatsCo (2005), ChildrenAnimalsFriends (2005), ChildrensDarlings (2006), CreaturesShadows (2005), CubismCreatures, CyberDinxx, Dillefanten, Dillfanten, DinoSilhous (2006), DinosFragments, Dinotiqua-Heavy, Djungle, DogsDogs, DomesticAnimals, DueTresQuattro (2005), EthnoFont, Fabeltiere04, FarmAnimals, FischersFritze (2006), Fishermans, FlyingSwimming, FroxXMedium, Getier (2005), Getier Two (2005), GetierAnimalish, GraphicAnimals (2005), Horses, HotchPotch, HowDrawAFish, HundeDogsChiens (2005), IhrHunde (2005), Impossibile, Insects (2005), Insects07 (2007), InsectsMK (2005), InsectsTwo (2006), KaraBenNemsi, KarawaneSilhous, Krabbeltiere, LandAnimals, LetsDance, LionsClub, LittleFriendsTwo (2005), Lorbeer, M-AnimalsUno (2006), MAnimalsK (2007), MensBestFriends, MensFriends, MesoFaunaBats, MonkeyUncialica, MonkeysTheatre, MyPrivateZoo, NewCaveDrawings (2006), NewDinos (2005), OldstyleZoo, Orcas, OurLittleDarlings (2006), OurLittleFriends (2005), OwlsAndMore (2005), OwlsNFriends, OwlsNOtherWitches, PatternsAnimals (2005), RareAnimals (2005), RealllyAnimalishOne, ReallyAnimalsTwo, Shamanbats, Shamanish, SilhouettesAnimalish, SwimmingBeautys, TangramAnimals (2005), TaurusCowboys, TypoApish, VectorAnimals (2006), Viecher, Wacominals, WildAnimalsOne, ZigzagAnimals, ZooCages (2006), ZooWoodcuts (2005), Zoobats, Zoography-Normal, ZooloVectoriA, ZoologicalGarden (2006). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

April DiMartile

BFA Graphic Design student at California State University, Long Beach. She writes in 2012: Chromosthesia is an experimental typeface designed in a Typography 2 class. The concepts as well as ideals of Vassily Kandinsky were used to construct each letter by using common shapes found in his paintings. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Art deco faces by Nick Curtis: I
[Nick Curtis]

Free art deco faces by Nick Curtis, made between 1997 and 2003. Nick Curtis also made commercial art deco faces, but these will be listed elsewhere.

  • AmstelHeavyNF (2002): based on this poster from 1926 by C. De Haas.
  • AmsterdamTangram (2002): based on this poster by Joost Swarte from 1987 entitled "De wereldtentoonstelling van Joost Swarte".
  • AnchorSteamNF (2002): based on a poster from 1923 by Wilhelm Poetter.
  • Rainbow Bass (1982, Saul Bass) a vertically striped disco style design, was remade by Nick Curtis as Backstage Pass (1999, 2008).
  • BeckerBlackNF (2002, 2007): Based on Alf R. Becker's lettering.
  • BigAppleNF (2000, 2007).
  • BoogieNightsNF, BoogieNightsShadowNF (2002, 2007): based on this poster from 1916 by Paul Hosch and Hans Melching. In 2009, CheapProFonts made a "pro" version.
  • BoomerIngueNF (2002, 2007).
  • Bric-aBraqueNF (1999, 2007). Bric-a-Braque was based on Cubist Bold (John W. Zimmerman, 1929).
  • ChainsawGeometric (1999). Based on this alphabet by Draim (1928).
  • ChippewaFallsNF (2002, 2007). Originally called Hiawatha. See this roadside photograph that inspired Nick.
  • Coaster Poster (1999).
  • DayPosterBlackNF, DayPosterShadowNF (2002, 2007).
  • DebonairInlineNF (2000, 2007). The commercial Debonair Inline (2008) is an extension (uppercase, etc.) of Herbert Bayer's 1931 monocase typeface Architype Bayer, also known as the universal moderrn face.
  • DecoBordersNF (1999) and DecoDingbatsNF (2000).
  • Drumag Studio NF (2003, 2007).
  • DustyRoseNF (2000), DustyRoseRevised (2007): Dusty Rose is an art deco typeface based on the logotype for the Dutch magazine Geillustreerd Schildersblad in 1940, by Anton Kurvers. The commercial Dusty Rose NF was published in 2008.
  • EastMarket (1999), EastMarketTwoNF (2007).
  • GradoGradooNF (2002, 2007): a Bauhaus-style font, based on this 1932 poster by Urbano Corva.
  • Great Lakes (2003, 2007), GreatLakesShadowNF (2007): based on this poster by Peter Ewart (1935).
  • Heavy Tripp NF, Heavy Tripp Ultra Bold (2001, 2007). Both Day Tripper NF and Heavy Tripp are based on Dignity Roman, a typeface from 1929 by art deco alphabet designer Alphonso E. Tripp.
  • HeraldSquareNF, HeraldSquareTwoNF (2002, 2007): a font family based on a design by Welo shown in Studio Handbook for Artists and Advertisers (1927).
  • High Five Jive NF, High Five NF (2001, 2007).
  • Indochine NF (2003, 2007). Based on this poster by Joseph-Henri Ponchin (1931).
  • Ironick-Normal (1999, 2007): an exaggerated Bernhard Modern.
  • KerfuffleNF (2000, 2007). Based on this poster by Chris Van Der Hoef (1920).
  • KismetNF. A free font. Based on this lettering.
  • LabyrinthCapital, Labyrinth (1999, 2007). Based on this poster.
  • MetroRetroNF (1999, 2007). MetroRetroRedux (2001, 2010) is a commercial version of that.
  • Milton Burlesque NF (2000, 2007).
  • Monkey Fingers NF (1999, 2007). Based on an alphabet by Otto Heim published in Farbige Alphabete (1925).
  • MunchausenNF (2003, 2007). Based on a poster for an exhibition by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel (1911). This is inbetween art deco and art nouveau.
  • NickerbockerNF (1999, 2007).
  • NightcapCapital, Nightcap NF (1999, 2007). Based on Disque (A. Bardi, 1931).
  • OdalisqueNF, OdalisqueRevised (2000, 2007). The commercial versions are Odalisque NF (2008) and Odalisque Stencil (2010). These art deco faces are based on Morris Fuller Benton's Chic (1927).
  • ParkLaneNF, ParkLaneRevised (2000, 2007).
  • PhattPhreddyNF (2001, 2007).
  • PinballWhizNF (2002, 2007). Based on this logotype by Joost Swarte for the comic-strip series "Katoen + Pinbal" (1975).
  • PlatonickNF (1999, 2007).
  • PlugNickelNF (+Black) (1999, 2007): a reworking of Bremen Black, with small caps and a rather skeptical uppercase R added.
  • RadioRanchNF (1999, 2007). Adolf Behrmann designed the classical display typeface Rundfunk at Berthold in 1928. This typeface was digitized by Nick Curtis as Radio Ranch NF.
  • RaskalnikovNF (2003, 2007). A Cyrillic simulation typeface based on this poster.
  • RialtoEngraved, Rialto NF (2000, 2007): a Broadway style art deco face.
  • RiotSquadNF (2000, 2007). after a design by Otto Heim from Heim's 1925 book, Farbige Alphabete.
  • RitzyRemixNF (2000, 2007). RitzyNormal is based on Tom Carnase's Busorama.
  • Seaside Resort NF (2003, 2007). A bilined titling typeface based on a 1933 poster by Italy's Bertarelli Studios.
  • SelznickNormal, SelznickRemixNF (1999, 2007). An art deco typeface inspired by movie theaters of the 1930s. Based on ITC Anna.
  • Sesquipedalian, SesquipedalianAlternates (2000, 2007). Inspired by a handlettered logo for Torre's Buckdruckerei in Vienna, circa 1919.
  • Sid The Kid NF (1999, 2007).
  • Skittles N Beer NF (2007) is based on handlettering on a 1929 brochure for the P&O British-India Steamship Line.
  • Standing Room Only NF (1999, 2007). Modeled after Broadway, designed by Morris Fuller Benton for ATF in 1928, originally named Broadway Poster.
  • Stony Island NF (2002, 2007). An adaptation of an art deco font called Chicago Modern, designed by lettering artist Alf Becker, whose designs graced the pages of Signs of the Times magazine from the late 30s into the 50s.
  • StudebakerNF-Bold, Studebaker (1999, 2007). Based on the lettering on a package for True-Mark Brand Typewriter Ribbons, circa 1938, designer unknown.
  • TaraBulbousCapital, TaraBulbousNF (1999, 2007). TaraBulbous NF (the commercial version is from 2008) is a fat-lettered font based on Carlyle-Oring lettering. See also here.
  • TitanickDisplayNF (1999, 2007): a remake of the bold pin-striped trilined Dextor by L. Meuffels.
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Arthur Cheery

FontStructor who made UniGal Lang (2012, cubist). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ashleigh Paler

During her graphic design studies at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE in Gold Coast, Australia, Ashleigh Paler created the typeface Cubism (2014). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bart van der Leck

Born in 1876 in Utrecht, died in 1958 in Blaricum. Bart van der Leck was a Dutch painter and designer. With Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondriaan he founded the De Stijl (abstract, geometric) art movement. In 1930, he was commissioned by Jo de Leeuw, owner of the prestigious Dutch department store Metz&Co. to design interiors, window packaging, branding and advertising. For these print materials van der Leck developed a rectilinear geometrically constructed alphabet. In 1941, he designed a typeface based on this alphabet for the avant-garde magazine Flax. One digital version of this typeface exists: Architype van der Leck (1994, by David Quay and Freda Sack of The Foundry). The wiki page writes: The typeface is geometrically constructed, and based upon an earlier stencil lettering alphabet van der Leck designed in the early 1930s for use in branding and advertising Jo de Leeuw's presigious Dutch department stores Metz&Co. The typeface shares structural similarities with Theo Van Doesburg's 1919 geometric alphabet, and anticipates later typographic explorations of geometric reductionism of Wim Crouwel's 1967 New Alphabet and early digital faces like Zuzana Licko's faces Lo-Res and Emperor 8.

One of his alphabets was creatively used by Marc ter Horst in Restaurant Walem.

In 2012, for an exhibition in Paris, Chloe Marchand designed a special van der Leck style poster. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bowie Shum

Toronto-based designer of Mondrian (2013), a geometric font inspired by the geometric shapes of the De Stijl art movement and of Piet Mondrian. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cecilia Maurin

Graphic designer in New York City. Creator of the Mondriaan-inspired typeface Awchitek (2011). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Chris Helingoe

UK-based FontStructor (student at Bristol UWE) who made the cubist typeface Kaos (2010). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christian Perez

Christian Perez (Troyes, France) reated a cubist / Mondriaan style typographic poster in 2013, entitled Hurricane as a Girl. [Google] [More]  ⦿


From the wiki: Cubism was a 20th century avant-garde art movement, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, that revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music and literature. The first branch of cubism, known as Analytic Cubism, was both radical and influential as a short but highly significant art movement between 1907 and 1911 in France. In its second phase, Synthetic Cubism, the movement spread and remained vital until around 1919, when the Surrealist movement gained popularity. [...] In cubist artworks, objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. Often the surfaces intersect at seemingly random angles, removing a coherent sense of depth. The background and object planes interpenetrate one another to create the shallow ambiguous space, one of cubism's distinct characteristics. There is no specific typographic component in cubism, except that some, like Preissig, tried to create the angular types that evoke letters that were broken up and somehow put back together. In recent times, some have taken inspiration from cubist paintings in the selection of shapes of glyph outlines, and called their typefaces "cubist". [Google] [More]  ⦿

David Kerkhoff

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Deniart Systems
[Jan Koehler]

Great fonts for astrology, hieroglyphics, alchemy and the occult, by Toronto's Jan and Denise Koehler, mostly designed between 1993 and 1995. They moved to Litomerice and then Teplice, the Czech Republic, recently. MyFonts sells the fantastic Meso Americano dingbats, Hypnotica, AlchemySymbols (two fonts), BlackMagick, Border Twins (2010), CastlesShields, Curly Jane (2010), Cubista Geometrica (2010: op art), DaggersAlphabet, Dendera (ancient Egyptian Zodiac symbols), Dragons, Eggnog (2010), Fontazia Floradot (2012), Fontazia Papilio (2009), Fontazia Pop62 (2011, dingbats of flowers), Fontazia AquaFlorium (2010, fishtank dingbats), Fontazia Mazzo (2010, vases), Fontazia Stiletto (2011), Fontazia Y3K (2009, aliens), the Hieroglyph family (dingbats, really), Jolly Jester (2010, curly hand), MagiWriting, Meandros (2010, a paperclip design inspired by the Greek Key, or Fret, motif), Phaistos, Pocket Wrench (2010, octagonal), Polka Dot Wrench (2010), PowersofMarduk, Praha Deco (2010, inspired by the Prague art deco movement), the RongoRongo family (Easter Island script), SkeletonAlphabet, Sublimina, Superchunk, WhiteMagick, Yenda (2010, bold and angular).

List of font packages: Aglab, Alchemy Symbols, American Sign Alphabet, Ancient Writings Vol. 1, Ancient Writings Vol. 2, Angelica, The Astrologer Bundle, Astrologer, Aztec Day Signs, Black Magick, Braille Alphabet, Castles&Shields, Celestial Writing, Celtic Astrologer, Certar, Chinese Zodiac, Coptic Alphabet, Daggers Alphabet, Dendera, Dinosauria, Dragons, Egyptian Deities, Enochian Writing, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 1, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 2, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 3, Egypt. Hieroglyphics Vol 4, Futhark, Greco, Hebrew Basic, Hypnotica, Magi Writing, Magick&Mystic, Malachim Writing, Masonic Writing, Maya Day Names, Maya Month Glyphs, Meso Americano, Meso Deko, Morse Code, Old Persian Cuneiform, Passing the River, Phaistos, Pike's Alphabets, Powers of Marduk, Sanskrit Writing, Semaphore Code, Signals&Signs, Skeleton Alphabet, Sublimina, Tengwanda Gothic, Tengwanda Namarie, Theban Alphabet, The Egyptologist, Tolkien Scripts, WhiteMagick, Skeleton Alphabet, Hebrew Basic, Sanskrit Writing. Note: I cannot find an entry for Jan Koehler at MyFonts, where all Deniart fonts are said to have been made by Denise Koehler. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

[Yoshiyasu Ito]

Yoshiyasu Ito's free fonts (Roman and Katakana): the gorgeous Calligraphism, the interesting Labyrinthism. More complete list: D3-Archism, D3-Archism-I, D3-Beatmapism, D3-Beatmapism-Curve, D3-Beatmapism-Neo, D3-Biscuitism, D3-Biscuitism-Bold, D3-Calligraphism, D3-Concretism-typeA, D3-Concretism-typeB, D3-Cosmism, D3-Cosmism-Hiragana, D3-Cosmism-Hiragana-Oblique, D3-Cosmism-Katakana, D3-Cosmism-Katakana-Oblique, D3-Cosmism-Oblique, D3 Craftism (3d face), D3-Cubism, D3-Digitalism, D3-Digitalism-Italic, D3 Egoistism (octagonal), D3-Euronism, D3-Factorism-Alphabet, D3-Factorism-Italic, D3-Factorism-Katakana, D3-Factorism-Katakana-Italic, D3-Guitarism, D3-Honeycombism (hexagonal), D3-Honeycombism-Bold, D3-Honeycombism-Sorround, D3-Isotopism, D3-Labyrinthism-katakana, D3-Labyrinthism, D3-Mochism, D3-Mouldism-Alphabet, D3-Mouldism-Round-Italic, D3-Mouldism-Katakana, D3-Mouldism-Round-Alphabet, D3-Parallelism, D3-PazzlismA, D3-PazzlismB, D3-PipismS, D3-PipismW, D3-RoundSquarism, D3-Stonism, D3-Streetism, D3-Streetism-Katakana, D3-Sufism, D3-Surfism_I, D3-Surfism_IO. Alternate download place where you can also find D3-Circuitism, D3-Circuitism-Oblique, D3-Concretism-typeA, D3-Concretism-typeB, D3-Cozmism, D3-Cozmism-Hiragana, D3-Cozmism-Hiragana-Oblique, D3-Cozmism-Katakana, D3-Cozmism-Katakana-Oblique, D3-Cozmism-Oblique, D3-Electronism, D3-Electronism-Katakana, D3-Smartism-TypeA, D3-Smartism-TypeB, D3-Witchism.

Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Piotr Klarowski]

Polish designer at FontStruct in 2008 of Le Chat Sans (inspired by a 1930s poster), Tetromino, Diamond, Alpha Spot, Ossicles (like ECG output), Cubistic1, Peter's Chess Pieces. In 2009, he added the artistic BO86. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Estevao Lucas

Brazilian designer. The cubist painting Les demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso (1907) inspired Estevao Lucas to create an award-winning broken-up cubist alphabet in 2009. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Irish creator of the geometric typeface Cubic (2012). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Mexican creator of the cubist typeface Ezpa (2012). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Designer at FontStruct in 2008 of kubism, simplicity_sans, test3_6. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fly Fonts
[Lee Henry]

Foundry based in London, UK, set up by Lee Henry (b. 1982, Gateshead, UK). Lee studied Graphic Design in Newcastle and first got involved in font design when he designed GOTHFEST for a magazine project. He now works in London as a newspaper designer and continues to produce new and original font designs. Creations include Modernist (2006, a MICR style family), Arctic Chunky (2006), Gothfest (2006), Bogus (2006, in the style of Toolego), Bad Azz (2006, grid-based), Cubist (2006, thin octagonal family), and React (2006, also grid-based), Modernist (2006, monoline sans), 1up (pixel face), Allstar (2009, constructivist), Ole (2009, fat and squarish). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

[Pascal Glissmann]

Free font site, est. 2009. The fonts being displayed and introduced were developed by students in seminars and workshops offered by Pascal Glissmann at the Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Fonts there from 2009

  • Yee Ting Cherry Chan: BambooConstruction.
  • Cherry and Liu Sze Wai: Cherrybomb.
  • Chan Ying: ChineseRadicals.
  • Yuki Leung Tsz Ning: ConstructionWithShadow.
  • Stephanie Ka Ying Lai: Crozline.
  • Cynthia Chan: Cubism.
  • Susie Law Wai Shan: ImbalanceSur.
  • by unknown: Impression
  • Siu Chi Ming and Eason: LightInk.
  • Siu Wing Lam: MTR.
  • Wong Hoi Ying: MobileCode.
  • Li Yan Yee: Neurons.
  • Liu Wing Yi: OldHongKong.
  • Wan Yee Kam: Potata.
  • Ruth Ng: RuthInk.
  • Aegina Kwan Ting Ho: SealScriptRoman.
  • Toby Cheung: Skin Seal.
  • Lung Yan Yu: Transbars.
  • Wian Wai Yan Lau: Unfold.
  • Sandee Tang: GeoGraphics.
  • Liu Shuj Yee: Blowing.
  • Mabel Pui man Choy: Burning.
  • Tsand Lai Yin: Buttons.
  • Carsten Goertz: Eurothai.
  • Chan Kam Kwan (Fanny): Flame.
  • Wong Kai Zen (Gemmy): hexyClover.
  • Annabellali: Ink.
  • Matina Long Ling Cheung: Matina.
  • Yuki Yi Pui Lee: MushroomFont.
  • Pascal Glissmann, Martina Hoefflin: Parasite.
  • Ting Hiu Nam: Staples.
  • Tinny Liu: Treeskin.
  • Ka Yee (Polly) Fung: Triangular.
  • Ng Siu Yin (Hilary): Triclips.
  • Ahyan: Vibrate.
  • Ka Man (Cindy) Tse: Circulia.
  • Ka Yan (Elaine) Ng: Bubblegum.
  • Lo Betty Wing Man: HongKongPattern.
  • Thomas Hawranke: Dickbine.
  • Ip Ka Wai (Maxwell): Impression.
  • Cheung Yung: Pain.
  • Yuen Man Li: Ink (grunge).

In 2010, new fonts were added. Here is a partial list:

In 2013, Glissmann moved to Parsons in New York City, where he continued the tradition of posting the student work. However, there are no more downloads, and links are not clickable. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Free and commercial (predominantly techno) fonts. Among the free fonts: KZ-Cubist, KZ-Gravity, KZ-Turbo. The commercial fonts are sold on a CD: KZ Tank, KZ Spellbound, KZ Scratcher, KZ Radiostar, KZ Racer, KZ Lord, KZ Cybone1 and 2. [Google] [More]  ⦿

[David Kerkhoff]

Hanoded is the foundry (est. 2010) of Dutch designer and photographer David Kerkhoff, b. Epe, 1969. In its first year, Hanoded was a free font outfit specializing in handwriting and hand-printed faces. Its creations could be seen at Dafont, Abstract Fonts and Fontspace. Fontspring link. Klingspor link.

In 2011, he went partially commercial via MyFonts. His typefaces became more diversified and are quite stunning at times:

  • A: Abelia (2015), Abysmal Gaze (2011. scratchy face), Aderyn (2012: a poster family), Aeronic (2015, based on a 1937 Japanese poster for Nikke Coat by Japanese print artist Gihachiro Okuyama (1907-1981)), Aint Nothing Fancy (2010). All Over Again (2010), All Over Again All Caps (2010), Allez Hop (2011), Americain (2012, constructivist), American Grunge (2015), Amoebica (2014), Andorra Script (2014), Antisocial Behavior (2010), Artful Dodger (2012, a grungy Clarendon), AshesToAshes (2010), Ashtanga (2013, curly caps), Au Revoir (2012).
  • B: BadPaintjob (2010), Balagan (2010), Bandolina (2014), Baznat (2010), BehindDirtyBlinds (2010), DK Bergelmir (2014), Black Bamboo (2014), Black Mark (2012, a heavy brush face), Blauhaus (2015, a rounded organic monoline Bauhaus), Bloemgracht (2014, Dutch deco), Bombay Blue (2014, hand-crafted poster font), Bottle Shop Faded (2010), Bratislava (2015), Brooklyner (2013: an art deco caps typeface based on the typeface used for The Brooklynite, a magazine from the 1920's), Bullet in your Head (2010), Bungehuis (2015, Dutch deco after the lettering on a building in Amsterdam, 1931), Business As Usual (2011, scratchy), Butterfly Ball (2014).
  • C: Canned Whale (2012, outlined and hand-printed), Carambola (art deco sans), Carbonara (2011, grungy typewriter), Carte Blanche (2012, a gorgeous arched / sketched caps face), Castanea (2012, a painter's font), Celluloid Bliss (2010), Charons Obol (2011, scary brush face), Cheat Sheet (2013, handwritten), Checkout (2015, a basic supermarket script), Chunky Chicken (2013), DK Clair de Lune (2012, an exquisite curly poster font), Codswallop (2011, fat hand-printed), DK Coliseu (2014, art deco), DK Cool Crayon, Corner Shop Chique (2010), Couldnt be bothered (2010), Courant (2011, grungy blackletter), Crayon Crumble (2011, chalk face), DK Crayonista (2012), Criss Cross (2011), Cubissimo (2013, a cubist geometric font inspired by a 1929 poster advertising a museum exhibition), Cul de Sac (2010, 3d outline face, hand-printed and sketched).
  • D: Deco Pimp (2011), Die Bruecke (2013, a woodblock printing emulation typeface named after the Die Brücke movement), DK Allez Hop (2011). Don Quixote (2011. nice grunge calligraphic hand), DK Dortmunder Ecke (2015, inspired by cubism), Double Quick (2014), Douceur (2014, a blackboard bold / tattoo script), Downward Fall (2014, a rough brush), Drawing Blood (2010), Dreadnought (2014, brush face).
  • E: Early Morning Coffee (2012), Ersatz Quality (2010).
  • F: Face Your Fears (2011), FairNSquare (2010), Fallout Font (2010), Fantastique (2012, a 3d hand-printed caps face), Fat Little Piggy (2010), Father Frost (2012), Fiebiger Eins (2013, an art nouveau / arts & crafts typeface after a 1908 poster by Franz Fiebiger), Fiebiger Zwei (2013), Fledermaus (2012: Fledermaus ("bat") was a cabaret theater from Vienna. The original Jugendstil decor was designed by Josef Hoffman and several posters, advertising performances, were designed by other members of the Vienna Workshop. The Fledermaus font was based on a 1907 poster by Bertold Löffler.; the missing glyphs were created by Kerkhoff), DK Formosa (2012).
  • G: Galangal (a phenomenal poster typeface that plays on thick and thin, in the style of Horst Caps), Gerards Gold (2010, script face), GerardsGold (2010). Ghost Reverie (2010, a scratchy family), Grafiker (2013, a brush typeface loosely based on the work of designers Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980) and Jean Carlu (1900-1997)), Gulag Decay (2010).
  • H: Hanoded Hand (2010), Hanoded-Heavy (2010), Harimau (2012, a rounded children's book font), Harrumph (2011, a fat poster lettering family), Hasty Tasty (2011), HaraldRunicDEMO (2010), Heckel (2013, a German expressionist hand-drawn typeface based on the handwriting of Erich Heckel (1883-1970), a founding member of Die Brücke, a group of German expressionist), Hedgehog Hans (2012, comic book typeface), Hex (2012), Hieratic Numerals (2010), High Tea (2012), DK Himmelblau (2012, art nouveau font based on a poster from 1902 made by the Künstlerbund Hagen), Hobgoblin (2014), Hofstad (2014, after an art deco typeface used by poster designer John Lavies), Hokitika (2014, art deco), Huggin and Muninn (2012, script face), Hummus Chips Salat (2010).
  • I: Inky Fingers (2013, a fat finger font), Innuendo (2015), Interstellar Erosion (2010), DK Insomniac (2015), Ishtar (2012: spooky brush font).
  • J: Jambo (2014, bouncy and funky), Joe Schmoe (2011, hand-printed), Jubileum (2013), Just Before Liposuction (2010).
  • K: Kaikoura (2014, art deco), Kempoka (2014, brush script), Kerberos Fang (2011), Keswick (2013, a lipstick font created using a 6B pencil), Fat Kitty Kat (2013), DK Koerier (2014, a 3d outlined typeface), Kokomo (2012, 3d and outlined), Kolkata Hotelroom (2010), Komsomol (2014: was modeled on several Soviet propaganda posters and anmed after the youth division of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Komsomol, or Kommunisticheskii Soyuz Molodyozhi), Koshatnik (2011, all caps brush face), Kubikajiri (2011, an India ink brush face), DK Kundalini (2013, curly), Kunstschau (2012: a beautiful poster font that was modeled on a stamp, designed by Austrian artist Bertold Löffler, for the Kunstschau 1908 exhibition in Vienna), Kurkuma (2013, a wonderful poster caps face), Kusukusu (2011, hand-printed), Kwark (2013: a 3d poster font).
  • L: Lampion (2012, a condensed unicase hand-drawn face), Leakage (2010, ink splash face), Lemon Yellow Sun (2014), DK Limoen (2012, shadow outline face), Lokomotiv (2012, an art deco caps typeface based on poster for the 1930 Geneva Motor Show), DK Louise (2012, art deco, cubist: based on the art of Louise Marie (lou) Loeber, a Dutch painter).
  • M: Maduki (2013), Majolica (2014, art deco), DK Mama Bear (2012), Mandolin (2014), Mary Ate a Little Lamb (2010), Mayonaise (2011), Meshuggeneh (2013---crazy fool on Yiddish; a twisted 3d typeface), Midnight Hour (2011), Moi Non Plus (2011), DK Monsieur Le Chat (2012, curly face---can't wait for Madame La Chatte...), Moonlight Shadow (2010, a nice scribbly pair of fonts), Mosca (2013), Mothman (2011, a spooky scratchy face).
  • N: Nakata (2012, a great notebook style script), Nanuk (2013, an outlined 3d typeface), Neues Bauen (2011). Nightbird (2011, blood drip face), Northumbria (2012: modeled on original 7th and 8th century monastic gospel books from Northern England), DK Nutnik (2012, a mural paint font), Nyctophobia (2010, brush face).
  • O: Obrigado (2012, rounded art deco face), Oei (2010), Oomph (2010), Okiku (2014, a scratchy poster typeface), Oranjerie (2013, poster typeface), Otago (2014: a classic all caps art deco typeface), DK Oyuki's Ghost (2013, scratchy scary typeface made with a steel pen and Chinese Ink---the name comes from a painting by Maruyama Okyo (1733-1795), which depicts his mistress who died young. Maruyama Okyo claimed she haunted him in his sleep).
  • P: Palembang (2015, a Dutch art deco typeface), Pandanus (2014), Pardesi (2013, a fat marker pen font), Paviljoen (2014: Dutch art deco), Pawn Shop Pretty (2010), Petit Oiseau (2013), Pimpernel (2012), Pinda (2011), P.I. (2011, grungy typewriter), Pingo (2012, display face), Pinkus (2013, a caps-only poster font), Pisang (2013, an all caps poster font), Plakkaat (2011), Poison Ivy (2014, scratchy hand), Pondicherry (2014, a hand-sketched 3d typeface), Porcupine Pickle (2011), ProjectX (2010), ProjectY (2010), ProjectZ (2010), Promedanenmischung (2010), Psycho Killer (2013), Pumpkin Soup (2013: a poster typeface), Pundak (2014, all caps 3d outlined typeface), DK Pusekatt (2013).
  • Q: DK Qilin (2014: a great inky font), Quatrain (a hand-drawn didone), Quid Pro Quo (2011, scratchy calligraphic), Quilted Butterfly (2010), QuoVadisQuasimodo (2010).
  • R: Rabbit on the Moon (2011, children's typeface), Rainforest (2010). Rat Infested Mailbox (2010), Retch (2013, frightening scratchy script), Rotorua (2014, art deco), Rum Doodle (2013), Rumpelstiltskin (2011, comic book family), Runic Series [Gunfjaun Runic (2010), Modraniht Runic (2010), Leakage (2010), Hyrrokkin Runic (2010), Harald Runic (2010). Gunnar Runic (2010), Nidhogg Runic (2010), Skraeling Runic (2010), Sleipnir Runic (2010), Tjelvar Runic (2010), Yggdrasil Runic (2010), Graip Runic (2010), Fenrir Runic (2010), Beowulf Runic (2010)], Rusty Cage (2011).
  • S: Same Same but Different (2010), DK Samhain (2012, brush face), Sammy Boy (2011, fat poster face), Satsuma (2013, a poster face), Saturday Sunday Monday (2010), Scribbler (2015), Scurvy Dog (2011, scratchy hand), Secret Diary (2013: hand-printed), Semarang (2015, an art deco sans), Sheepman (2012), Shesek (2011, a fat finger face), Single Malta (2010), Sirius B (2013, poster font), Sketchy Smiley (2010, smilies), Sketchy Smiley II (2012), Skratch (2010, broken glass face), Sleepy Time (2013, hand-printed), Sleight of Hand (2010), Slipstream Sweetheart (2010), Snemand (2013, a poster titling typeface), Sobriquet (2012: a wonderful antique poster face), Souplesse (2013), Spandau (art deco), Spiderlegs (2011, SquareOne (2010), SquareOneGrunge (2010), Squint (2013, squarish), Statendam (2014, caps only Dutch art deco influenced by interbellum ads for the Holland America Line), Suco de Laranja (2012), SundayMonday (2010), Sweet Steeffie (2010). Syphon Spritz (2010, a great curly script; a Pro version appeared in 2010 at CheapProFonts).
  • T: That Little Piggy (2010), Technojunk (2014, 3d squarish hand-drawn typeface), Thievery (2012, curly script), This Little Piggy (2010), Tobu (2014), Trashtype (2011, grungy), Tripping on Acid (2010), Trollslayer (2011, brush face), Twelve Weeks Pregnant (2010), Tzeva Tari (2010, grunge Hebrew).
  • U: Ugh (2010), Umbilical Noose (2014, a rough brush).
  • V: Ventana (2013, created using Chinese ink and a bamboo pen), Vermilion (2013, hand-printed poster face), DK Viareggio (2012, an art deco font Viareggio is based on the handlettering found on a 1931 poster, advertising the carnival of Viareggio), Vienna Workshop (2012, an art nouveau typeface based on some of the artwork produced by Vienna Workshop artists, in particular that of Koloman Moser), Visum (2014), Vox Populi (2012, medieval).
  • W: Warpspeed (2010), Wayang (2013, influenced by Indonesian puppets), Weekend Warrior (2010), Welt Schmerz (2012, a post-art nouveau typeface based on a 1910 poster from Austria), WetDream (2010), Whatnot (2013), Whynot (2014), WindshieldMassacre, With A Twist (2011).
  • Y: Yellow Balloon (2013, a fat poster face), Yuli (2014).
  • Z: Zeebonk (2013, a tattoo font), Zonnig (2011).
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Jack Lee

Graphics and Media Design student at the London College of Communication, who hails from Hong Kong. Home page of "Jack The Rabbit. Designer of the high contrast typeface Currency (2011) and the cubist artistic typeface Stab (2012).

Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jan Koehler
[Deniart Systems]

[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Joanne Taylor

Aka Jos Joy, as Joanne Ford Taylor, and as joiaco. South African illustrator in Knysna, b. 1953. Designer in 2009 of Qarmic Sans, Qirkus Qaps (almost Tuscan), Qranklestein, Qlippitek, Qixstix, QutnTorn Caps, and the hand-printed fonts Qirlycues and Qokijo.

In 2011, she created Qokipops, Qik Edges (2011, dingbats and borders), Qut+Torn (papercut face), Qrypton (2011, sci-fi), Qumbazonki (2011, African look face), Qwagga (2011, another African face), Qixbox (2011, hand-printed 3d face), Qongasushi (2011, poster face), Qarkitech, and Qlinickle.

Typefaces from 2012 include Qarolina, Qreepy, Qrackerjax, Qubism, Qoncrete, Qrubby, Questoz, Quinky (brush face), Qumberland Slab, Qinkgo, Qrayola, Qudos, Qubism (inspired by Picasso), Qimiko, Qhorah, Qratchee (scratchy typeface).

In 2013, she designed Qrankenstein, Qaxton, Quota (a heavy titling face), Qlub Jozi (art deco), Qlarendon (a 7-style Clarendon family), Qarmic Sans Pro, Qanoodle (handwriting), Qorkeri (art deco), Qlaire (clean sans), Qwinkwell, Quota (fat poster face), Qarross, Qontreaux, Qut+Paste (paper cut font), Qlub Jozi (multilined art deco), Qwacko, Qizulu (African-themed font), Qokeynote.

Typefaces from 2014: Qarrotface, QikiconsRealEstate, QrackStreet, Quiglet (a very rounded sans), Quota-Bold, Qutntorn, Qwinkwell, Quikhand (chalk / blackboard typeface), Qirlycues.

Devian Tart link. Behance link. Graphic River link. Fontspace link. Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

John W. Zimmerman

Designer at Barnhard Brothers and Spindler (and head of matrix engraving there), who made Cubist Bold (a typeface without lower case) in 1928. This art deco font was remade by Nick Curtis, who called it Bric-A-Braque, after Georges Braque, one of the co-founders of Cubism. Sometimes his name is spelled with one n, but McGrew uses two n's. Blue Plate Special NF by Nick Curtis is also based on Cubist Bold. MyFonts link. Mac McGrew on Cubist Bold: The name tells it all. Designed by John W. Zimmerman, head of the matrix engraving department. at BB&S, probably just before BB&S merged with ATF in 1929, this font of unusual capitals and figures is very large for the body and has no lowercase. Compare Dynamic Medium, Modernique.

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Keith Bates

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Krzysztof Stryjewski

Polish creator of the experimental almost cubist typeface Alfabet Picassa (2011). [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Keith Bates]

K-Type is Keith Bates' (b. 1951, Liverpool) foundry in Manchester, UK, est. 2003. Keith works as an Art&Design teacher at a Salford High School. Dafont link. Yet another URL. Fontspace link. Fontsy link. Behance link. They custom design type, and sell some of their own creations.

Commercial faces:

  • Adequate (2012). A basic geometric monoline sans family.
  • Adventuring (2010, comic book style)
  • Alan Hand (2005, based on some blobby lettering, handwritten by printer and mail artist, Alan Brignull)
  • Alex (2002-2004)
  • Alright (2004, cursive script)
  • Anna (2002-2007)
  • Axis
  • Bank of England (2012, blackletter): Bank of England is loosely based on blackletter lettering from the Series F English twenty pound banknote introduced in 2007. The font also takes inspiration from German Kanzlei (Chancery) typefaces and the 17th century London calligrapher, John Ayres.
  • Brush Hand New (2013): Brush Hand New is a full font based on a copy of Flash Bold called Brush Hand marketed by WSI in the 1990s and more recently distributed through free font sites. Brush Hand was an anonymous redrawing of Flash which simplified, slightly lightened, smoothed out ragged edges, and improved the legibility of the original classic created by Edwin W. Shaar in 1939.
  • Building&Loan (2007, engaved face)
  • Bigfoot (2005, a Western font based on the slab capitals used by Victor Moscoso in his 1960s psychedelic rock posters)
  • Bolshy (2009)
  • Bolton750 (2003, a mechanical typeface done with John Washington)
  • Chock (2009)
  • Circa (geometric sans)
  • Club
  • Collegiate (2009)
  • Component (2012). A font for lost civilizations and dungeon rituals.
  • Context (experimental)
  • Credit Card (2010, font for simulating bank cards)
  • Cyberscript (2006, connected squarish face)
  • Designer
  • Digitalis
  • English
  • Enamela (2013). Keith writes: Enamela (rhymes with Pamela) is based on condensed sans serif lettering found on vitreous enamel signage dating from the Victorian era and widely used in Britain for road signs, Post Office signs, the plates on James Ludlow wall postboxes, railway signs, direction signs and circular Automobile Association wayfinding plaques throughout the first half of the twentieth century. The original model goes back to Victorian times, ca. 1880.
  • Excite
  • Flip (2011), a western grotesk billboard face.
  • Flyer (2009, techno)
  • Frank Bellamy (2009, an all-capitals family based on the hand lettering of English artist, Frank Bellamy, most famous for his comic art for Eagle and TV21, and his Dr Who illustrations for Radio Times)
  • Future Imperfect
  • Gill New Antique (2003)
  • Greetings
  • Helvetiquette
  • Hapshash (2010): an all capitals font inspired by the 1960s psychedelic posters of British designers Hapshash and the Coloured Coat (Michael English and Nigel Waymouth), in particular their 1968 poster for the First International Pop Festival in Rome. A dripping paint font.
  • Ivan Zemtsov (2009)
  • Kato (2007, oriental simulation face)
  • Keith's Hand
  • Klee Print (2010, Klee Print is based on the handwriting of American artist Emma Klee)
  • Latinate (2013). A vintage wedge serif wood style typeface, and a rough version.
  • Lexia (an improved or "adult" version of Comic Sans) and Lexia Readable (2006).
  • Matchbox
  • Max
  • Ming
  • Modernist Stencil (2009).
  • Mythica (2012). A slightly condensed lapidary roman with copperplate serifs.
  • Modulario (2010): a contemporary sans.
  • New Old English (2010, blackletter)
  • Norton (2006)
  • Nowa (2004, a play on Futura)
  • NYC (octagonal)
  • Openline (2008, an art deco pair)
  • Oriel Chambers Liverpool: A Lombardic small caps font based on the masonry lettering on Peter Ellis's 1864 building, Oriel Chambers, on Water Street in Liverpool.
  • Pentangle (2008, based on album lettering from 1967)
  • Pixel
  • PixL (2002-2004)
  • Plasterboard (2004-2005)
  • Pop Cubism (2010) is a set of four texture fonts, combining elements of cubism and pop art.
  • Poster Sans (2006). A wood type family based on Ludlow 6 EC.
  • Rick Griffin (2006, more psychedelic fonts inspired by a 1960s Californian artist)
  • Roundel (2009, white on black)
  • Runestone (2010, runic).
  • Sans Culottes (2008, grunge)
  • Serifina
  • Solid State (2008, art deco blocks)
  • Solus (2004, a revival of Eric Gill's 1929 typeface Solus which has never been digitized; read about it here)
  • Stockscript (2008, down-to-earth script based on the pen lettering of the writer, Christopher Stocks)
  • Susanna (2004)
  • Ticketing (2011): pixelish.
  • Total and Total Eclipse (2004, squarish display faces based on the four characters of Jaroslav Supek's title lettering for his 1980s mailart magazine, Total)
  • Transport New (2009: a redrawing of the typeface designed for British road signs. In addition to the familiar Heavy and Medium weights, Transport New extrapolates and adds a previously unreleased Light weight font originally planned for back-lit signage but never actually applied. Originally designed by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert beginning in 1957, the original Transport font has subtle eccentricities which add to its distinctiveness, and drawing the New version has involved walking a tightrope between impertinently eliminating awkwardness and maintaining idiosyncrasy.)
  • Union Jack (octagonal)
  • Victor Moscoso (2008, psychedelic)
  • Wanda (2007, art nouveau)
  • Waverly
  • Wes Wilson (2007, psychedelic, inspired by 1960s psychedelic poster artist Wes Wilson)
  • 3x5
  • Zabars (2001): a Western face.

His free fonts are here:

  • Blue Plaque (2006: a distressed font based on English heritage plaques)
  • Blundell Sans (2009)
  • Celtica (2007) has Celtic influences
  • Dalek (2005, stone/chisel face: Dalek is a full font based on the lettering used in the Dalek Book of 1964 and in the Dalek's strip in the TV21 comic, spin-offs from the UK science fiction TV show, Doctor Who. The font has overtones of Phoenician, Greek and Runic alphabets)
  • Designer Block (2006)
  • Flat Pack (2006)
  • Future Imperfect (2006, grunge)
  • Gommogravure (2005)
  • Greetings (2006), Greetings Bold (2006)
  • Insecurity (2005, experimental) won an award at the 2005 FUSE type competition.
  • International Times (2006, inspired by the masthead of the International Times underground newspaper of the 1960s and 1970s)
  • Keep Calm (2011). Related to London Underground.
  • Klee Capscript (2005: based on the handwriting and capitals drawn by artist Emma Klee (USA) for her Color Museum Mail Art invitation. The upper case is based on Emma's capitals and the lower case is freely adapted from her script)
  • Lexia and Lexia Bold (2004)
  • MAGraphics (2004)
  • Magical Mystery Tour (2005, outlined shadow face), Magical Mystery Tour Outline Shadow (2005), Magica (2015, a serifed titling typeface family).
  • Mailart (2004), MailartRubberstamp (2004)
  • Mandatory (2004, a UK number plate font based on the Charles Wright typeface used in UK vehicle registration plates)
  • Penny Lane (2014). A a sans serif derived from twentieth-century cast-iron signs displaying Liverpool street names.
  • Provincial (2014). A Victorian set of outline fonts.
  • Ray Johnson (2006-2008)
  • Roadway (2005, based on New York roadside lettering).
  • Savor (2011). An art nouveau family.
  • Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club (2014).
  • Sinkin Sans (2014, free) and Sinkin Sans Narrow (2015, commercial).
  • Soft Sans (2010)
  • Subway Ticker (2005)
  • This Corrosion (2005)

Custom / corporate typefaces: With Liverpool-based art director Liz Harry, Bates created a personalized font, loosely based on Coco Sumner's handwritten capitals, for the band I Blame Coco. Medium and Semibold weights of Gill New Antique were commissioned by LPK Design Agency. Stepping Hill Hospital and Bates created Dials, a pictorial font to help hospital managers input data about improvements. A custom font was designed for Bolton Strategic Economic Partnership.

Klingspor link. Dafont link. Abstract Fonts link.

View Keith Bates's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Laura Eydmann

Graphic designer in Brixham, UK, aka Laura Pakora Design. For a University of Plymouth project, she was asked to design letterforms based on Gino Severini's work. She looked into Futurism, Cubism and Pointillism, and created the experimental typeface Eclectic (2010) by cutting up Helvetica Bold into angular pieces. Petallic (2010) is an experimental typeface based on the architecture and design of the Guggenheim, Bilbao. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lee Henry
[Fly Fonts]

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Manfred Klein

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis 2003]

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Michael Scarpitti

Mike graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in philosophy. Prolific Columbus, OH-based designer (b. Columbus, OH) whose fonts are mainly available through Scriptorium. Many of his fonts were influenced by roman inscriptional or Trajan types. These include Caesario (1993, a Trajan column font based on Goudy's drawings from 1936), Minerva (1993), Falconis and Vespasiano. Other typefaces with ancient origins include DeBellis, Pomponianus, Praitor, Jerash (1993, with Nalle), Macteris Uncial (1993), Antioch (1993), and Corbei Uncial.

He prepared a set of fonts based on a medieval Latin British manuscript (Pontifica, 1999) and another one called Orlock, based on the lettering in a poster for the German German expressionist silent film Nosferatu. Pontifica was redesigned in 2009 based on the source manuscripts from the Papal Archive. He writes: Pontifica is an example of protogothic calligraphy, a style developed at the monestery of St. Gall in the 12th century to replace Carolingian minuscule with a more efficient and compact system of lettering. Ultimately it became the progenitor of the gothic lettering styles of the late Medieval period.

Viw Michael Scarpitti's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Milagros Brignardello

Graduate of FADU UBA in Buenos Aires. He created a typographic posrer called Cubismo (2012). [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Cubist typefaces

A collection of commercial cubist typefaces. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nick Curtis

Nick Curtis (b. Chicago, 1948) lived in Texas from 1952-1997, and lives since 1997 in Gaithersburg, MD and Alexandria, MD. From ca. 1990 onwards, he has been designing fonts, first for free, and then commercially. He had a great reputation as a "revivalist" type designer, with a particular interest in retro fonts and art deco types. In 2003, his site had become too popular and too expensive to maintain, and thus he went commercial as Nick's Fonts. In 2013, he stopped making fonts, and donated his collection of rare books and type material to the University of Virginia. Interview. Free downloads at TypOasis. Complete list of names and other info, maintained by Sander de Voogt. Interview in which we learn about his fondness for Corel Draw as a type design tool.

Near the end of 2012, he posted this comment on his web site: Fifteen years ago, I embarked on a wonderful voyage of discovery, when I created my very first font with Fontographer 3.15. My maiden voyages were, frankly, rather clunky and amateurish, but I have been told that they showed promise. Well, sure enough, thanks to the diligent (and patient) efforts of Ilene Strizver, I polished up my craft enough to sell my humble efforts---first as a sideline business and, since 2006, as my full-time job. In total, I have produced over eleven hundred fonts---almost five hundred of them freeware fonts, which I conservatively estimate have been downloaded and enjoyed by over three million people worldwide. Unfortunately, this past year has brought a series of unanticipated setbacks, culminating in the loss of my wife's beautiful mind and soul to the scourge of alcoholism. In an effort to generate extra income to cover the expenses for her long-term care, I have proposed a number of, I believe, innovative ways to revamp the online font business; unfortunately, those efforts have fallen flat, primarily due to the professional font community's abject fear of crossing the $165 million Elephant in the Room. I even offered a special discount rate of 75% off retail price for full-time students of Typohile Forum. To date, there have been zero takers. Hell: even the webfont kit of one of my own fonts which I purchased from myfonts.com turned out to be an empty folder. Talk about a run of bad luck. Which leaves my with you, dear readers. If you or someone you know has had fun or made a buck from my humble efforts throughout the years, please donate whatever you can---even a lousy dollar would help---to help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.

Home page. Dafont link. FontShop link. Klingspor link. Abstract Fonts link.

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Nick Curtis
[Art deco faces by Nick Curtis: I]

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Nick Curtis
[Nick Curtis: further free faces]

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Nick Curtis
[Nick Curtis: Commercial faces]

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Nick Curtis: Commercial faces
[Nick Curtis]

Nick Curtis (b. Chicago, 1948) lived in Texas from 1952-1997. Since 1997, he is in Gaithersburg, MD and Alexandria, MD. Since the 1990s, he has been designing fonts, first for free, and then commercially. He had a great reputation as a "revivalist" type designer, with a particular interest in retro fonts and art deco types. In 2003, his site had become too popular and too expensive to maintain, and thus he went commercial as Nick's Fonts. Interview. Free downloads at TypOasis. Complete list of names and other info, maintained by Sander de Voogt. Interview in which we learn about his fondness for Corel Draw as a type design tool. Home page. His free fonts are listed elsewhere.

On MyFonts, he says this about himself: Nick's Fonts is a modest little foundry dedicated to the preservation of our rich typographic heritage. Most of the foundry's designs are based on authentic historical sources, gleaned from the massive collections of the Library of Congress. If you are looking for a font that captures the essence of the Wild West, the Gay Nineties or the Jazz Age, look here first: if it is not in the catalog, it will be soon. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Nick Curtis: further free faces
[Nick Curtis]

This list contains information on Nick Curtis's free faces not discussed or mentioned under other themes. A visual summary of all his free faces: A, B, C, DE, F, G, HIJ, KL, M, NO, P, QR, S, T, UVWXYZ. Generally, Nick Curtis specializes in display type, revivals and interpretations.

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Olga Tereshchenko

Talented Ukrainian designer. She has interesting illustrations, and her Latin and/or Cyrillic typefaces show tremendous potential:

  • Avangard (2012). A blocky outline family.
  • Black and White (2012). A great geometric / cubist experiment in the style of Mondriaan's paintings.
  • Diamond (2012). An experimental polygonal typeface.
  • Old Font (2012).
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Ori Ben Dor

Israeli type designer (b. 1980) of Eccentric (1997). At Masterfont, he designed 1984 MF, Afifonim MF, Avtala MF, Capriza MF, Cinamon MF, Cubist One MF, Cubist Two MF, Flyntstones MF, Goolish MF, Inflazia MF, Milizia MF, Monumental One, Monumental Two, Musa Decor MF, Populist MF, Technocratia MF, Temperament MF. In 2005, he made Hagalil, discussed here. He also created this unnamed pixel face (2005). He lives in Mevasseret Zion near Jerusalem. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Otakar Karlas

Type designer (b. Prague, 1965) at Storm Type in Czechia, who co-designed the 25-weight Preissig font family in 1998 with Frantisek Storm, after work by Vojtech Preissig. He is an independent typographer and teacher. At ATypI 2004 in Prague, he spoke about the history of Czech type. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Özgün Karatürk

Istanbul-based designer of the cubist typeface The Picasso (2014). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pascal Glissmann

[More]  ⦿

Petroglyphic Design (or: PetroFontLab, or: Petro Design)
[Alfredo Gravato]

PetroFontLab, or Petroglyphic Design, or Petro Design, offers free fonts by New Jersey-based graphic designer Alfredo Gravato: Refluxed (futuristic), Tekhead (futuristic), Purple Tentacle (grungy), Cubist Dreams, Meat Paper.

Dafont link. Another Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Piotr Klarowski

[More]  ⦿

Prokopios Tzoulis
[Tzoulis Graphic Design (or: TZ-Design)]

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Rebecca Duncan

FontStructor who made the cubist typeface Rebecca Duncan (2011). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Archive with: ClowningWayText-Condensed (Imageline), the following fonts by Yoshiyasu Ito of DigitalDreamDesign: D3-Concretism-typeA, D3-Concretism-typeB, D3-Cubism, D3-CuteBitMapism-TypeA, D3-CuteBitMapism-TypeB, D3-Electronism, D3-Electronism-Katakana, D3-Honeycombism, D3-Honeycombism-Bold, D3-Honeycombism-Sorround, D3-Littlebitmapism-Katakana, D3-Mouldism-Katakana, D3-Parallelism; Faerie (Scriptorium dingbats), Freecityrhyme (Bradford Cox, 2000), Freekitten (Bradford Cox, 2000), Hiragana-Regular, Japanese, Kemuri (Toxic Type, 1997), LittleTroubleGirlBV, MotterFemD, RetroBatsOne, ROTORkeffBold, ROTORkeffRoundedBold, ROTORkeffRounded, ROTORkeff (all ROTOR fonts by Jonas Petersson of ROTORtype), Setsama (by Amanda, 2000: cat dingbats), Sumdumgoi (Mike Allard), UniCase (squarish font by Jacky Frossard, 1999), Bit4 (pixel font by Magnus Högberg, 2000), DFFangSong1B-GB, PrincessBV, RotodesignDingbats, Silkscreen, Valium, Velvet (by Faizal Reza, Squirtgun, 1997, based on URW's KunstlerschreibschD-Medi). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Steven Williams

Based in Indianapolis where he teaches at the Art Institute of Indianapolis and runs Burnish and Press, Steven Williams's first font is a very geometric modular experimental typeface called Willstack (2011). His second font is Cubi V (2011), which was inspired by sculptor David Smith. His third typeface is an unnamed round squarish font (2011).

In 2015, he designed the ironwood typeface Westfield Greek. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Theo van Doesburg

Dutch cofounder (1883-1931) with Piet Mondriaan, Bart van der Leck, Anthony Kok, Vilmos Huszar and J.J.P. Oud of the De Stijl magazine in 1917. This was also the start of the De Stijl movement. Born Christiaan Emil Marie Küpper on August 30, 1883 in Utrecht as the son of the photographer Wilhelm Küpper and Henrietta Catherina Margadant. Early in his twenties he started using the name of his stepfather Theodorus Doesburg to sign his early paintings. His first exhibition was in 1908. He died in Davos, Switzerland, in 1931. In 1919 he created an alphabet by dividing a square into 25 equal smaller squares. This alphabet predates Bauhaus experimental types by Kurt Schwitters and others. van Doesburg's alphabet has been mimicked and digitized and used as inspiration by many. A partial list:

  • Foundry Architype Van Doesburg (1996, David Quay and Freda Sack, The Foundry).
  • Zwartvet (2002, Max Kisman, Holland Fonts).
  • van Doesburg by Frank Nichols.
  • Bonset (2008, Ricardo Cordoba): the name I.K. Bonset was used by van Doesburg in his Dada poetry. Bonset is a free FontStruct font.
  • Theo (2003, Dan Pike) was inspired by the work of Theo van Doesburg and Theo Ballmer (1902-1965), both of whom created an alphabet based on a basic 5x5 grid system.
  • Doesburg and Doesburg Fat by Jordan Harper.
  • Theo Van Doesburg V4.0, a free font by Gonzalo Carretero.
  • VanDoesburgBrokenFS and VanDoesburg (2002), free fonts by Manfred Klein.
  • TwentyFourNinetyOne [2491] (2008) by Steve Mehallo.
  • DeStijl, a free font by Austin Kurowski.
  • Typeco De Stijl (2012, FontStruct) is by James Grieshaber.
  • Distill (2009): A type family by Matt Desmond (MAD Type).
  • Panoptica Doesburg (2003) is a unicase typeface Nick Shinn.

Els Hoek, Marleen Blokhuis, Ingrid Goovaerts, Natalie Kamphuys, et al. penned Theo Van Doesburg: Oeuvre Catalogus (2000, Centraal Museum). Picture of a dada poster by him. Page at Design History. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason

Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason is a graphic designer in Reykjavik, Iceland, and graphic design student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. In 2009, he made Coffee, a font based on coffee beans laid out on a flat surface. In 2011, he designed the experimental geometric (cubist?) typeface Ásmundur, which was inspired by Cassandre's Bifur and is a tribute to Icelandic sculpture artist Ásmundur Sveinsson. [Google] [More]  ⦿

TypOasis 2003
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's typefaces from 2003: FictionBeings, MK Silhouetta Round, FlyOnYou, Karlas Bats, Maenneken, Spiralish Two, WhoIsTheTerrorist, Avanti Dilettanti, Aggressors Bats, Aztecish, Corrodet, Lorbeer, BastardusSans, BaumWell, Bodonitown, WellrockSlab, Cassandra, PreventiveWarOval, Damagedpixfont, EuropeanTypewriter, KarlasStrokemen, PreventiveWarQuestion, Birds With Types, Cubism Creatures, MourningTrauer, BirdsXtreme, BirdsToolbox, WantedTerrorists, TheRoots, MK Latino Plain, AndBullets, Androidish, BirdsToolbox, BookHeads, CorrodetClassicaps, Damagedpixfont, LateBirds, LateBirdsFS, LateBirdsThree, MKStencilsansBlack, MatisseTraces, MexiKOrnaments, MkLatinoPlain, NonCommercial, PreventiveWarQuestion, QuickBirds, SpiralusFaces, SpiralusKrux, TheRoots, WantedTerrorists, WhereIsTheBirdsDealer, BlueMoonsByDay, BlueMoonsInverse, BruchschriftMK, HalfsAreEnoughLatin, Latine, RandomFrax, Solitaires, SuperSansMKringel, SuperSansStrange, WildBirds, AreHalfsEnough, GeometricWanderlust, HeadfeetersPartialDisturbed, LuziFer, MouseStrokes3D, MouseStrokesCont, MouseStrokesInverseShadow, OlisWebButtonsInvers, PeaceThruGuns, SaulsRandomBirds, Fragmenta, Remi Wacom, Crazy World, Democratic Peace Warriors, OrnithoLogics, People, HelloCleoPetra, VertigoComic, Romi Petito (Miro drawings imitated), LogoFacesToolbox, WirewalkersVertigo, AidaSerifObliqueMedium, BuddhasBigArmy, GridExerciseSerif, Guernica38Remember, LogoFacesArtists, LogoModaRoma, LogoModels, LogoModelsBowToBoss, Silhouettes03, SteepTypewriterMedium, SuddenFall, WoodTypesMK, BrokenSans, FutstencilSerif, MKTypobricks, SegmentaSans, WhyMar, Xperimentypo FS, HouseGhosts, MKEyeMinals, StrangeBeings, AlwaysBig, Old Constructed Caps, Fat Floralphabet, MannohK Serif, TheyWasNiceMurdersAlways (an anti-war font basic on Guernica), DadaDa, FrancoforteSerifus, Arrowbytes, DingsbumsBats, HeadsTorsi, VollkegelSerif, NiceMurders, Burklein, Comicontemporary, ConstrxiaBlackInline, DadasDreams, EgyptAxt, KleinBricksNegative, AntiquaInGrid, GiveMeFive, Bitsbats, SilhouettesInGrids, BigSlabHammer, BurkleinOblique, JustOldFashion, KleinsanBold, Oliver, Gipfelkoepfe, HolySimplicity, Standing Buttons, 52 Letters, FriendlyFire, Lettersoup, Manga Axt, SplinterMKaps, GiambattistaVsPetit, TypoGhosts, ZagZag, MotionTools, MouseDroodles, Topnotches, TypoAnarchycalEyes, LaCittaShadow, Venezia, ReadingHelpersInvers, RoughRockys, SchulVokalDots, Analphabetism, Circularia, HalfCircleAlphabetXP, Multistrokes, Unzialish, ChildrenDingbats, EveryPictureTellsAStory, OgiRema, CrazyCrazySans, Sketched Alphabet, HerrCoolesWriting, Julius Caesar Black, AliensNew, PadBats, WaPicts, ImperiumLatineSerif, KleinsForgottenRoman, Helixal, MKDrawings, MKDrawingsPeople, FriendlyFireBullets, BirdsAndOtherBeings, Pinocchionish, PointGallery, Spiralicus, AfroDesigns, Frontal, MangaMaterial, NiceNeighbours, HerdeckeSans, ParmaCrazy, QuadrigAlphabetTwo, HellasDust, WildBradoni, Sketchiqua, FragmentuM, LogoHalfnHalf, MKSzene, Neudoerffer, StrokesNBullets, CircusStars, Facialish, Kleerikale, Kleinkeys, OnKleesTraces, NearAldus, NearJanTschich, Climbers, Krakelfabet, Amoebats+Climbats, ClimbersPhantasies, Karlas, Anarchists, Masks, SpaceCrew, Latins, Characters, FrontalButtons, GernKleinThree, MouseScribbles, Scannings, KidsFirstPrintFont, CuneyChars, VenetianBlind, MKartoonKoepfe, MouseAsBrush, SilhouFaces, TaurusCowboys, ShakeySlabserif, BodoniXT, EyelecBats, HowDrawAFish, Klill-LightTallX, MissingLinks, SansBroadway, Serifsketchia, SprayersFriends, LetterBuildings, SpaceAttacks, MouseAsPainter, MouseLearnMiro, CybaPee, ConstrxiaBlack, LetterBuildingsRoundContrast, RunningLetters, ZenFrax, ZenFraxCondensed, Gestures, HotJuly, JulySketches, KleinsBirds10, RoundHeads, SketchedBats, CybaPeeBlack, MKSansTallX, MKSerifTallX, BlaxxerifaBeta, CyclopsBlax4Dirk, Cyclop, EclectHeads, Graphis, TheManyMKFaces2, PetitLatin, Bowing, BowingInverse, ElectronicFaces, MKSansTallXMedium, MKSerifTallXMedium, ConstruCaps, PhantasticBeings, SpaceBeings, Traffic, HopeRound, Artefakte, AstroBats, AstroBatsFS, AstrobatsTwo, BabelSans-Bold, BabelSans-BoldOblique, BabelSans-Oblique, BabelSans, CalendarDigits, Drivers, DynamicBeings, FloralOne, FloralTwo, GreekArt, JamboRound, LinoCapsA, LinoCapsAR, LinocapsB, LinocapsBR, LombardiCaps-Round, LombardiCaps, LosAngeles, OsterinselPlus, PixCaps, PixCapsRound, PixCapsShadow, SecretWriting, SlabTallX-Medium, SlabTallX, SportsCartoons, ToolsMK, TypoSlabserif-Light, WeLoveAmericasWisdom, Pixelsplitter, Gonzales Sans, Spiralanautics Two, Circulum, Handiqua, typOasis-Initials, Griddies, InCrossFires, MKreatures, Weapons, Imprimerie, FarmersWrite, MKPixelProject, VeryOblique, AgroFont, SketchedMen, Imprimerie Bold, FoolOnTheHill, FoolsThree, TeleCom, AllesNurGeklaut, MKImprovisations, ZigZagOne, ZigZagTwo, ZigzagAnimals, RunishQuill, DomesticAnimals, HappyBirthday, KLEINigkeiten, TypoLatinSerif, DoodlesWritten, PointerSisters, QuadratZiffern, TypoShadows, MonAmourFraktur, SchaftstiefelKaputt, Birds11, Impossibile, PersonaRondo, Brandomi, GeoSansLight (based on Futura), LatinCondensed, AidaOopsXtra, BodoBlackSquares, BodoDisks, ThreeDeeTwoBeta, TypoBoxesRdTwo, Let'sDance, SilhouettesSocled, StoneAgeFeelings, BorisBlackBloxx (used by Brisbane for its branding), BorisBlackBloxxDirty, Latinia, JonasFragments, WildThingShadow, BallettAbsurdo, CarneVale, CatsDogs, HalloWien, Völkerfreundschaft, OldSansBlack, SteinAntikLight, AntiquaInGrid, SteinAntik, AnimalsMeetings, ArteAfrique, BraveOldWorld, Minidom, MonsTheSecondA, MonsTheSecondB, NipponsMonsBats, SpontanoCondenso, Stadtmusikanten, WacoGraphireSketches, KlitschKOtiqua, IronFraktur, Mons03Beta, Mons04, Pointillism Toolbox, BlackGapSans, DingsUndDas, DingsUndDasRunde, Faces, ForAlchemistsOnly, HalloWienTheTramps, MediaevalBats, MonsTheFifth, Peacetiqua, PickABack, TheTrampsTrash, Abstracta-Bold, AbstractaGrid, EdgedFaces, EdgedFacesKantig, HelloViennaMacabre, Menschen, SchulVokalDotless, Tremolo-DemiBold, Tremolo, Typomolecule, WacoFaces, DirtyThinkwitz, GetierAnimalish, Katrina-Normal, KleinsTypesoup, Koepp, Movieboards, NeudoerfferScribbleQuality, NewEarthCitizens, NewsRoar, OldTypographicSymphony-Regular, OldTypographicSymphony-Round, RupturedSans, SketchesByDuerer, SketchesInTypoasis, SlimSansSerif-Bold, SlimSansSerif, Snoutlike, Squaredances, Wacollection, Wacominals, AntikWaCom, FraxBrix, MKBritishWriting, MKRunes-Light, MKRunes, PointsNDotsImprovisations, DadaGrid, ReadItOrDada, VisualImpressions, AugenEyes, DuerersMinuskeln, GothicMajuscles, KyrillaSansSerif-Black, KyrillaSansSerif-Bold (Cyrillic simulation), LombarDuerer, Mdoodled, WittewittMajuscles-Flourish, WittewittMajuscles-FlourishBricks, ScribbleABit, DadaMeetsStoneage, HarpersBizarre, KarawaneSilhous, KritzelBirds, LightUnciale, Look, Nonserif-Regular, PalatinosTypeSoup, SansXHigh, StoneAgeAgain-Normal, TypoasisBoldGothic, UnderlineMonospace, Wacomedians, AbstractConcretLogo, Animalia, AnimaliaTwo, ClassizismAntiquaBook, HansFraktur, IrishUnciAlphabet, MBats, MKBats, Olivia-Normal, SlabserifXhigh, SuprematismFour, SuprematismOne, SuprematismThree, SuprematismTwo, TypesAntiques, WasWoodcuts, AnimalShadows, ArtGoesPixeled, BellaMusica, BirdsOThree, BlaxxConPersona, CaricaturesHeads, CartoonHeads, Children, FraxInCage, FraxInCageLeftOblique, FraxInCageRightOblique, HansSchoensCapsInGrid, HollaMediaeval-Bold, HollaMediaeval-BoldOblique, HollaMediaeval-Oblique, HollaMediaeval, KleinFeodoraCaps, Leibniz-Regular, NewEarthResidents, OtherPeople, PickUpBats, VierfachRund, WacomicCondensed-Medium, WysiwygBats, XmasBalls. 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Tzoulis Graphic Design (or: TZ-Design)
[Prokopios Tzoulis]

Advertised as distorted space-age type. TZ Design is Prokopios Tzoulis' Athens-based design studio. His fonts cover Greek and Latin. TZ-Cubistic1 (2004) and TZ Perfecta III Bold (2004) is futuristic. Display types, all made in 2004, include TZCALLI, Tzmystery and TZnewmode Bold. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Vojtech Preissig

Czech expressionist type designer from Svetec u Biliny, Bohemia, b. 1873. He died in Dachau in 1944. Preissig is representative of the Czech cubist period, 1910-1925. His only book typeface, Preissig Antikva, was cast in 1925 at the Czech State Printing Office foundry in Prague, where he had returned to settle in 1930. This lively angular typeface had a hand-drawn poster-look feel. It was a milestone in Czech type design and served as inspiration for later developments, including typefaces by Menhart, Ruzicka, and Tyfa.

Preissig Antikva was the basis of several digitizations:

Klingspor link.

View Vojtech Preissig's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

William A. Woolley

Designer of the heavy stencil Futura Black-like cubist typeface Braggadocio (Monotype, 1930).

Poster by Kateryna Gontaruk (2013). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yoshiyasu Ito

[More]  ⦿

Yuichiro Izumi

Yuichiro Izumi's fonts are sold through Font Pavilion. Calling himself TypeRanger, he designed Paprika-Red (thick katakana font), Type Rangers (romaji, katakana), Baby Pink, Chinalphabet, Cubism Complex A, Octa (kata, hira). [Google] [More]  ⦿